It`s All About Activity


It`s All About Activity
It’s All About Activity
It’s All About Activity
•Activity is the single most important thing in
your business it can make or break you.
•Activity is anything that you do that directly
affects your income.
It’s All About Activity
•Look to the left of your webstats (you have a
trade show in your webstats)
•Don’t live in someone else's business
•Be the best consultant on your team
•Earn monthly campaigns
•Have personal sponsoring goals
•Have personal presentations/ activity
It’s All About Activity
•Highlight your activity
•Green- Income producing
•Yellow- Training/ coaching/ busy work
•Pink- personal
•Blue- Family
•A confused mind says NO!
It’s All About Activity
•6 X 4= 24 Good
•8 X 4= 32 Great
•10 X 4= 40 Awesome
•Presentations or results- What matters the most is
how many times you tell the Arbonne story
•Presentations, Results, One-on-Ones, It doesn’t
matter we do the Activity System!!
It’s All About Activity
•Be OPEN to ALL reach out methods
•What works for one may not work for another
•Ask them what their options are & let them tell you
•What works best with their life.
•Encourage them to be open to presentations
It’s All About Activity
•2 X 2 X 2 What does this mean?
•It is a mixture of 2 results, 2 groups presentations, & 2
business appointments a week.
•Your intention is to maximize your activity by having
maximum exposure.
It’s All About Activity
•There is NO HOLY GRAIL- Use only Arbonne
approved tools to train & sponsor your team
•Stay the course
•Have integrity- don’t switch systems
•Be duplicatable
It’s All About Activity
•Do something for your business everyday.
•At the end of the year your will have done 365 things for
your business & something will have to pan out.
If you treat your business as a hobby, you will get a hobby
paycheck, if you treat it as a business, you will get a
COMMA paycheck!
It’s All About Activity
•If your business is stuck, take the 5 a day challenge!
•5 contacts a day X 5 days a week= 25
•25 contacts a week X 4 weeks in a month= 100 contacts
•Do you know about the Ratio law?
•Ex: Victoria Secret, Bowling Alley, Follow-up with
wholesale consultant Cami, Soccer Practice, Old Navy
It’s All About Activity
•There are two types of activities in this business
•Income producing
•Non Income Producing
•The right activities are the Income-producing, the
non-income producing can be fit in, during the nooks
& crannies of your day.
It’s All About Activity
NON Income Producing
•Making Fliers/ Invites
•Checking out sites & e-mails
•Talking to a sideline
•Coaching call
•Reading books about network marketing
•Attending meetings w/ out a guest
It’s All About Activity
Income Producing
•New product Launch
•Business Launch
•Group Presentations
•Results Appt.
•3,4,5 Appt.
It’s All About Activity
Different Functions you can hold that are income
•Discover Arbonne (Round the Rooms)
•Assemble the team meetings
•Order Calling Blitz (like booking blitz)
Types of Parties you can have
Chic’s n Chocolate
Mexican & Margarita's
Sandals & Sangria
Thong Party
Chocolate Pedicure Party
Health & Wellness ( Get on the Ball)
Cont..Types of Parties
 Girls
Night Out
 Couples Night Out –Arbonne presentation
& then poker night for men, & Girls Play
with the products
 Arbonne Exchange
 No Party-Party
 Make-up Mocha/Make-up Maddness
 Mother/Daughter Party
Cont..Types of Parties
 Arbonne
 Hoops & Heels
 Diva party
 FYI Party
 P-Jamma Party
It’s All About Activity
Importance Planning Time
•Beginning of the month-look over calendar
•Plan every Sunday evening your activities for the
•Plan every evening your activities & to do’s for the
next day.
•Schedule your family time just like you do your
business time
It’s All About Activity
•Always Be prepared- Are you Packing?
•Envision the Comma Checks
•Sponsor up don't try & save people- not everyone is
willing to be saved.
•Power of Attraction- Would you want to sponsor you?
•Hair/make up
It’s All About Activity
•Fight Manageritis
•My commitment to building my central
•Acknowledging my faults & perfecting & tweaking
•Do you bench your best player?
•Have fun- love what you do
•Don’t let your lows get to low or your highs get to
high•a consultant is not a business builder until they
are in business