Work Breakdown Structure
1. Project Set‐up
Obtain project approvals
1.1.1. Approval for project execution by the San Francisco Film Society Board of Directors
1.1.2. Approval for project funding
Set‐up Project Team 1.2.
1.2.1. Indentify team leaders in different areas (Finance, Operations, Communication, Government Relations)
1.2.2. Formal appointment of team leaders
1.2.3. Team leaders to assemble respective teams (including volunteers)
1.2.4. Estimated expense submitted by team leaders
1.2.5. Initial approval of funds to respective teams
Venue Selection and Agreement
1.3.1. Evaluate film exhibit venues (Kabuki and Castro theaters) and consider other ones.
1.3.2. Analysis and final selection on exhibit venues
1.3.3. Selection of parallel events venues
Set up initial communication channels
1.4.1. Contact media and issue press releases on the Festival
1.4.2. Set up initial web‐site with general information and call for entries
1.4.3. Contact public agencies to draft initial safety and transit plans
2. Event Design
Selections and Invitations
2.1.1. Selection of films to exhibit
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Work Breakdown Structure
2.1.2. Selection and invitation of special guests (film makers, film critics, movie celebrities)
2.1.3. Negotiate contractual agreements with special guests, when it applies
Venue Preparations
2.2.1. Negotiate agreements with venues selected, on partition of revenue
2.2.2. Finalize and guarantee execution of plans with public agencies (transportation and safety)
2.2.3. Contract venues for parallel events
2.2.4. Plan and contract services in for parallel events, such as catering
2.2.5. Order awards
3. Event promotion
Promotional campaigns
3.1.1. Allocate budget for campaign efforts
3.1.2. Finalize web‐sites, and other promotional materials
3.1.3. Re‐contact media channels for additional press releases on event 3.1.4. Additional adds and publicity execution
3.2.1. Create price models for ticketing options, including ticket discounts
3.2.2. Order and print tickets, following procedures for will call or sale at the venue
4. Event Execution
Coordinate personnel allocation in different venues
4.1.1. Distribute badges and other identification for personnel
4.1.2. Review tasks to be executed with specific personnel
4.1.3. Ensure personnel has necessary resources available
Support guests in logistics and lodging
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Work Breakdown Structure
4.2.1. Make reservations of hotels and flight tickets when needed
4.2.2. Contract transportation to event, as well as to/from airport, if needed
Coordinate public safety and transit with responsible agencies
4.3.1. Work in conjunction with San Francisco Police department
4.3.2. Work in conjunction with San Francisco Transportation Department
Conduct media center for press conferences and interviews
Control of invoices and other expenses
5. Finalize event
Review event accounting and finance
5.1.1. Provide detailed expenses and revenue report to San Francisco Film Society Board of Directors
5.1.2. Audit results
Evaluate Event
5.2.1. Evaluate different teams and their performances
5.2.2. Lessons learned session and notes on enhancements to be used in future events
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