June 15, 1954 1*. Clifton `Jeooll 19, avotrto flober r - JDC


June 15, 1954 1*. Clifton `Jeooll 19, avotrto flober r - JDC
June 15, 1954
1*. Clifton 'Jeooll
.' . . . C . J .
19, avotrto flober
rDear Hr. Deaelli
1 on indeod grateful for all tho information you hove ££vm no in
your letter of June 10th an! eeponiany the good news that you will bo
present at t.'jo tins oT our ouciffrenoo. For ny port. I hop* that whan
you ovor«tually do tal:e your bons loove i t will bo oil tho noro pleanent
hnnqnM of the delay.
Whn Dr. i^chaidt and I oow you loot, you ouo aetad that wo oows to
tgOBCO on tho 21st to aoe tho u n a n a u i l of t o eeotlnc Inn V.*tt wo
would Ivsvo at the oonfarenee. If thU data in jrtill aatiafaetory to you,
wo will e o » to so* you than. An to tho ooutlnc omnnronts for tho
a-jdltoro, wo would aucEOot two rows of ton socio oneh. directly in betf.
of the tobleo, yet oopamtod by a wide aiolo ao that tl«? auditor* nay
aona and go freely, ui'Jvut dlaturbine tho epaafcare.
Qm oanforonoo ende on July lot end, oooordlne to our arronoeaont,
wo will bo neredttad to oonc to UW8D0 July 2nd und 3rd for tranoerlbine. I not* that July Jntfallr on a Saturday. Will we hove ooay aooooa into the U'.XKO huUdin-/ on that day?
Another iters vhiei. I flailed to dirtuM with you ia the ^aeetion of
IOOl111H for t'e -wrr;-c 1", aire 4 ra*n.
In arc- event, 1 'iopo to aoe you on tho n o t , at whioh tt-o Z will
dineuoa wit!, you any other l i t t l e quoctiono that have oos» to Bind. Z
do aprvaeiato and tlianfc you for the ooojrtecy, attention and effort you i
are puttlnc fort!; to help sake our eoafaranoa a euoeaeo.
Sincerely yourn,
Gertrude Daeeeuita