Course information, IMPRSD 172 : Historical Demography, 23 August‐ 2  September 2009 


Course information, IMPRSD 172 : Historical Demography, 23 August‐ 2  September 2009 
Course information, IMPRSD 172 : Historical Demography, 23 August‐ 2 September 2009 We are very pleased to welcome you to Lund University this August to attend the course in Historical Demography. You should schedule to arrive in Lund Sunday August 23, and leave September 2 in the morning (or late evening of September 1). Classes will start at 9.15 on Monday morning, August 24 and end late Tuesday afternoon (16.00), September 1. The general outline of the course is quite simple, with lectures each morning (except Sunday) and labs each afternoon. A final schedule and a complete reading list will be distributed before the course starts. To prepare for the course it is important that you get acquainted with the main readings before coming to Lund. There are four main books that will be included in the reading list (should be available at a reasonably well stocked library): Anderson, M. 1995. Approaches to the History of the Western Family 1500‐1914. Cambridge University Press Bengtsson, T. et al. 2004, Life under Pressure. MIT Press Haines, M. & Steckel R. 2000, A Population History of North America. Cambridge University Press. Book of reference Willigan, J.D. & Lynch, K. A. 1982, Sources and Methods of Historical Demography. Academic Press. All participants are expected to bring a laptop – during certain parts of the course, we will also work in a computer lab at LUSEM (Lund University School of Economics and Management) but access to a personal laptop is required. Accommodation in Lund The first five nights of the course, we have booked single rooms at Sparta Hotel which is located in the same building as the Sparta Guest House where you will be staying for the last five days of your stay in Lund, mainly in shared double rooms (sharing only with same‐sex colleague). As the university term starts the week of the course and accommodation is often booked up many months in advance, we hope having to move one floor up in the building will not cause too much inconvenience to you. If you wish to share a room with a colleague that is also attending the course, kindly inform us when you provide us with your travel itinerary. Sparta Hotel is situated next to the School of Economics and Management (LUSEM), where the course will be held, and the Guest House Sparta (information on the web only available in Swedish) is located in the same building on the third floor. We will cover your hotel cost from Sunday 23 August until Wednesday 2 September (10 nights). How to travel to Lund There are two alternative airports in the region: Malmö Sturup Airport in Sweden and Kastrup Copenhagen in Denmark. If you arrive at Malmö Sturup Airport, we recommend you take the airport coach to Lund. Alternatively, you could take a taxi to the hotel. The trip takes around 40 minutes. For more information, see Sturup and airport details and Airport Coaches. If you arrive at Kastrup Airport, which is the major regional hub also for southern Sweden, the most convenient way to reach Lund is to take the Öresund train from the airport directly to Lund Central Station. More information on transportation from Kastrup, see Kastrup and airport details, and Öresundstågen for timetables, fares etc. Your stay in Lund For general information on Lund town and attractions, see Lund City website Where to find us The campus area of LUSEM is located east of the Lund city centre. Local buses from central Lund and the train station that take you up to the campus area of Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) are bus no. 1 (end station Östra Torn) and bus no. 6 (end station Mårtens Fälad), and you should hop off at “Sparta”. Holger Crafoord Ekonomicentrum EC1 is where most of the teaching facilities are located and Holger Crafoord Ekonomicentrum Alfa‐1 building is where the offices for faculty and staff is located on the third floor and through the entrance to the right, sign‐posted “Centrum för ekonomisk demografi”. Where to lunch near LUSEM There are several lunch restaurants near LUSEM where you can find good and reasonably priced lunches (55‐70 SEK per person). Below we have listed some of them ‐ you can find the locations on the map. 1. Ikuzikuri Sushi Bar, Tunavägen 37 2. Coffehouse by George, Tunavägen 39 3. Cafe Holger, EC3 4. Finn Inn Restaurang, Dag Hammarskölds väg 2 5. Ideon Restaurang, Ole Römers väg 16 6. Glad i Mat, Scheelevägen 17 6
We are looking forward to seeing you all in Lund in August!