Welcome to School Five 


Welcome to School Five 
 Welcome to School Five 136 Valley Road Cli on, NJ 07013 Phone: 973‐470‐2386 Fax: 973‐357‐2184 Dr. Francine R. Parker, Principal School Five Newsle er, Vol. 3 November 2014 A Message from our Principal Thanksgiving is upon us. We have much to be thankful for in our lives. Let us take this time
to be grateful for good health and friendship. The activities this month included a Veteran’s
Day Program presented by the Second Grade for School Five Students. We thank all
Veterans for their service to our country! We also have Grade One presenting a Thanksgiving Day program during this month for the School Five students. Please give thanks
for all that we have.
Fifth Graders will be celebrating the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast on
Thursday, November 20, 2014.
Fifth Grade parents are organizing the details. The Fifth Grade Parent Committee will be
reaching out to the fifth grade parents. Please respond when you are called upon. School
picture re-takes and groups are scheduled for November 25, 2014. The students will be
receiving proofs. When your child brings home their envelope, please send it back to
School Five with your choice of picture package and payment with your child. Please remember to help out and participate in all the fundraisers and please cooperate with deadlines. These are a very important part of what this means to School Five in the way of activities and field trips for your children.
We have Parent Teacher Conferences on November 25th and December 2nd and December 3rd. This time has been set aside to discuss your child(ren’s) growth during the
first couple months of school. You are your child’s first teacher and have as much to share
with your child’s teacher as they have to share with you. It is important for you to help the
teacher get to know your child. Please remember the purpose of school is a well balance
education where students will learn to be life long learners and to learn from all experiences. Please continue to help us to model the importance of learning by providing a consistent time and place for homework, checking for long–range projects, and by helping your
child to study for tests. Staying in touch with your child’s teacher at 973 470-2386 (Office
Phone) and 973 357-2184 (Fax).
Please remember to call the office when your child is absent from school and to send a
note upon his/her return. In addition, remember that the Clifton Board of Education advertises school closings on the district website www.clifton.k12.nj.us and Channel 12.
Francine R. Parker, Ed. D.
I have always enjoyed this particular holiday.
Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!
It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful,
but what you have in your heart.
~Author Unknown~
Student of the Month
October 2014
Mrs. DiPaolo
Ms. Malfa
Mrs. Wheeler
Emily Cuba, Brian Meneses and Jibriel Elabed
Adriana Georgiev and Carlos Torres
Isabela Posadas and Hana Salim
Grade One
Mrs. Bender
Mrs. Francisco
Mrs. Pengitore
Adem Aguirre and Bella Russo
Elizabeth Martinique and Hisham Obeidallah
Riley Normoyle
Grade Two
Ms. Mennella
Ms. Lill
Ms. Karabetsos
Mrs. Arcuri
Mia DeVita and Jake Guida
Evan Ynoa and Kendall Reed
Lisamelia Espinal
Angel Diaz
Grade Three
Ms. Van Dyk
Mrs. Testa
Ms. Amoruso
Stefanie Feliciano and Konrad Zabielski
Najati Salim and Jillian Van Winckel
Grade Four
Ms. Ditzig
Ms. Murcko
Ms. Amoruso
Nicole Schwartz and Makhi Laws
Katie Moormann and David Miglaa
Alexander Nydam
Grade Five
Ms. Cannataro
Ms. Cristantiello
Ms. Stein
Ms. Wisnowski
Bryan Gaviria and Ciara Vargas
Noelia Peralta and Andrew Sieradzki
Said Doleh
Jeffrey Guillen
Reminder to All Parents/Guardians
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Here are School Five we have several different programs that are going on and being offered to students:
Regular Breakfast Program – This begins at 8:05 am. Students who would like to participate must bring money with them. If they qualify for free or reduced breakfast that will be honored.
Extensions Program AM Before Care – This is a program that parents pay for monthly. The Before Care (AM)
Program begins at 7:05 AM. Your child may purchase breakfast or receive breakfast if they qualify for free or
reduced meals. If you are already signed up for AM Care, you must sign your child every morning. Please
enter at the door by the flagpole ring the door bell (on the right hand side) to bring your child into the school.
Extensions Program PM Care – This begins at 3:20 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. If you pick your child up after
6:00 pm you will be charged a late fee as stated in the Extensions booklet of $1.00 penalty will be assessed for
each minute late after 6:00 PM. Snack will be provided for students. You must sign your child out everyday.
The person picking up your child must be 18 years or older to sign out a child. Please enter the door where the
flagpole is and ring the door bell (on the right hand side) in order for staff members to let you into the school.
At the moment we have a waiting list for PM extensions. We have a few spots available for AM but if you
send in an application for the PM you will be put on a waiting list.
*Dismissal for School Five is 3:20. Any student that has not been picked up on time will be put into the
Extensions Program until a parent arrives. You will be billed $20.00. After 3 times of picking up your child
after 3:20 you will be charged a Registration Fee of $25.00 and will be billed $190.00 for the
monthly PM after school care amount.
On 1:00 Dismissal Days—Students need to be picked up at 1:00. If you are going to be late you need to call
School Five. Any student who is not picked up by 1:15 will be put into the Extension Program and you will be
charged $20.00. School Five sends home several notices reminding parents of 1:00 dismissals to try to help
parents remember.
We encourage parents to please pick up students on time or make other arrangements for someone else to pick
your child up on time.
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience and hope to make this an exciting school year for all students.
7:05 AM – 8:35 AM – AM Extensions program
8:05 AM – Breakfast – will be admitted only if student is participating in the Breakfast Program
8:35 AM – Is the earliest students can be at School Five
If your student is not participating in any of the above
programs they cannot be in school until 8:35.
8:50 AM – is when school begins.
November 2014
Dear Parents and Guardians:
How time flies …. Can you believe it is November already? We would like to begin by wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for and every day is a blessing. Enjoy this special time with family and friends.
We would like to thank the volunteers and committee for our beautiful pumpkin patch this year. Fun
was had by all. We would like to thank Jamie DeVita & Tina Robinson for a wonderful time at the Trunk or
Treat Night. We had over 400 people attend. It was a record great event. We would like to say a special
thank you to Mrs. Francisco, Ms. Van Dyk, Ms. Cristantiello, Ms. Malfa and Ms. Rylick for having a trunk.
Thank you to Ms. Ditzig and Ms. Murcko for attending and Dr. Parker for contributing candy to help out all
our trunkers. Thank you all for your support. We all had a great time! Also, a special thank you to Mr. &
Mrs. Coogan for donating the lights for the night.
Our HASA Membership Drive is in full swing and it is never too late to join.
If you would like to
join, please send an envelope in with your child marked HASA Membership with $8.00. We are still looking
for the first class to reach 100% membership for an ice cream party.
On November 13th we will be holding our monthly HASA Meeting at 7:00pm in the hot lunch room.
Tina Robinson
HASA President
Traffic Bulletin – Student Safety
The following information is being given to you for the safety of all of our students and your children at School Five.
The times for dismissal have been in effect and are being tightened up.
 Kindergarten is already dismissed earlier at 3:15 P.M.
 First, Second, and Third Grades at 3:20 P.M.
Fourth and Fifth Grades at 3:22 P.M.
Parents are being asked to pick up their children in specific locations.
Parents of First and Second Graders stand on the RIGHT SIDE as we face School Five on Gillies Street beyond the
yellow lined box.
Kindergarten parents will stand to the LEFT SIDE of the left hand yellow lined box as we face the school on Gillies
Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade parents will stand beyond the Kindergarten wall and in that order up the hill toward
Teachers and their classes will stand as follows:
3:15 p.m.
Within the walled area – Kindergarten
3:20 p.m.
Along the fence – First Grade
Next to First Graders – Second Graders & Third Graders
3:22 p.m.
Along the fence – Fourth Graders
Next to the Fourth Graders – Fifth Graders
Parents must move away when they have their children. Parents may not speak to teachers at dismissal and must call to make an appointment for a conference unless it constitutes an emergency.
Parents must also stand in the area that their youngest child is dismissed and then must move to the
next area of their older child.
After school pick-up is not an automobile pick-up. Parents may park further away from the school and
walk and pick-up their child or have their child meet them at a particular location. The school must
have current pick-up information for your child. This must be information that the school has. If the
pick-up procedure changes for your child then the school office must be notified in writing.
Ms. Jessica Rylick
Counseling Services
Now that the school year has taken off to a successful
start, Ms. Rylick would like to start her groups! The
group information is listed below.
Individual Counseling
Teacher/Parent referred or self-referred
Social Skills – Help students develop better problem
solving skills. Some examples of topics covered are
making friends, sharing and conversation skills.
Group Counseling
Small group counseling sessions which run 6-8
weeks on topics such as; social skills, anger management, divorce/separation, bereavement, etc.
Anger Management – Help students better understand their anger so they can make healthy and successful choices.
Classroom Character Education
Monthly character education lessons will focus
on bullying, prevention, respect, friendship,
manners, etc. All classes will participate in
these lessons.
Divorce/Changing Families – Help students cope
with the stress of parent divorce, separation, and family change.
If you would like to sign your child up for one of the
above groups, please email Ms. Rylick at
[email protected]. Please include the following information in the email:
Child’s name
Child’s Grade and Teacher
Group Name
After receiving your email, a permission slip will be
sent home for a parent/guardian to sign. The slip will
also provide more information on the group and when
the group will start.
Email:[email protected]
Second Hand Smoke and Children
Most people understand the negative effects that smoking can have on their own
health, including an increased risk of heart attacks and lung cancer, but they often
still need some extra motivation to quit smoking. Understanding the effects of second hand smoke on children may help.
Second hand smoke, also called environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is defined as smoke from a burning cigarette and the smoke exhaled by a smoker. It contaminates the air and lingers in clothing, hair, furniture, paint and curtains. Some
people find it irritating to the nose and eyes. It contains over 4,000 chemicals, of
which at least 43 are known to be cancer causing.
Because children are still developing, they are especially vulnerable to its’ effects. Children have higher breathing rates than adults and have little control over
their environments. Being exposed to someone who smokes, even if they smoke
outside the home, increases the chance of ear infections, allergies, sinus infections,
asthma, wheezing and frequent upper respiratory infections. In children under two,
it increases the risk for bronchitis and pneumonia, and, infants exposed to a caretaker who smokes or a mother that smoked while pregnant are four times more likely to
die from Sudden infant Death Syndrome. ETS puts teenagers at a higher risk for low
- frequency sensorineural hearing loss that is directly related to the level of exposure, and most affected individuals are unaware of the hearing loss.
ETS harms the development of your child, but your risk of developing cancer
is one hundred times greater than from other sources of environmental pollutants
and more than 3,000 non-smokers die from lung cancer each year.
How do we protect our children? The Centers for Disease Control recommends keeping your home and car smoke free at all times. If there are any smokers
in the family, they should go outside the home to smoke. Opening a window is not
sufficient protection. Do not allow smoke around your child.
If you can’t quit for yourself, quit for your child. If you can’t quit at least do
not expose your child to smoke.
November 2014 School Five 136 Valley Road Clifton, NJ 07013 973-470-2386
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