Prayer Letter Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church


Prayer Letter Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
Prayer Letter
October 19 - October 25, 2014
Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church
“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to
strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”
Hebrews 13:1-2 (NIV)
Weekly Prayer Requests
From Our Church Congregation & Family...
Our Praise & Thanksgivings
•Praise God for our beautiful choir. What a blessing to
hear every Sunday morning!
•Thank You Lord for blessing me with my Grace of Christ
•I am thankful for the time I have with my children and
for my new apartment. God provides!
•Thanks be to God for physical healing and for mended
relationships in our family.
•Praise God that He is with me always!
Prayer Requests, Cont.
•Praying for my son Art to make godly connections, be in
healthy relationships and find a good job.
•Prayers for a family raising five children that they
share kindness, honor, strong communication and
good health. May the parents be blessed with God’s
discernment, grace and love for their children.
•Healing prayers for Arlene.
•We lift up Susie and speak the name of Jesus over her.
•Prayers for Martin to be led in truth and continue
sharing testimonies of forgivness and the power of
•Thank You God for my mom’s speedy recovery from
•Pray for energy, financial blessing, patience and
discernment for grandparents raising their three young
grandchildren after their mom passed away.
•Praise God for Your healing hand!
•Healing prayers for Tony dealing with back pain.
•Lord, You are so good. We love Your character and we
praise You for Your mercies.
•Please pray for our neighbor who is struggling with
mental health issues.
Prayer Requests
•Praying strength and discernment for those struggling
with addictions.
•Prayers of comfort for Fred as he goes through
•Pray for my grandson to find a way to cope with life as
it is.
•Praying for healing and provision for two of my friends
battling breast cancer.
•Pray healing for Ralph Sager as he deals with blood clots
in his legs and lungs.
•Lift up Marilou Andrews as she continues treatments for
•Prayers for relationship building, kids knowing more
about the character of Jesus and for good times during
Slamquest (Mid High) camp this weekend at Ghormley.
In Loving Memory of Those Who Have Passed
John Hardin, September 29, 2014
Scottie Lyon, October 4, 2014
Iris Hassell, October 10, 2014
•Prayers of comfort and peace for my granddaughter.
Our Church Staff
•Comfort and instruction (from doctors) for Don. May he
be healed in Jesus’ name!
Lord, we ask for a renewed passion to be sparked within
our church programs and ministries...
Ghormley Meadow Christian Camp Staff: Tim Acton,
Cindy Acton, Joel Whitehead, Matt Gooch, Matt
Noteboom, Rich Williams and Serenity Turner.
•Praying for our grandchild’s rash - that it go away 100%
and also that the source be revealed.
•Praying for God’s clear direction in Ian’s life.
Serving In The World
Pray for Our Leaders in Government
Lord, we ask for you to maintain the passion of our
Yakima City Council:
Aaron and Ronda are in he midst of change. They are seeking
the Lord’s direction for their future. They still are working
with YWAM but will need to increase their giving base. Aaron
is going to Australia to lead in worship and then to Kona. I
encourage readers to check out Aaron’s article on hitting
the curve on their web site PRAYERDirection for the future
Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court:
PRAISE-In Muskego, Wisconsin excellent response to starting
YL in a large Catholic church with a floundering youth ministry.
Also support from business leaders and town leaders. They all
want the children to be taught and modeled Christian values
and lead lives that make positive contributions.
The Cafe Eden re-opened at a larger location. It is a significant
source of income for mission. 17 students graduated from the
Biblical studies program. Garth spoke at a national conference
in a country closed to the Gospel.
PRAYER-strength for all YWAM in Cambodia, steady progress
on new campus.
LWW would like prayer for discernment on where to move
forward with future installations.
Servants In Ministry At FPC
Lord, bless our Elders and Deacons with wisdom,
direction and guidance.
Our Deacons
Ben Antonio
Patty Arkills
Ellen Bartelli
Lou Bartelli
Doug Bernd
Barb Bordeaux
Becky Briere
Cathy Buchanan
Cruz Camerena
Diane Carey
Amira Carvajal
Jorge Carvajal
Marietta Clements
Lyndal Davis
Betty Elder
Capri Fannin
Wendy Guske
Larry Handy
Sharon Handy
Dexter Hanks
Lois Hanks
Sam Kim
Ron King
Sharren King
Carol Jacobson
Rick Larsen
Charlotte MacKenzie
Marlyn Marble
Pat Park
Sandy Rowland
Joyce Sagare
Jean Sentz
Peggy Steere
Phyllis Strother
Caroline Sundquist
Craig Sundquist
Anita Volker
Kurt Volker
Jake Weber
Carolyn Wilson
Doyle Wilson
Mayor, At Large-Micah Cawley; Assistant Mayor, District
4-Kathy Coffey; District 1-Maureen Adkison; District
2-Tom Dittmar; District 3-Rick Ensey; At Large-Dave Ettl;
At Large-Bill Lover
Antonin G. Scalia; Anthony McLeod Kennedy; Sonia
Sotomayor; Clarence Thomas; Ruth B. Ginsburg;
Stephen G. Breyer; John G. Roberts, Jr.; Samuel Alito,
Jr.; Elena Kagan
Our Recent Graduates, College Students &
Lord, bless our students with focus and discipline. Ask
God to encourage them to achieve their goals and
pursue the dreams of their hearts.
•Jared Campbell, Navy
•Tim Carter, UW
•Abe Chang, UW
•Ryan Clark, WSU
•Seth Dufault, PLU
•Tate Foster, Gonzaga
•Allie Glover, Whitworth
•Kylie Glover, Western
•Spencer Klein
•Mikaila Lenderman, Whitworth
•Jeff Marshall, YVCC
•Phillip Marshall, YVCC
•Estevan Mata, YVCC
•Tanner Olson, Air Force
•Ashley Ommen-Nunley, EWU

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