November 2015



November 2015
Green for Green
There has been a lot of discussion recently about
Florida’s State Parks. There have been calls for
them to become self­sufficient and some politicians
have openly said we have too much public land
and should consider selling some of it.
Throughout this debate, a number of important
issues have not been discussed so I would like to
take a little time here to mention them because I
think they are critical.
The first question we all have to ask is “Why do we
have state parks in the first place?” State parks
exist to protect and preserve a particular location
because of its natural beauty, flora and fauna,
historic and cultural interest, or recreational potential. That is the reason we have state parks and that is
why we need to protect and preserve them. The Florida Park Service with limited resources does a fantastic
However, while the state parks are a fabulous treasure that, hopefully, will be enjoyed by generations to
come they are also a huge revenue earner for the state – and that is something that is often by many
people... Read more here. State Parks are Open for Thanksgiving
Most of Florida's state parks will be open for Thanksgiving. The normal hours
at 8 a.m. to sunset. Holidays are the perfect time to introduce out­of­town
visitors to our award­winning state parks and trails. This year, consider stopping
by a park near you to enjoy the Florida sunshine and work off some of the
holiday feast with a bike ride, hike or fish. Some museums are closed so call
ahead to ensure those are open.
Junior Ranger Programs
In partnership with Wells Fargo and support from
Nelson and Pat Parrish we were recently able to
purchase over 40 science, animal, and nature story
books for use in St. Andrews State Park for
environmental education programs.
It's vital for kids to have these hands on outdoor
learning experiences if we expect them to become
good stewards of our precious environment.
Please donate to the Yellow Buses Project so we
can make more of this happen in other state parks.
Visitor Testimonial: Praise for Park Manager Josh Hodson & Staff at St.
George's Island State Park
"Hello Josh,
Thank you so much for being so accommodating
last week assisting my friend with the floating wheel
chair at SGI (St. George Island). You and your staff
are absolutely wonderful and genuinely helpful! As
you can see in the photos, Gerri was overjoyed by
the experience! She is originally from NYC and has
lived here for 10 years without seeing the beach.
She cried when she saw it from the pavilion and
again when she began floating in the water. It was
a magical day! Your facility and professional
demeanor made a memorable "girls trip" to the
Thank you so much!!"
Help people with mobility impairments have experiences others take for granted. Please donate to theAccess
For All Campaign to help fund a floating beach wheelchair for Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.
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