What is BANGOL? BIF – Bangol Including Festigress All the BIF


What is BANGOL? BIF – Bangol Including Festigress All the BIF
What is BANGOL?
As the name bif – Bangol Including Festigress
– suggests, it is a project within the bangol network. bangol – BAltic sea region Non Governmental Organizations and Leisure – is a network
of ngo :s, municipality youth clubs and children
and youth centers. Since 2005 the network has
developed out of a vision; to build sustainable
structures encouraging young people in the Baltic Sea Region to take part in the building of the
new Europe. Many different projects, a number
of exchange programs, educational programs,
aid projects and study visits have taken place and
already brought the network closer to its vision.
BIF – Bangol Including Festigress
Youngsters in the bangol geographical area
need inclusive opportunities and support to be
able to learn and develop on equal terms in modern diverse society.
With support from European Union’s Youth
in Action democracy program, the bif Project
invites youngsters from five European countries
to join together to explore, discuss and experience democracy and inclusion opportunities
and barriers. Inclusion is defined as democratic
processes for the transformation of activities,
meeting places and other resources in society for
the benefit of everyone, regardless of identity and
social location. The project motto is: Youngsters,
who learn together, learn to live together, drawn
from the international inclusion Declaration of
Salamanca of 1994.
Young participants between 13-30 years from
Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Sweden
with different experiences of social exclusion
and inclusion will be able to work together in the
project both at home in their own local societies,
as well as with youngsters in the partner counties
The youngsters send representatives to Lund
in Sweden to plan and carry out a final five days
inclusive Festigress (festival and congress), including discussions, workshops, study visits and
meetings around the project theme. The planning
conference takes place
in February 2012 and the
Festigress in August later
that year. Before and after
these two events project partners will focus on
mapping inclusion resources and implementing
inclusion initiatives.
The results from the bif project meetings,
discussions and activities, will be presented
in a booklet with Best Including
Practices about broad
inclusive approaches
and how to encourage solidarity between
different excluded groups.
All the BIF Project Partners
welcome everyone to
join and benefit from
the project!
Visit us at:
BIF Project Partners
Hamburg, Germany
Lund, Sweden
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Zabrze, Poland
Contact BIF
Please contact the project coordinators, we are happy to tell
you more about the project.
Elvyra Vidziunaite
Satrija Children and Youth Club, Vilnius
[email protected]
Simona Mataityte
Lithuanian Association of
People with Disabilities, Vilnius
[email protected]
Ilze Rimicane
Daugmale Children and Youth Centre, Riga
[email protected]
Linda Uzulina
Association of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia, Riga
[email protected]
Simone Ryschka
Jugendclub Struenseestraße, Hamburg
[email protected]
Chris Lisiecki
JuBa ASB Jugendzentrum Bahrenfeld, Hamburg
[email protected]
Marcin Lesiak
City of Zabrze
[email protected]
Jan Lesiak
Stowarzyszenie Misericordia, Zabrze
[email protected]
Marcus Nilsson
IFK Lund Track and Field, Lund
[email protected]
Bengt Persson
Lund Municipality
[email protected]
This project has been funded with support from the European
Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any
use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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