Business Summary Sheet How to Use It and Script


Business Summary Sheet How to Use It and Script
Business Summary Sheet
How to Use It and Script
The Business Summary Sheet is designed to show our opportunity at a One-on-One in five minutes or
less. It is basically laid out in three sections, Retail Consultant, Business Consultant and 100%
Confidence in Your Success. All the information is not only there for your prospect to see but also to
help you trigger your memory so you can go over it easily. It is designed to go through a section at a
time in order.
The first section is where you explain "Right Now Money -Retail Consultant", where they can make
money just by retailing the products. The left side of this section is where you explain where the money
comes from. You go over that the idea is to influence 30 or more people experiencing Arbonne every
month. The right side is where you describe the activity to produce that income. This now leads into
the next section.
The next section is where you explain being a Business Consultant where in addition to earning an
income from retailing they can earn a substantial income from building a team. You briefly go over the
other levels they can promote to (you already covered DM in the Retail Consultant Section). You will go
over the override commissions and Mercedes bonuses along with other benefits such as travel,
recognition and awards ( you already went over the overrides on PC's, retail profit, and bonuses in the
first section). This should be brief.
The next section is where you explain that they will be trained. You will explain that you will assist them
to Get Started, that they will be trained on how to do Presentations/Workshops and then ensuring them
that they will be Coached. That they are in this business for themselves buy not by themselves. This is
new for them so they will want to know that you will be there for them and that there is a system.
Then finally do a brief summary overview of what you just discussed.
You should get comfortable on going through this smoothly and quickly ( 5 minutes or less). They won't
get it all anyway but it will give them a good idea of what our business is about.
Below is a script to show you an idea of how it could go. Don't bring the script to your One-on-One. It
is for you to practice with. You will see that the Business Summary Sheet has all the information on it to
trigger your memory. It is designed to flow through as you go.
PS. There is a second page to the Business Summary Sheet. This is just a cheat sheet if you need it. This
is just in case you need more information to answer some questions they may have. I would not suggest
going into this detail in a One-on-One but if they ask for more this is some useful information at your
fingertips. You may want to print it on the back of the Business Summary Sheet.
Business Summary Training Script
Right Now Money/Retail Consultant Section
1. I would like to give you a short summary of how we make money in Arbonne and how we
support and coach you to be 100% Confident in your Success.
2. Right away you can start making some money by being a Retail Consultant.
a. You earn 35% from all the product you sell.
b. When a person first signs up in Arbonne they have the opportunity to purchase product
at an extremely low price to help get them started. We call this a Right Start Value Pack
or RSVP.
i. For every RSVP that you sell you get a $50 bonus.
c. Also, some of the people you talk to may want to become Preferred Clients.
i. This allows them to purchase the product at a 20% discount and you earn a 15%
commission off of everything they purchase.
ii. What's great about Preferred Clients is that they tend to become loyal clients
and you may earn that 15% for a long time.
3. It is important to get to the first level we have which is District Manager.
a. The reason this is important is because your income goes up dramatically when you do
b. Remember the RSVP's that you can earn $50 from? Well now you get an extra $25 on
top of that!
c. Also, you get $25 for anyone else that sells an RSVP in your District.
d. Another Extra Bonus for being a District Manager is that you can earn a $200 bonus
once you meet certain criteria.
e. In addition, at the DM level you get an 8% Commission on everything sold in your entire
4. So you can see that getting and staying at the DM level is very worthwhile.
5. The best way to do that is to influence 30 or more people to experience Arbonne every month in
one way or the other.
6. To do this we have some Activities that we coach you on and support you with.
a. We coach you on activities like Product Presentations /Workshops.
b. Presenting to people one-on-one.
c. We put on Opportunity Events, Presentation/Workshops and Webinars that you can
bring your guests too.
7. There are other activities too to help you but most importantly you will be getting coaching on
all this.
a. You learn, role play and then go out and practice.
b. You come back and get coached some more.
c. You continue this until you feel competent enough to feel 100% confident in your
Ongoing Money/Business Consultant Section
1. If you want to be a Business Consultant this is where you create "Ongoing Income"
a. This is where you start to build a team.
2. You can see from this chart that there are 7 avenues of income
a. We have already talked about some of them
b. and this doesn't even show the trips and many other incentives that you can earn.
c. This first column Showing Override Commission is what really generates the Ongoing
i. As you coach more and more people to become successful you will move up to
higher and higher classifications/levels.
ii. As you do that your group is getting bigger and your commission percentage is
getting bigger at the same time.
iii. So it is a double benefit. Your income roughly quadruples every time you move
up a classification/level.
d. Now there are 6 other avenues of income.
e. 5 of these we already briefly went over but there is another quite nice one when you
reach the Regional Vice President level.
i. This is where Arbonne gives you an $800 a month car allowance toward your
white Mercedes Benz!
ii. This is actually a very big celebration. Lots of fun and very meaningful as you
can imagine.
iii. And when you get to the National Vice president level Arbonne gives you $1,000
per month!
Ongoing Money/Business Consultant Section
3. We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and skills to support you on
a. Getting Started
b. Presentations
c. and Coaching
d. You will role play and practice until you become competent and 100% confident in your
Overview of Entire Page
4. So let's look at the big picture
a. You can choose to be Retail Consultant and earn Right now Money
b. Your target is to influence 30 or more people to experience Arbonne every month.
c. and to do this we have the tools and knowledge to coach you to the point where you
become 100% confident in your success.
d. You can choose to be a Business Consultant and earn Ongoing Income.
e. From coaching, role playing and practicing with you, your group becomes successful and
that drives your success as well. It’s a win-win for you and your team!
f. As they go through this system, they will grow which, in turn, drives you toward the top
positions in Arbonne and your beautiful Mercedes.
5. There are no guarantees regarding income and the success or failure of each independent
consultant depends on their own skills and efforts.
6. Now let's talk about your personal strategy.

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