How to Fill Out an Internal Event Request Form


How to Fill Out an Internal Event Request Form
How to Fill Out an Internal Event Request Form
Click into the Events tab at the top of your screen
Step 1: Click the “Events” tab at the top of your screen.
Step 2: Click on the “Event Request” icon.
Step 3: Choose the “Space Request Form – Internal” from the drop-down menu
and press “Next”
*When the form appears you should have a contact information area, events
details area, event meeting area and a meeting recurrence area. If you do not see
all of these, make sure the drop-down arrows on the right hand side of the screen
are all pointing up.
Step 4: If you are logged in, your contact name and email will auto fill into the
contact name and email area as shown below by the blacked out area.
Step4I: Fill in all the contact information for the event. Continue moving
through the form filling out the appropriate information for the Event
Details section.
Step 5: When you get to the Event Meetings area, this is where you put in the
information for individual meetings that are within the Event.
Step 5I: Enter in the meeting name and meeting type. You may also add a
description in this area as well.
Step 5II: Your meeting may be tagged as either private or featured. Private
allows only individuals with permission to view the meeting information
and featured will highlight the information to bring attention to the
meeting in the calendar.
Step 6: The Meeting Recurrence area is where you fill in the date(s) and time(s)
for all the individual meetings. They may be Single meetings, Recurring meetings,
or Spanning Meetings (Meetings that cross over 12am into the next day). In the
Single Meeting(s) you may choose more than one date.
Step 6I: When you have chosen your date(s), click “Create”. This will show
all of your meetings to the right.
Step 7: Check off the meeting(s) you wish to assign rooms to and click “Assign
Rooms”, this will bring up room lists.
Check off the meetings
you need to request
rooms for.
Step 8: When the request room menu comes up you can look over the available
rooms for your meeting(s) and select/request for booking. You also have the
option to narrow down your search by using the filters to the left.
Step 8I: The filters field will allow you to narrow down your room search by
picking and choosing specific buildings, rooms, features etc.
Fill in the areas the you wish
the filter and/or Click the little
“+” next to the headings and
choose from the options
After you have chosen the
room information that you
wish to see, click the “Search”
button at the bottom of the
filter field
Step 9: This will bring up all the rooms under your filter parameters that you may
choose from. Simply click the “Available” box under the meeting column and
room row you wish to book; it will turn green and changed to selected. When you
have chosen your room(s) click “OK”.
If you wish to
choose the
same room
for all
simply click
the first
column next
to that room.
Rooms that you
select/request will
highlight in green
Unavailable rooms
will highlight in red.
*NOTE: You may choose more than one room for each meeting if needed
Step 10: When you have completed filling out all the necessary information in the
form, click “Save” at the top left side of your screen to send your request.
**If additional information is needed, click the link at the bottom of the form to
be directed to the CBO Website: