City of Ocoee Fire Department Field Training Exercise


City of Ocoee Fire Department Field Training Exercise
City of Ocoee Fire Department
Deputy Fire Chief
Tim Hoover
Fire Chief
Peter McNeil, Sr.
May 18, 2012
Lt. Tom Smothers
Field Training Exercise
OCOEE, FLORIDA – On Thursday, May 10, City of Ocoee firefighter training officers and
crew members from Engine 25 and Rescue 25 spent the day conducting valuable field training
exercises with the newest member to the Ocoee Fire Department, Firefighter Paramedic Joseph
The successful and productive training session was held at Budget-U-Pull on Ninth Street in
Winter Garden. Owner Bill Rutherford provided the fire department with three old vehicles and
an open lot to conduct the training. Crew members trained on stabilization of the vehicles,
cutting of the vehicles using the "Jaws of Life" and patient removal from the vehicles. These
objectives were met working on vehicles right side up, upside down and on their side.
The following fire personnel participated in the training exercise: Firefighter Paramedic Joseph
Ponzini, Field Training Officers Lt. Paramedic Ken Strickland, Engineer EMT Colin McCormick
and Fire Station 25 crew members Lt. Paramedic Steve Ellis, Lt. EMT James Kelly, Engineer
Paramedic Corey Bowles, Firefighter EMT Chris Villa and Fire Department Training Officer Lt.
Paramedic Tom Smothers.
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