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About Limmer Creative
Limmer Creative, LLC
The Ultimate Exam
Prep Products
Your time and money are too precious to
waste on just any app product. There are
a lot of products that don’t properly
prepare for certifications exams like the
NREMT; and worse yet, have wrong or
inaccurate content.
Written by leading national educators,
our products include both recall and
application-based questions. Critical
thinking elements are integrated into our
high-quality learning cards and test
Mobile, Web & Mobile Web Apps
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EMS History App
Four Versions
for More Flexibility!
Limmer Creative
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While EMS is a relatively young profession it is
rich with history. The National EMS Museum
Foundation wishes to preserve and record
this history. The NEMSMF EMS History app is
designed to share some of the people, places
and equipment that have had significant impact on the EMS
profession. Through 50 carefully crafted and visually presented
multiple-choice questions, you will learn about EMS history
and support the National EMS Museum Foundation.
101 Last Minute Study Tips
EMS1.com and Limmer Creative asked a large sampling
of currently certified paramedics what they
wished they knew before taking the NREMT
exam—and this free app is the result!
Containing 101 study cards with fast facts
and critical thinking questions, this
app will help with last-minute exam
study—or to keep an existing
paramedic sharp. 101 Last Minute
NREMT Study Tips contains information
in high-yield areas as defined by
people who have taken the exam.
Limmer Creative
The Trusted Name
in EMS Exam Preparation
Quality Exam Review Just got EASIER
Any Device*
Exciting Features!
ACLS Review
Four 25 question AHA style practice exams and over 200 study cards.
AEMT Review
More than 1400 items including study cards, review questions and two simulated practice
Critical Care
Paramedic Review
500 flashcards and two 125 question exams to help prepare for the Board for Critical Care
Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) CCP-C exam.
150 clinically obtained 3- and 4-Lead ECGs with detailed rationale answers.
Nearly 1,000 questions in 8 examinations and over 20 hours of audio recordings, The app is
broken up into three sections: section one covers the first half of the EMT knowledge base;
section two covers the remaining material; and section three contains two simulated final
Over 1,100 items including learning cards, review questions and five 100-question NREMT-style
practice examinations.
Four 25 question AHA style practice exams and over 200 study cards.
650 items including 350 study cards, 200 topical review questions and two 50-question final
Paramedic Review
Nine 25-question topical diagnostic exams in all major paramedic modules. Four 100-question
NREMT-style practice exams. Bonus ECG and Med calc categories.
Paramedic Airway
600 items designed to be an excellent companion to the airway portion of your paramedic
class or as an in-depth review in preparation for the NREMT or your state exam.
Assessment Review
Provides over 1,200 items including study cards, review questions and practice exams in 14
different categories.
Paramedic Special
Populations Review
500 study cards and 250 multiple choice review questions covering challenging areas such as
pediatric patients, neonatal resuscitation, high-tech devices, geriatric patients, and patients
with disabilities.
500 study cards and 250 review questions broken down by body systems and special
populations. Also includes Two 50-question practice exams.
150 clinically obtained 12-Lead ECGs with detailed rationale answers.
ECG Challenge
EMT Review Plus
PALS Review
Paramedic Trauma
12-Lead ECG
Detailed History &
Enlarge images
for better viewing
& analysis
2010 AHA Compliant
* Our mobile design technology allows you to use LC-Ready web apps on any web enabled device (Desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android
phones & tablets). Start studying in class and pick up where you left off at the station, at home or on the go!

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