MANUAL Kedjetäcket Chain Weighted Blanket



MANUAL Kedjetäcket Chain Weighted Blanket
MANUAL Kedjetäcket
Kedjetäcket® should always be washed in a laundry bag.
Chain Weighted Blanket
Kedjetäcket should be washed at max. 60°C (140F), gentle program.
No tumbling, no dry cleaning.
Kedjetäcket® is manufactured in flame retardant material Trevira
CS which is tested and meets the standard NT Fire 037.
Kedjetäcket® is invented and manufactured in Sweden.
- The combination of weighted blanket and weak lung capacity can create a risk.
Monitor the use of the blanket in such cases.
- Be aware of the risk to stumble on the blanket if it has fallen to the floor.
- The weight of the blanket is achieved by using steel chains. If the user wears
or has some type of device implanted which could be affected by the metal you
should consult a doctor before using the blanket.
- The Incontinence protection is made in a water proof material. Please be aware
of the suffocation risk if user has weak motor skills.
- Under no circumstances is the user to be restrained by the product. The user is
not to be rolled in the blanket or wrapped in such a way that they cannot easily
free themselves.
Sensory Calm
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Common areas of use:
-Neurological disorders
-Anxiety day/night
-Acquired brain injury
-Cognitive disabilities
-Normal ageing
-Motor anxiety
Kedjetäcket measures 205x150 cm (80,7’x59’). Childrens blanket measures 25x105
cm (49,2’x41,3’). Baby blanket measures 100x67 cm (39,4’x26,4’). Incontinence covers
are made to fit 205x150 cm or 125x105 cm blankets.
The chain weighted blanket can be used in a number of different ways
depending on the users needs and the desired effect.
Adult approx.:
4 kg 8,8 lb
6 kg 13,2 lb
8kg 17,6 lb
10 kg 22 lb
12 kg 26,5 lb
Other weights and lengths are available as special orders.
Child approx.:
3,4 kg 6,5 lb
5 kg 11 lb
Baby approx.:
1,5 kg 3,3 lb
The blanket is normally used together with a standard cover with an approx. weight of 1 kg, making
total weight + 1 kg (2,2 lb).
Accessories: Hygiene cover Hygiene cover child.
The size/weight of the user affects what blanket weight to choose. Also
the level of problems perceived is an indicator for what weight to choose
More problems - heavier blanket.
For resting during the day we also recommend more weight since the user
has more clothes on and the senses are more active.
In order to reduce the need for washing we recommend to put the blanket
in a standard cotton cover (In the following pictures we have chosen to
show Kedjetäcket® without a cover.)
The Kedjetäcket® can either be used by itself or it can be combined with your
ordinary duvet.
If you choose to combine Kedjetäcket® with your duvet just place it on top or
under your duvet. We usually recommend to try it on top first.
Wadded side
If you place the chain weighted blanket
on top of the ordinary duvet you get a
very soft, hug like feeling. A feeling of
peace and calmness. Again, try yourself
what you prefer.
Chain side
The two sides of the blanket differ in structure. Wich side one chooses is
due to individual preferences. Having the chain side towards the body
gives more tactile stimulation. This gives a more distinct touch which can
give a stronger calming effect. The best way to know wich side to use is
to try.
On top of ordinary duvet.
Day rest:
Putting the blanket over the shoulders
and letting it shape itself around
your body gives a nice comforting
feeling while resting during the
day. You can also try folding the
blanket and putting it over the
When you have decided what combination
suits you the best just put both your
duvet and your Kedjetäcket® in a regular duvet cover together.
Start off by using Kedjetäcket® only
for a couple of hours . Then gradually
increase the time.
Under ordinary duvet.