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Document 6496488
«>? Warning
Jt gainstJapa n ese
Ttli rntwna Voail. wltt brt~« t l »
Trocar T^as the lu>tta« onflr«Tttw. I den reaction waa too much for ma,
I noOne kdew of It, forall was quiet
liind once moreTsankdowil insenslbl*
I i-alsed'myself up painfully,
and per- JJupoS^
wwin* i
wived -*mly a-lpqt orr -two:'JA^.kW'#'7^:-B^und^-^,^-^if^iiic^«ia>iK
soine, jielghbors, and. J^
warm-glow around the room. Was saved. . \
I was charged with attempting to
this a .piece of eccentric .kindness on
the part o f my cousin, who knew I 'take my own life. I let them think
was short of fuel a s well as of all oth- that the truth. Why* not? I might
Coatent, •alarttawst, fragrance, east
er necessariesT -,'••
.. . have done so. But they heard of my
jay ID t i e CTtoiOf • coal.
TI» nbtle alleaca to to* " w .
and suddenly, acquired wealth, which was
- T t o f l c u a Bpoo Uwpool—
IMIIMM NCE upon a time an obliging peasant, out of the gullelessness
Xpund in a wild whirl, my breath was to put an end to all miseries, and BO
f or h)B nature and the goodness of his heart permitted a
DnaoMtl ^Is Tain tbon baitennt:
becoming more labored, I. was.choak- L was tfet. free.
That (lotloq* land ratgB:
• camel to poke hla head Into bis cabin. It waa a very polite •)
fng^-rflreat • Heaven f It was : a charcoal' At first I almost-<Jreade« to touch
tbr ioy.'Ui'jr r u t ;
ik> by
tb* road
S camel, proruse in Its gratitude and overcome with admlra
" t-road la thine.
Tba road, Un-road
that mdney, the first possession of
• ,
* tion for all that the peasant had taught him. Soon the
As this thought flashed upon my which had been so unlucky to me; but
camel pot a leg In the hut—still with the most charming
mind, my head sank back upon the pil- i- ha» •>• been.- nappy enough, as this
politeness—and not long afterward came another leg, quite
low, like a lump of lead, and my glance 'world goes, since' then. Jasper Meaa polite leg. Then came half tho camel's body, with many
happening to light upon the mantel, dows disappeared; went far away, and
•' apologies for the.annoyance It caused.
which was close t o my bed—for the I saw nor heard no more of him, JI
'" ""'d "">'peasant, "I'm a goedl.naturedchap, but this happens
room was so amall that i t had been biroughfcno•;•'• apcuaatlon against him.
.*" " ••''"youYo crowding'things. Now, suppose you move o h "
Tie had designed a fiendish crime;
necessary to close thefireplace—Iper-,
Honorable sir." replied'the camel, as be slowly winked his left eye with
dived that a-candle was lighted, as surely it must bring a lts own punishmost Intense humility, "you are honorably mistaken. This was your august
though to draw attention to a Scrap ment to his conscience. ' But, foir my
cabjn; but now It will shelter my unworthy body. It Is you who will move
-of paper which was pinned on thepart, I felt that he had taught me a
Whereupon ho winked the other eye and crowded tho peasant out of
wall, having tho following words writ- le.sson of Infinite wisdom when ho had
the back door.
' •
ten In a fedr Imitation of my own warned me not to say or think that I
was- tired of my life.—New York
The faith of our pcoplo Is-dellclous, but a trlflo foolUh. For a year and a
• ,
half wo have allowed tin- Japanese camel, a most polite beast, to poke his head
"May heaven forgive me. for what I
Into our cabin. We have fallen over ourselves to lend him money; we have
<«>HHHH>MIMM> ^TTTr* have done this night! But I have lost
ahouted "banzai!" every time he has won a victory; our cars havqbeon tickled
all that makes human existence dear
with his compliments, and wo are simple enough to believe he moans what
"Tired of life?" Baldraycousin. Jas- to man; the love of woman, friends,
_______ " |
he says,
per Meadows, as we sat In my wretchCircus Employes' Call Them th«
I know something of the Japanese; I. hnvo not been brought In closo ed'garret In the heart'of the metropo- money—that the root and cause ot all.
Most Treacherous of All Animals.
personal and lntlmatq relations with them for nothing. As a raco the Japanese lis. "Perhaps my lines may be cast I have tried everything and failed; so
"Perhaps the most dangerous, conare absolutely without conscience or honor. They have all the vices of the in more pleasant places than yours; I tlils winter finds me without .a single
stantly dangerous, business In the
Orientals and not a single one of their virtues. All other Oriental races have may have been more lucky, or—or hope,' and I am tired of my life.
world Is the one Into whic!* I have,
at least ono redeeming-virtue—gratitude and a strong sense of obligation something; but you never know when
W C H A R D L WENTWORTH.;-been tossed—the biislnesTlif"eIephant
- \torfavors conferred. The Japanese Individually and aa a nation overpower you -comeT to the end of your tether.
In that single Instant I remembered man, with a circus," said a menagerie
V o u with their gratitude and their politeness and their doep sense of humility Never court death like that. Never
Jasper Meadows' parting words, and employe.
vp to the precise fraction of a second when they think they can uso you, and say that you are tired ot life."
I ho whole truth flashed upon me.
"There Is a constant demand for
the moment thoy have got from you what Ihcy want it Is tholr cabin and not
"But I am," I replied, bitterly, rais- [ He told me that my. uncle had left
'bull men,', but few will accept the
yours. It Is a constitutional and Inherited vice that Is In the blood. At heart ing to my Ups the glass of spirits which
the Japanese Is.always an Oriental and always proud of being ablo to trick had been my Insidious companion ot me ?oVty thousand dollars, and I'stood position, and most of us fell Into the
between "him—Jasper—and the money. business by accident, and, showing
the white man. ~ • . - ' • " .
Mr«. Lena Smith, N. Chtrrjr aireei. cw
late. "1 nave lost nil that makes hu- I understood It all. Ho must have retalent or reckless disregard for con- Line. Nn.iliville. leiiu., write*:
Americana believe, the Japanese like us.. Whnt nonsensef Not only do man'existence dear to man: tho love solved to murder m e t
, "1 have hail puoi- in'aitli for the pu
the Japanese not like us, but they dlsllko'ViB and look upon us as their natural of woman, frleiyln, money—that the ' He had drugged the whiskey, and, sequences, made a success In hand- four
yt-iim, pain* in thy back attri ;mtni
commercial.and political'enemies. Our newspapers and magazines are filled root and cause or all. I have tried ov- usln.g my own words w"a malignant ling tho anlmala, and^havo since .been and. dull, sick headache, ivith; dux
with articles written by Japanese educated at.Amuican_uAiy^slth^- and .adv JSTjihlng and falloa, llcuveji kupwB, it
' "' ib^l^ffKTOS^dH^^iff^BfiBl
dlfB^H enough^forflUllled artlaansm^VvTAv^A^
averieti'-'liiilV'MiWnlpfnn--frintn^ ' "Do'spffe'thd^ perils, the constant a»lic about l'eruna tn»l»lru rkmt
arid the great-debt they owe to its,atid^ wo really botleVe this.' Waft, wait 6hly : to get work In these hard times. I am
" .
watchfulness, the half-conscious reaa few years and we shall find out whnt these professions of friendship amount among them, yet not of them. They
"I took it for' ten .divii and <ras
How ..clearly did the meaning of .the., lisation that- death- Is near probably
•fVL.J.U• tf">« Americans woto -made to understand the danger that confronts look-askance'at me; they do not unr i x d "to'find
'find I liad «o; little p.i
words come back to me, and how bit- not an elephant man In the world t o
i d to uiie
i it an-! a
"V therefore
them.—Now York Herald. •
derstand me—tho penniless, starving terly did. L r?perit jm.y,...pom Impious
day, would- leave bta calling.- It has a the -end of t w o louutb*. m> pa:a» ta
•_ .t.,...'r
fascination of a..- strange : hind, and. totally di>app«ared.
cast—perhapsi partly "
'' 1 have bettx in the krm$ of heilD
the keeper becomes attached to the "'since
I grant you—but I have been ready,
great brutes that tremble at his word
to go down on my knees for the hard- and slave of the World, the key to all one-instant, and tho'next may turn am very Ijrateful to you." .
C'utarrh of the internal ofgana gn<hull<
est, the most degrading labor, so long happiness, for with its possession we upon him and trample him.
laps away the strength, underminra tin
as It be honest, in order to. keep a roof ran delude ourselves into.the fond bevitality and cauaea nervouanrw. Penan* ii
'"Good/olephant men command good the remedy.
over my head and put Into my mouth a lief that we have true loves and hon• y
By Dr. Wllhelm StekeL
crust of bread, just to keep body and est friends. But I would have given
"Most of them live In a state of conEven now"—I know
4ISIC not only quiets those suffering from nervous diseases soul together.
breath of fresh air.
stant watchfulness, realizing the
but also: produces nervous disorders. And many peopio there was a ring of envy in my tones
treacherous nature of the brutes and
i through Intoose application to musical studies. becomo which I could not suppress—"even now I had thought of, dreamed of, wished those who do not realize this sooner
J neurasthenic, so that wo may in a sense.speak of music- I hear that our uncle, dying, has left for, coveted. - I had fancied, In my or later are trampled or hurlod to
neurosis. Further, It Is well known that many musicians you rich, but has not remembered me. desperate. Impious folly, how sweet death.
show clearly marked pathological states. Music, ..which So can you wonder when 'I tell you and restful it must feel for one like
"The elephant Is the most treachershould bo a gontlo friend and true consoler. In many in- hat this winter finds me without a me, who Was so cold, both In body and
stances Is an active nerve lrrltatit,'''At'an early ago the
mind, who had known so little of the ous, moody, changeable animal In atmblaa witafflapwanarto
"And would fain end It?"
systematic Injury of the child begins. The child, besides
genial light of the world's sympathy, menagerie.' They are twice as danspeech, must-at a'tender ago begin to learn miiBlc, The happiest hours of "And would fain end It!".
to He here in this insidious warmth, gerous as tigers, lions' or bears. Tho Mopa dlaehartia,
the day, which should bo dovotod to piny and movement In the opon air,
"Ah, I would not say a thing like and recalling one by one each scene of men who handle the'big cats in their wrentu, cnratlwnotrhiM i n •laalnlnA.
Putin* ii la powder lorm ta b» djualml In m
are passed at tho piano In order that the child may learn to perform for the hat, If I were you. One never knows early days, gently t o pass away and cages are forced to watch closely mter,
and U fa- mor« deansjne. (Maltoc, gumiuid
and carefully while they are In the uxl Monomial Dun liquid Mti-ptic for i f
delectation or friends. I liavo no objection to a child learning music when how soon one may come to repent It," solve the mighty problem of eternity.
It has n natural talent and a musical car and when It enjoys practicing, al- he replied, with a strange smile, alBut I did not know then what It was
Fornle at dninUtf. 60 ctnta a boa.
though .here also.the first instruction should bo moroly a piny In tones and not hough I do not think I noticed It at to choke, to gasp for every breath, to a short time.
Trial B*x and Boofc «ltoatowili—P »
monom. — s
a hardship. Hut to Instil music Into a child at all costs Is a barbarity which the time.
"Wo 'bull men" live with our gigan- vws W. faaTon eomnun
die a slow,. horrible and lingering
later In life may revenge Itself fearfully. Further, during;..tho developing
What with misery, want and strong d e a t h
tic pets, sleep near them, ride them,
C n r , - --.-;•
^period•*oMlfeV.vb'ptw(peH:;thp ageiipf ten,andJSO:yenrs,;ypung;people.arp.still
- pie? - • No,- no;~I- wcmld-not ;dtei —; I1 order them••• around;- enter -with 'tiiem "A' London tailor hhsInVfi)M a tp*
-more sinned against. At a tlmo-when the greater part of the strength Is that-1 was not in a condition to re- could notJ die!'" Great Heaven! f was into closed "cars' for long rides,
'life saving tout ami sailers, wit)
needed for ordinary bodily development children aro made to play four or mark anything very distinctly. not'tired of life! - But I was not dead are not afraid of them. Before many
flvoliours a day on the piano. In many CSSCB tho hands are exhausted so that ' It was my cousin who had brought y e t It was easj^ enough to free my- years we became fatalists. We e x which It In possible for- a porws
tho piano or violin practicing has to be given up entirely, or the children In- whisky up for me.. He was one of self from this horrible situation, after poet them to kill us some' day, but clothed therein to maintain an upright
position when immersed in the water,
jure their health to such an-extent that they can never attain tho place of a that curious form of modern Samari- all.
bopo It may not be soon,- just as the even If not possessing any knowledge
great artist, because they lack the necessary harmonious completion of meu- tan whose charity always takes the
of snlniiiiliiK.
Only to rise and then open the door
fal and bodily strength.
shape ot alcoholic beverages, yet who
The coat risemblcs in appenraiif" an
or the window.
In other ways, however, music Is Injurious. If tho mustclnn be an adult
It was, however, easier said than
"Trainers testify that the elephant prUinnry pilot eonr, but it Is llttoil with
frequently an excess of sweet sounds may be Injurious. Everyone has seen their benevolent feelings.
done. I jumped up, but something held brain works • nearer like that : of a an air licit, wlilcli IH inflnteil wi'b air
In the concert halla thoae nrtlRts, particularly pinnists, who twist and writhe,
me back. I looked and saw to my ut- human being than the brain of any through a tube. The gaiters ea«a
before the piano, now'shrinking to nothing, now leaping up, as If the body In Jasper Meadows; but here, ajono as* ter dismay, that my left hand had other animal. The moods and tem- weigh two pounds ami are fitted witli
soliwere a bubble of feeling. Everyone knows these peopio and doubtless many
been firmly fastened to the bedstead! per's of the big brutes-change sud- two brass wings or blades fasten*!
have joked about them, but these Individuals are the ones who are most tudes, that spent In the midst of a vast
Ob, the fearful, vain efforts I made denly. The weather, a hard night's to the buck Of the heel. As the- wwirer
anyInjured, by the passion. ,fqr music. Such people are perfect types of neurasto get free! I called loudly for help, ride on the cars, a bruised foot may moves his feet In the water the**
thenics, and modern music is particularly fitted to Increase nervous disease. one to whom I could unbosom my but no one heard me; and. In the'turn' the best natured elephant into wings open anil slmt. anil' not onl?
meantime, the oppression was growing a peevish brute, ready to strike, and propel tho wenrpr nlons'likc oar« b»'
Here poverty was the common .lot heavier upon my chest. My tongue murder in an Instant.
But these piinblp him to inaintnlan nn ii|>rizlit
No one believed me. Did I not pre- seemed too large for my mouth. I moods pass quickly. The great dan- position from the Wnlst upnranl in th»
tend to be a gentleman? How could I could eyes starting from their ger Is when an elephant is just turn- water.
be poor?
A practical demonstration of thv utilEvery elephant
sockets. I was dying; a horrible,- lin- Ing lato a rogue.
There was silence between us for a gering death,' and all I prayed for now turns rogue sooner or later, and they ity of the invention was recently nnde.rtnken In Jhe River Thamfslij;.'he
few moments; then Jasper suddenly was a,lHtle..alE..,,.,,..-i__
,,::...'..v.U....».-.':. unever, recover—
inventor—and -Its-efficiency-- anti->lif^
started up and exclaimed: ' — i - - - — ' i T h b i
; "Well, Dick, old man! Tmust be go- supreme effort, which nearly broke my but the attack will return and then
HERE has lately been much discussion on how to save Ni- ing. I am very sorry that I cannot wrist.' and dragged tha bed halfway probably a keeper; killed.., .The when moving against the tide.
agara Falls I take Here the liberty" to describe, a method give you any pecuniary -aid just now across the room; but I had burst the femalo elephants! turnrogues^ earliejr.
for utilizing the greater part of the .energy in the falls with- but I have somo good news- for you. cords whlcbJiound. me, and. was free! and are more violent than- the-males,
Boyo'ton, Berks County,
out Injuring in the least tho beauty of the falls and without I thought I would keep it as a surprise
I .staggered to the door, but might as and the females are more dangerous
UncleJoe'-hUL.'jnfaeni- 'well not, iave-waSted the. precious moilseil. snipo very cnrlon.' hna
. necessitating any enslncering "structures, i n the vicinity of. till the last
in orflnary times. ; ^ .€
the'falls. " .
ments used In going there. It had be"en """'"ElephantJ"form'jjreiit .attachknenta thfa scrt«ilt;itt leasfto says Irrfrt i(ty~
Suppose a dam, constructed across Niagara River, a few lit a sworn copy of his will. He leaves locked on the outside; the key was for certain : men- and bitter hatreds pert, of Monterey, whose pet t e a , *
miles, abovo the bills or a t tho beginning of the river. Let you-most of his money-^forly thbu- gone, and the keyhole stopped up.'
for others, a hatred that means mur- fine Plymouth Itock fowl, take* tb*
Now. quick, to turn to the window— der when the opportunity arrives. prize in Inylng'contests jn the county.
the gates of the dam be closed'half of the time and opened sand dollars. I t would only come to
half of the time, making the river flow, say for Instance, twelve hours In day- me in case of your death without'is- my only remaining chance of l i f e - But the love. of an elephant for Its The hen heard her owner tell his wlf?
time. There would be no danger of overflow, when the gates are shut, with sue—that death which you have been while I had. strength left, and there keeper will not deter it from killing tlmt the chicken was doomed for the
' :
bolting pot. Then the hen went to tier
was yet time.'
the large area of Lake Erie above the dam. 'It is evident that twice the reg- so earnestly wishing for!",
him when the outbreak comes.
I staggered to my feet and I made a ' I grasped at the casement, but It "There was one notorious elephant nest and deposited two large egs* **"
ular flow of the river could be extracted from Lako Erie in the.daytime. Let
the regular flow pass over the falls and take a quantity equal to half the grab at the paper which he held aloft would not move. A nail had been who traveled with a score of circuses fore leaving. The next day she triw
regular flow continually for power purposes. This would give about 3,600,000 This was surely .too good to be trae. driven through it, fastening the low- under different names, and was final- to repeat the trick, and laid an «jrtohorse-power without Injuring In the least the beauty of the falls. The' gates "Show it to me!" I cried, and my own er to the. upper sash! • .'
ly executed, who loved one man, aslde of which was another well-fornirf
of the dam could be open, say nine hours In the day and three hours In the voice sounded to me strange and holfriend
of mine, as never maiden loved egg. Full of freak tricks, the
The horror of this discovery, the
day furnished two otb,er well-fonn«
night, in order to make i t possible to see the falls also at night. It seems low.
fiendish precision of , the meditated him. She would do anything for him.
to me that If these arrangements were possible. It would give a great amount He took a few steps backward, and crime, seemed utterly too:crash me, He drank. : She cared for' him- and eggs. The .death sentence has -been"
slipped out of the room, closing the and I sank helpless and hopeless to drove away every one, who tried to commuted to liberty for life. '•'•>•
of fnwer and at the same time save the destruction of the falls.
door after him. I rushed to - call him the floor. ,
come, near when he; was drunkand Amandus Benfleld, or this town. b »
•• ,.""
a.three-monthiH>td hen trltn fonrfrK^
The insldfous fumes of -the. charcoal I
ate, nV feet seemed^elghtea dowli as were gaining rapidly upon my senses, charged from several circuses,- arid and-when the hen-runs two of thelesi
lL Tie
by lead. That cursed drink! How and_niy thoughts passed wildly from each time took the elephant ' No are huddled up with the talL
quickly it tind, taken effect upon me! I one subject to another, a s though' I one else being able to handle her, the chicken presents a wonderful
Philadelphia Tress.
" '
reeled and fell heavily to thefloorand had been In a horrible nightmare.
owners ot the «hows understood that
knaw no more. . What was the use o f gold after all? to dischare him was to lose the beast,
A Fall Stop.
Had not t h e first possession-of these and tacitly she 1 became his property.
A returned traveler who spent half
' By E. Walter Maunder, F.R.Jl.S.~
of his holiday in a tour of Irelandfirst Impression I 'experienced was ot a me a mortal enemy? A i r that mat- him until he is 'a cripple tor life, and
tered w a s the breadth o f life. A t she • killed oner i of the rescuers, de- brought back a sample of the bfipPT-r
1 T'was noticed long ago that not a few of the most intense fearful weight oppressing my cheat
go-lucky wit of the Irish "jarvex," «
magnetic storms took place when there were unusually large
What was there? Nothing. Oh, i tthat moment I would have given all fending fiercely; the 'man shfe had
driver. In a breakneck race down s
the: world .for. a mouthful J o t heaven's jetU8hedUi_- _j
spots upon the sun: My own first experience of such a cohv must be that cursed whiskey!.
But stay! I romembered falling. I pure air—the inalienable birthright of
'Good elephant men, ones who can
photograph of the sun which I had taken a very much larger remembered, all that distinctly n o w - every created thing.
, , . , , retain the anldbals, command big sal- Ited little Irish mare was
i .
spot than 1 had .over seen before. When It reached' the falling on the floor, and now I was in
Oh, Heaven,! how I repented my aries. One whom I know receives away.
"Pull her np!" h e shouted,
centre, of the disc, a great magnetic storm broke o u t Nor bed undressed.
Who had put me. words, now. I was not Ured of life, $250 a week. iSut the ordinary 'bull
VHoid tight, your honor."
was this all, for bteore the spot had-passed away a second there? Jasper? But he had gone be- rwourd not die: iirbrainTtMOSHTai'' mati;''recruited frcinT among Jthecan-—great spot was seen, and when this reached the centre there fore I fell!
be seething, bursting; but, with one vas hands or laborers who have no the jarvey, easily.
.another storm. In November of the same year a still larger spot apMeantime I was choajtlng. Strange more despairing effort, I scrambled to fear, receive Small- salaries* and ac-; "Pull her u p r again commandw '
gpeared, and as It approached the centre of the disc, the magnets were more figures were dancing before my eyes. my feet, striking out with both bands cept the positions because the work is trareler, making a grab for the reins"For your life don't touch the rei>«-.
^disturbed than they bad been for many yeara,, sod there was a more- remark- Wtet was-the matter?
at the dust-begrtmed panes, which fell easier, being willing to risk their the
answered, without
without «="
jarvey answered,
*iW^ aurora. Ten years later. In February, -1892, a still greater sun-spot apAh! the cause ; was not far to seek. with a crash Into the street ,below., * V .lives-to escape hard work.
Tiie^e the
ipearsd, and t h e n was another great magnetic storm. On this occasion I made No lood, and then too much drink;
Oh. that puir of wind! I shall never •inerif of courseware under .competent as pears."
. of the chief storms and sun-spots for a period of eleven years; supposedly to drown my sorrows, but forget i t . . It was only the tjense' at- trainers."—Cleveland, Plain Dealer.
The traveler made readyto&&?•
which brought out a number of other coincidences! Front this really to multiply them ten tb«usand- mosphere of thf overcrowde'd^neighbnt the Jtaifey laid a soothing 6«>a 0 B
t hiv* n e w t donbtod that there was a connection, .real, direct, and inU' fold, for I will freely confess thafithls borhood. but to mo'then I t seemed the
Hl« Future.
his shoulder.
. -rl
* - . t e ^ S u i i ^ & a t f i - i i H ; ^ these sun-spots and- our' t e r i ^ ^ i .magnetic curse Jay at Uy» bottom of at least one- sweetest air that had eyar.fanned my
B1U—I h « r Hardwacks i s making
"Bit easy," be said, »«»» n r " l g l f.U*«
half my misfortunes,
>:''"'/!- • ".cheek, and on Its wings'was borne the plans forVthy future. ! 'A > • '1 '" .'," '-tarn
her-ln^> the river at the^brW
distant sound of churchY bells, for If ^IflfeW^'tt'-iae'kiiJMiUi to preserve btJoMhen.y»m
thatTI •too her.
'waa ChristfflaiimarnliuL.' But t i n Jn*.<^m'ka'4 Hatto.M.i,,.
laako >.»_-...i.—•—
"Likens Race to the Fabled Camel That Was
Cloen an Inch and Took-a Whole House.
A»4l»tl£ end shall gnat rapoto
BpoB m j sonl,
_ tb*
•journey * clo*%
I reach UM raddea goal.
Music and Disease
TOiLFT , 5
How to Save Niagara )
AndI Magnetic Storms