5 How To Live Suitcase E


5 How To Live Suitcase E
Easy to Use Keys
To Packing & Not
Forget Anything!
To Packing & Not
How To Live Out of Your
Suitcase For A Week!
Claudia Looi
How to live out of your suitcase for a week
The 5 essential keys for packing and not forgetting anything you
need for your vacations…helping you look good at any occasion and
not overpack….
Man, since the beginning of time has been known to travel. Voyages,
dangerous routes, daring expeditions and unknown land had been explored
and conquered by men and women for centuries.
We read about Marco Polo, the Italian explorer took the Silk Route to the Far
East and served the Emperor of China. Vasco da Gama the Portuguese sailor
found his way to India and on to South East Asia. David Livingston, a British
missionary ventured deep into the jungles of Africa and Christopher
Columbus sailed the great Atlantic Ocean in search of East India but found
himself in North America.
The list of adventures is still being created today….
The mode of transportation may be different in each era, but all of them
need to pack their essentials and clothing for their trip away from home.
We travel for many reasons.
It could be work related, pleasure, visiting relatives, grand vacation of a
lifetime, spring break, family summer or winter vacations or any of the
Travel brings awareness of other cultures; gives us different perspective on
life and also opening of new opportunities. We travel for relaxation and also
to break out of our everyday routine.
In this post era of baggage fee for air travels, more than ever, travelers are
seeking ways to travel light and minimize their suitcase sizes to avoid extra
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
baggage fee. We are more aware of the need to pack smartly, strategically
and efficiently. We want to
Save time
Save money
Beat the lines
Travel light without the need to lug heavy bags
Have everything we need in one suitcase
Look good for all occasions and activities
Feel comfortable
Not miss anything
Don‟t have to work on ironing our clothes
Have fun!
We are savvy travelers who can live out of our suitcase for a week without
needing to check in, check out luggage…we beat the lines and pay no fees.
Here are the 5 keys:
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Key #1
What to wear?
First, we have to do our homework by researching:
1. What facilities and services are provided at your reserved
2. Destination- beach, city/urban, jungle, safari, trekking, around the
3. What is the weather at your destination
4. Plan and write out your itinerary. The more details you have the easier
your packing will be.
Second, go for neutral color combinations. Ask yourself, how can I
combine these clothing for maximum benefits, what works for me, what
makes me feel good. In other words, “know thyself”- nothing is worse than
to bring clothes you absolutely feel uncomfortable and mismatched.
Third, consider the fabrics of your clothing. This will also tie to the
temperature of the destination. Always wear the heaviest
boots/shoes/jackets when you are traveling to avoid heavy suitcase and
Fourth, one top per day, one bottom for every two days, one underwear
per day up to 7 per person. You can wash them in your hotel.
Fifth, know the location/destination (casual, sophisticated, formal),
so you can choose your clothing and shoes wisely.
Sixth, take away the ‘what if’ items- you don‟t need them.
NOTE: Checklists are at the end of this report
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Key #2
Lay out all your clothes, shoes, accessories and suitcase
Lay out everything you are planning to bring for your trip. Take inventory
and see how you feel with the list of clothing (checklists provided).
Consider layer looks for colder places. Scarves, sarongs and jewelry are
some „must haves‟ for your trip. They instantly spruce up your outfits and
give a different look to your outfit.
Evening wears may be different from day wear for some destinations. If you
have a planned itinerary, you will know when evening wear is needed.
Key #3
Roll it up!
Nobody likes to iron their clothes while on vacation when there is so much to
do and see. At the same time we have paid thousands of dollars to get
there. Nobody wants to waste their fun time.
The best wrinkle free way to pack (for us) is the rolling method. It is even
better if you stick to clothing that is wrinkle free.
Lay all the items flat and roll them up tightly. It always works if you place a
rubber band around heavier items, like jeans, so it stays rolled.
Place all heavier items like jeans, slacks, jackets at the bottom and insert
smaller items in between the gaps.
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Shoes and sandals should be stored in a plastic bag (bought or grocery
bags) and place it on top of all rolled clothing.
Jewelry can be placed in Ziploc bags separating each item by placing each in
a smaller bag like snack bag/sandwich bag and placed together in a quart
Roll scarves, sarongs and belts and place them between rolled clothing or
side pockets.
Key #4
Miniature containers, bottles and gadgets
Since 9/11, carryon luggage rules have changed. Check for updates at
Medication, essentials like cream, oils, lotion, shampoo, and sunscreen can
be stored in miniature containers. Either get them in stores like Walmart,
CVS or Target or reuse hotel‟s shampoo, lotion and conditioner containers.
All liquid and gels must be in 3 oz bottle/containers and placed in a
transparent one quart Ziploc bag conveniently placed in the outer pocket of
your suitcase for easy access during security check in.
If you are traveling to a remote third world country, bring a roll of toilet
Bring a bottle of liquid detergent in your miniature container for washing
underwear and light clothing.
Consider bringing pain relief medication, band aids, antacid pills, sunscreen,
bug repellent and any doctor prescribed medications.
Inside pockets of your suitcase is suitable for small flat irons, razors,
adapters, chargers and Universal Adapter Plug Kit (for international travel).
Bring snacks like breakfast or protein bars, nuts and dried fruits. Countries
like Australia and New Zealand do not allow travelers to bring nuts or dried
fruits into the country. When in doubt, declare everything to the immigration
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Key # 5
Get the lightest possible suitcase and functional small personal bag
All travelers are allowed one suitcase for carry on and one personal small
bag for laptop and personal items, when traveling locally or internationally.
The suitcase size should not be more than 22x14x9 inches and weigh no
more than 40lbs.
According to Consumer Reports, the ultimate lightweight, durable suitcase
can be found at www.redoxx.com. I will be getting the Sky Train ($255)
which weighs only 4lbs, has 2 compartments, lifetime warranty even if
chewed by elephants and can be converted into a backpack.
Lightweight is important for a suitcase. Imagine the difference between 4 lbs
and 12lbs? We have a 12lbs suitcase! For your travel comfort, go for
Your personal bag should be able to store a laptop, small reading material,
Smartphone, chargers and snacks.
Video, Checklists etc….
Be flexible!
A vacation is a time for relaxation, dreams, having fun, exploring, breaking
away from routine and maybe time to spend with your loved ones.
A time to enjoy! Here is packing video of me in action.
Here is the video link: http://travelwritingpro.com/832-2
I am grateful that you took time to download this free report and read
through to the very end. I hope this is helpful to you. Could you please help
me out by spreading the word? Please send your friends and family to my
website www.travelwritingpro.com.
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Claudia Looi
About the author:
Claudia Looi is a copywriter, travel, web content writer and
she manage blogs for several businesses. She has lived and worked in Kuala
Lumpur, Auckland and New York in the travel industry for over 12 years and
have had the luxury of traveling to over 20 countries. Currently, her works
include writing for tour operators, hotels, real estate, wellness and
immigration consulting industries. Most of her writings are not in her name.
They are featured in the United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, New
Zealand and Belize. When not working, you will find her reading or planning
her next family trip with her two teens and husband.
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Checklist # 1
For man
 1 suit if formal is required or a jacket with coordinating pants
 1 casual pants or jeans
 4 t-shirts, assorted colors
 2 long sleeve shirt
 1 short sleeve shirt
 1 cardigan or sweater or long sleeve t-shirt depending on weather
 1 pair of shorts or exercise pants depending on weather
 7 pairs underwear
 1 swim trunk/board shorts
 1 pair of sleepwear
 1 lightweight unlined parka for rain or wind
 1 pair of dress socks
 2 pairs of casual socks
 1 pair of dress shoes/sports shoes/sandals depend on type of trips
 1 tie if needed
 1 belt (if you need more than one)
 1 cap
 1 glove (for cold weather)
Items do not include those you wear on the day of your travel.
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Checklist #2
For Woman
 1 dress for formal wear
 1 skirt
 1 pair of slacks
 1 pair of jeans/Capri depending on weather
 1 jacket (denim or semi-casual
 4 t-shirts, assorted colors
 3 shirts
 1 set of sleepwear
 7 underwear
 2 bras
 2 pair of shorts (warm weather)
 1 yoga pants (cold weather)
 1 pair dress shoes
 1 sandals/flipflop/exercise shoes depend on type of trips
 1 swimsuit
 1 cap
 2-3 scarves/sarongs
 Variety of inexpensive costume jewelry to coordinate with outfit
 1 or 2 belts
 1 pair casual socks
 1 pair dress socks
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Essentials for man:
Facial care for day and night use
Make up
Flat iron
Essentials for woman:
 Shaving cream
 Shaver
Find the rest on check list for Essentials
Packing for Children:
For teens and younger children:
From our own experience, we recommend 3 extra tops and 2 extra bottoms.
Extra for children: toys, reading materials, electronic gadgets and comforting
blankets/soft animals
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi
Checklist # 3
 Tooth brush
 Tooth paste
 Dental floss
 Nutritional supplements/vitamins
 Essential oils
 Pain relief medication
 Sun block
 Insect repellant
 Prescribed medication
 Protein bars/breakfast bars
 Nuts and dried fruits
Most of the time we do not bring soap, shampoo or conditioners. Most hotels
these days have quality essential. However, you may need for some
How to Live Out of Your Suitcase For A Week| Copyright© 2011 Claudia Looi