November 2012 - Peace Lutheran Church, Post Falls


November 2012 - Peace Lutheran Church, Post Falls
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
September 2014 Newsletter
Summer is nearly over and school starts again next week! Sorry students! Sorry teachers! I’m reminded of
report cards because our church staff is involved in annual evaluations. Our custodian, Lisa, made the
comment, “I haven’t had a report card for a long time!” Church Council members and several congregational
members randomly chosen filled out performance reviews for each staff member. The “grading” system is from
1 to 4; 1) Inadequate; 2) Limited; 3) Effective; and 4) Impressive. You will be pleased to know that out of a
perfect 4, our staff scored 3.4, 3.6 and 3.7! My own review will be completed on September 2nd. I’m not too
worried, because when you surround yourself with high quality, effective staff, they make you look good! Our
congregation is very blessed to have the people we have working for the church!
So when was the last time you got a report card? When you joined Peace Lutheran Church, you were asked to
sign a “Commitment to Christian Discipleship.” This statement covers seven areas. #1 is Worship; regular
weekly attendance to hear God’s Word and receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. #2 is Bible Study;
reading your Bible daily and participating in a group study. #3 is Prayer; daily conversation with the Lord. #4 is
Conduct; modeling the life of Jesus by following the Ten Commandments and Christ’s sermon on the mount.
#5 is Giving; financial support of Peace’s ministry. #6 is Service; using your time, talents and gifts to serve Christ
by serving others. #7 is Witness; sharing your faith and how God works in your life with others.
If you were to receive a performance review on your Commitment to Christian Discipleship, on a scale of 1 to 4,
1 being Inadequate and 4 being Impressive, what would your score be? Would you be at the same level as our
church staff? If you’re not as impressive as you would like to be, we live by grace, so God is very forgiving; so is
your pastor. Your rating, however, is your response to God’s grace and forgiveness. How are you responding?
I’m certain there is room for improvement for all of us. Can we all agree to start improving with the church’s
Fall schedule? Like students and teachers returning to school, we all have a fresh start, a clean slate; an
opportunity, not really to impress God, but rather to thank and honor God, and to grow in our faith and our
relationship with God and with other believers.
When students take advantage of the privileges and opportunities school offers, they gain knowledge and are
equipped for a productive future life. When believers in Christ take advantage of the privileges and
opportunities Christ offers through his Church, by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us, we gain wisdom
and are equipped to produce the fruit of the Kingdom of God. I encourage you to review and renew your
Commitment to Christian Discipleship; then watch how the Lord works in your life and in the life of Peace
Lutheran Church!
Pastor Kurt Wandrey
New Associate Pastor at Peace! Pastor Gail Gutterud has accepted the Call to serve our congregation. She
will begin on September 2. Her primary responsibility will be with youth and family ministry, working together
with the Education/Youth Ministry Team. She will be involved in several other areas of ministry among us,
however, we all need to keep in mind that this is a part-time Call, and respect the time that is her own. We look
forward to the ways God will use her, and how she will enhance our ministry at Peace!
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
August 2014 Council Highlights
2014 Projects’ Update: AC: check, Doors: check, Sound: check. We are now moving into the projected surplus
for the year, which means the funds are still coming in. We are making progress on projection and will
purchase the equipment once we have the monies.
Thank you to the Call Committee for their work on the Letter of Call.
Annual reviews have been completed for all of the staff members. We all know we have an outstanding group
of individuals who serve Peace in various capacities. Please take a moment to let them know that you
appreciate all of their hard work, dedication, and God-given talents.
Appointments for the Budget Committee, Audit Committee, and Personnel Committee are currently being
considered. If you would like to help in any of these capacities, or would like to find out more about them,
please talk to a Council member.
As we transition to the fall schedule, please consider: Park in the back and sit in the front (if you are able). Be
aware that if you arrive late, it may also be necessary to park in the overflow area behind the building. Let’s
pack the pews!
Finally, Sunday mornings include Bible study for all ages. If you haven’t joined a group before, no problem.
There are separate groups for children, Confirmation (middle school), high school, and adults. We have great
people who God is leading to teach these classes. Let’s pack the rooms!
Stephanie Lauritzen, Council President
Treasurer’s Report July 2014 ~ Submitted by Mike Hill
Balance Sheet: 7-31-14
Ministry & Facility- General Fund
All Designated Funds
Total US Bank Checking
$ 14,736
$ 42,290
US Bank Savings-Bldg Fund
Kootenai County Bond
Thrivent Mortgage Balance
$ 3,652
July Income & Expense: 7-31-14
Actual Giving
Actual Expense
$ 15,555 (Budget $16,790)
$ 14,541 (Budget $15,481)
YTD Income & Expense: (Jan-July 2014)
Actual Giving
$ 113,987 (Budget $117,530)
Actual Expense
$ 103,764 (Budget $108,366) Both Giving And Expense adjusted for Lenten YTD
July Designated Funds:
Memorial Fund
Bob Bemis
Durf Fueller
Cheryl Clark
Verdiene Zenger
Funeral Reception Fund
Front Doors
Project Fund
Designated Gifts (VBS)
Facility Rental
Designated A/C Project
YTD Balance
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
LIBERTY QUARTET at Peace Lutheran September 7, at 10 AM
Join us for an uplifting morning of worship and music!
Liberty, a traditional Southern Gospel Quartet, is a full-time concert ministry based in the West (Boise, ID). The
members of Liberty are Royce Mitchell, bass; Philip Batton, tenor; Doug Wiley, lead/baritone; and Paul Ellis,
Liberty currently averages 50,000 to 70,000 miles a year, ministering in up to 150 performances for church
services, nursing homes, prisons, and other ministries. They also sing at large conventions including the Great
Western Southern Gospel Fan Festival, Pacific Gospel Music Association, and the Gospel Music Fan Festival in
Canada. The guys cherish the opportunity to connect with people and make new friends wherever they go.
They have had the opportunity to share the platform with groups such as Gaither Vocal Band, Legacy Five,
Greater Vision, the Booth Brothers, the Hoppers, the Isaacs, the Collingsworth Family, and many others. Liberty
averages two recording projects each year.
Whether or not you are a fan of Southern Gospel music, you will certainly enjoy the enthusiasm these men
exhibit while serving and singing to the Lord. Their ministry bridges all generations, bringing enjoyment to
traditional and contemporary venues.
No admission fees are requested, but a love offering will be taken in support of their music ministry.
From Your Stewardship Team…
Peace Lutheran Church has flourished under the blessings of God who has opened the hearts (and purse
strings) of this congregation. From our inception, Peace Lutheran has enjoyed the overall generosity of its
members. This has enabled us to engage in meaningful outreach to the community in many categories of
service. It has allowed us to upgrade our church facility in ways that enhance our abilities to further our
Christian mission. Now we come before you to offer the opportunity to continue and
increase your offering to those in need this coming year. We ask you to pray earnestly, and
then search your heart as you fill out your plan for giving this fall.
Thank you and God bless!
Ray “Boomer” Danly, Stewardship Council Liaison
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Adult Bible Studies – Beginning Soon!
The 10 a.m. Wed Serendipity Bible Study will return Sept 3, by beginning with the Gospel of Matthew. The class
viewed a DVD last spring, and will continue a scriptural study. Gail Gutterud facilitates. All are welcome!
The Thursday Crossways Bible Study classes will begin Sept 4, 2014 at both the 1:30 & 6:30 p.m. classes led by
Pastor Wandrey. The only time the class will not meet will be Thanksgiving and Christmas since both falls on
Thursday this year. Cost is only $1 per lesson, or $30 for the year for those willing to help. Please memo your
check Crossways, and place it in the offering. Come, and really learn the Bible!
Our Sunday morning Adult Bible class resumes Sept 21, at 8:30 a.m. We are beginning with an 8-week course
of study entitled, “Forgiveness and Reconciliation.” One of the hardest things God calls us to do is to forgive
those who have caused us pain. For the first four weeks, we will go in-depth into the Bible and discussion
centering on forgiveness. During the final four weeks, we will go in-depth into the Bible with discussion
centering on reconciliation. Books will be provided. Please join us! – Diann Wandrey
Parent Alert – Confirmation Class also begins Sept 21, at 8:30 a.m. Speak with Pastor Gail for more info!
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
YAP & Upcoming Events!
Greetings all PEACE Youth! With the summer winding down, we
hope to launch another fun and spirit filled year for you at YAP
and other gatherings. The next YAP Gathering will be on Sept 13,
and the youth will be involved in helping with the Emmett
Snyders Memorial BBQ and Auction fundraiser for children with
cancer. It is an evening full of fun, food, music, and many people
supporting a great cause - we hope you can join us!
Thanks to our industrious Pumpkin Patch Weeders Darryl, Tanya
& Bethany Frey, and Gail Gutterud. Stop over & help keep those pesky weeds at bay anytime!
September 14, is RALLY DAY! at 8:30 a.m. with plans for Beach Ball Foosball, pancakes with ice cream, and a
picture scavenger hunt. An event you won't want to miss!
September 20, we (the youth) will be hosting an Italian/Spaghetti Dinner for the congregation and community
as a fundraiser for our youth and service events. There will be lots of opportunity for preparation as well as
serving the dinner that evening and of course, CLEAN UP! We will need everyone's help to provide a great
meal for our congregation, friends, and family.
September 26 – The youth would like to invite all congregational members to join them at Regal Cinemas for
the matinee showing of The Song, the next major motion picture to be released in the increasing popular genre
of Christian movies. Movie time and cost will be forthcoming.
Our next big event will be Harvest Festival, Oct 25, from 3-5 p.m. (please see the info on page 7)
In Nov, the group will be focusing on a meaningful Christmas program.
In Dec, we’re preparing for Advent and Christmas by attending Deck the Halls at Lutherhaven, Dec 12-14!
YAP Leadership Team: Maren Snyders, Tanya Frey, Pam Kirking, Valerie Christiansen, and Gail Gutterud
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----Want to know who’s doing what at Peace or which person to contact when you have a question?
Pick up our new, one-page PLC info sheet in the holder on the table. Keep it handy with your church directory!
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Thank you to Thrivent Financial for supporting this event through a $250 Action Team card!
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
News & Events
Updated Church Directories are available on the table in the Fellowship Hall, and include all recent changes.
Copies of the September newsletter and calendar can also be found in the holder.
The church office will be closed on Sept 1, for the Labor Day holiday. On Tue, Sept 2, the local LCMC pastors
will gather here for Text Study at noon, and Exec Team will meet later in the evening at 6 p.m.
*Thank you to Ken Birge for replacing a troublesome toilet in the ladies room with a new model!!*
The new Sound System is installed – Praise be to God for this wonderful improvement!
Thank you to daily helpers Lee Ely, Ken Birge, and Gary Barker, whose assistance was invaluable. We are
grateful to Lee Ely for the construction of the staging, and beautiful restoration of the equipment table. Thanks
to the congregation for your patience while adjustments and fine-tuning are ongoing!
Many thanks for the completion of the Air Conditioning, and attractive Front Door projects. We are so blessed!
*Thank you to Eunice Gillam for the creative back-to-school centerpieces for our tables!*
Project C.A.R. (Catch a Ride!) is going well! If you are in need a ride to Sunday Worship services, please contact
Margaret Nagel, Worship & Music Team, at 762-4720, or please inform the church office.
Thanks to all who participated and filled our Children’s Village basket to overflowing several times through the
month of August. Church Council designated $450 in benevolence toward Children’s Village. CV has told us, we
have set the standard for other churches! Please keep this organization and its mission in your prayers!
P&M Team gathers Sept 2, at 6 p.m. to discuss our building, property, and ongoing projects!
Fellowship Team is meeting Sun, Sept 7, at 9:30 a.m. Grab a cup of coffee and join in!
Youth Leadership Team will meet Mon, Sept 8, at 6-7:30 p.m. at Pam Kirking’s home. All are welcome.
Mission & Vision Team will not meet until Oct 1, at 6 p.m. See where God is leading us in community mission.
The Dorcas Quilting group will gather together again on Monday, Sept 8, from 9 am – 3 pm. Please join this
lively group in making beautiful mission quilts for our communities! Can’t make it? There are tasks that you can
also do at home. Contact Cinda Fueller or Caren Woods with any questions about donations.
Game Day! Play the popular Hand and Foot card game and relax with friends. There is a sign-up for snacks and
sandwiches to share during break time. Arrive any time between 1:00-7:30 p.m. on Fri, Sept 5 & 19 this month.
The Mile of Pennies has been re-designated toward a new storage building from June-Dec. Donations so far
total $54, plus Aug $49 for a total of $103. We are off to a great start! Thanks for your support!!
Since handicapped parking spaces are limited, if you are able, please leave the first row near the
front door open for people who may have trouble walking those extra steps. Thank you for your courtesy!
Thank you for your contributions to the Post Falls Food Bank in Aug, which totaled 159 lbs. plus 40 lbs. of cat
food. Yes! The food bank also accepts food for our animal friends. Don’t forget personal care items too! Thanks
to Ardella Quaale for dropping off donations each week. Let’s keep it up! Sept is CDA Food Bank month!
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Mark Your Calendar!
September 4-6 ~ Pictorial Directory ~ Thursday – Saturday
Lifetouch Directories will return to Peace Lutheran to help us put together another fantastic pictorial directory of our
members. Our last directory was done in 2011, and we’ve had many new members since then! When completed, each
family will receive a free 8x10 picture and directory. You are under no obligation to purchase any pictures or products.
We know you’re registered by now, but just in case you missed it, there is a special registration table in the fellowship
hall for assistance on Aug 31, and here is the link to Lifetouch to book your appointment in three easy steps: Smile!
P&M Project Day – October 4!
P&M Team is planning a project day for October 4, beginning at 9:00 a.m. to complete two important Church Home
needs. We need two tractors with front-end loaders with operators, to help with a landscape improvement. We
need 6-8 people to help landscape and complete sealing the rock face on the outside of our Church Home. P&M
Team meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Please come if you have a desire to help maintain our
wonderful facility. Important – Many exciting ideas have been proposed for our facility’s future development. We
need a plan for our site, so we would like 4-5 people to form a site planning team for this specific purpose. If you are
interested, please contact Lee Ely or Ken Birge.
(con’t on next page)
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Hosting Family Promise Week
It’s time again to welcome our Family Promise guests the week of Sept 21-28. If you can contribute ongoing
needed items like twin sheet sets, blankets, comforters, non-perishable foods for breakfast and lunches, etc. it
is very appreciated! We look forward to the remaining week scheduled for this year on Nov 2-9. A volunteer
sheet will be on the table very soon. If you would like to be more involved in this outreach ministry by hosting
or staying overnight with our guests, please call Valda at 818-3146, or Jolene Pooley, 687-8371.
Ecumenical Food Kitchen
Peace Lutheran will be hosting the Ecumenical Food Kitchen at First Presbyterian Church on Nov 20. As in the
past food donations and volunteers for serving will be needed. Kitchen help that day will serve from 10 am –
1:30 pm. More info will be provided as we move closer to the date!
Christmas Stamp Camp
Saturday, November 22 * 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Peace Lutheran Church
Nonrefundable fee includes:
8 Fun Christmas Projects * Snacks * Drinks * Door Prizes * Specials on Stampin’ Up!
merchandise valid only that day * Used Stamp & Supply Sale
*The Used Stamp & Supply Sale is a place where you can sell your used stamping/scrapbooking supplies for
FREE!! You just let me know you have items to sell and I will give you a number ahead of time to put on each
item with the price and then you come early to bring them on the morning of Nov 22, and we will get them set
out for sale.
*Call or email me today to save your spot. Please feel free to invite your friends and relatives as I have room
for 50 people. Please send a check for the nonrefundable fee directly to me at the address below.
Heather Westlake, Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator
323 S. Sandpiper Loop, Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 773-2509
[email protected]
The Spirit of Christmas Holiday Bazaar – Dec 6, 2014
Planning for our Holiday Bazaar is underway! The organizing team of Cinda Fueller, Gail Gutterud,
JoAnn Solberg, Caren Woods, Pam Kirking, and Jan Johnson have already been meeting. An ad was
placed on Craigslist under Events for vendors to rent a 6’ table space for $25, with five spaces
already filled! If you or someone you know would like to rent space, let the team know! The $25
non-refundable fee is due before Sept 30. Suggested designation for the proceeds will be used for the
projection system, improved altar lighting, with any remaining toward the dishwasher. Please call Co-chairs,
Cinda Fueller at 773-3025, or Gail Gutterud at 773-4106 for more info or would like to be part of planning.
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Top Ten reasons people do not give when the offering is received in church: (except at Peace!)
#10 “I’m a little short this week; I’ll make it up next week.”
“Oh, so that’s what those plates are for!”
“Sorry, I don’t itemize on my taxes.”
“I’d love to give, but all I have on me is a twenty.”
“I thought you brought the checkbook.”
“But the bulletin says you got enough money last week!”
“Our children give during Sunday School.”
“I only get paid once a month, and today is not the day.”
“Sorry, I don’t carry cash.”
“I’m not sure who to make the check out to, God or Jesus.”
----- -----
----- -----
----- ----- ----- -----
----- ----- ----- -----
Greetings Peace Family & Friends,
I like to travel the back roads when coming to work at the church. This means, I mostly want to get off Hwy 41
because I find it a bit insane in the morning rush. It’s not any better in the evening either! I see the most
wonderful things and can appreciate nature along Poleline and Meyer. I know farmer Fran Hughes, who lives
and owns land across from the Jacklin farm on Prairie, which extends from Hwy 41 to Meyer. Many high school
kids have worked for Fran, including my own, and he is well known around the area.
Beside growing alfalfa, fruits and vegetables, Fran runs a large, healthy looking herd of Red Angus cattle. I love
to look at them along the Meyer Rd pasture, and always smile at the newborns and young calves romping
about. It seems the herd is always grazing, standing a respectful 20-30 feet from one another (unless, of course,
they are cows and calves), when I whiz by in my car. I also like to see them lying down, peaceful and quiet, just
chewing and processing nicely!
One day, as I went by in the morning, they weren’t all spread out as usual, but were in a very concentrated
clump with bodies almost touching near the fence line! They formed a tight circle, heads up and alert, all
staring off in the same direction. What’s this I wondered? My eye followed their line of sight, and there was a
truck with a farm hand busily working nearby. It was as if to say, “Hey! What are you doing here?” It also felt
like the herd was banding together to protect itself from outsiders, and exhibited almost cliquish behavior!
They weren’t letting anyone in that tight band! No way!!
My thoughts went immediately to our Christian life together. Jesus calls us to spread out and share the Good
News, and not stay in protected circles or be inclusive. I was ready for a self-check on that score. How am I
doing inviting people to church, shaking the visitor’s hand and inviting them to fellowship? Offering up the seat
next to me in worship or telling others about all the things going on here at PLC? OK, chalk one up for me I
thought, as I just handed out posters to my neighbors about our three big events coming up (Spaghetti Dinner,
Harvest Festival, & Holiday Bazaar), so I’m feeling pretty good about that (proud, but not too proud – ha!)!
However, I know I can do better than that!
Here’s a challenge for all of us. From now until the end of the year – everyone bring one! Just invite and bring
ONE person to church in the next four months. Can you imagine what could happen? How this ministry could
grow? How we can reach the unchurched, especially children that have never heard or experienced the Word in
action? This Good News is just too good to keep to ourselves! Let me know how you’re doing, introduce me to
your friend on Sunday, and I promise to have a special surprise for you. God gifts us with wonderful surprises
every day. Let’s do our utmost to surprise Him right back by being His hands and feet in this beautiful world!
God bless,
Lynn Affeldt
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
10:00 AM Sunday Ministry Servants for September
Paul & Lisa Seher
Lee & Heidi Ely
Rod & Marge Freligh
Karle & Barbara Nimke
Phone No.
Brett, Pam & Madison Kirking
Gail Schoonmaker / Jerry Bittner / Diann Wandrey
Anna Dailey / Bill & Connie Arthur
Bill & Becky Ellefloot / Betty Nomanson
Communion Setup
Mike & Margie Hill
Phone No.
699-7166 / 777-8426
762-7435 / 772-1999
659-7643 / 762-2266
No Reader – Liberty Quartet
Maren Snyders
Steve Hagler
Dianne Schumann
First & Second Reading
Ezek 33:7-9; Rom 13 1-10
Gen 50:15-21; Rom 14 1-12
Is 55 6-9; Phil 1:12-14,19-30
Ezek 18 1-4, 25-32; Phil 2:1-4, 14-18
Phone No.
Alexis Newman
Lance Ely
Bethany Frey
Taten Gorton
Phone No.
If you have a conflict with the Sunday you are assigned, please call someone else on the list and
inform Lynn at the church office (765-0727) so the correct name may be printed in the church
bulletin. Thank you for serving and to Marge Freligh who compiles our monthly list of servants!
Counters for September:
Sept 7
Sept 14
Sept 21
Sept 28
Maren Snyders & Valerie Christiansen
JoAnn Solberg & Barb Hunley
Caren Woods & Eunice Gillam
Valda Pfundheller & Ardella Quaale
Needs at Peace: Paper Towels, Napkins, Small paper plates only (dessert/salad style), Regular T.P. (no ultrastyle please), C-Fold towels for the bathroom dispensers (Costco), Small (2.5-3 oz) Bottles of Hand Sanitizer (for
the sanctuary).
Your gifts-in-kind are very appreciated, and donation receipts are always available!
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Fellowship List September 2014
September 7 (Liberty Quartet here!)
Betty Nomanson
Lee & Heidi Ely
Dot Herting
Joann Carlson
September 14 (Rally Day!)
Ken & Rita Birge
Ray “Boomer” Danly
Dawn Risley
Wayne & Zala Neustel
September 21
Woody & Debbie Clouse
Darryl & Tanya Frey
Hill & Maxine Pfundheller
September 28
Bearl & Maggie Carlisle
Paul & Lisa Seher
Joyce Beghtel
The Times…
They Are a Changing
Fellowship Team is developing new
way to seek and assign fellowship
volunteers. This month, sign-up
sheets for Oct will be provided on
the table in the Fellowship Hall for
people to volunteer for a particular
Sunday of their choosing. A one to
two month look ahead will also
be provided. The details are being
"tweaked" and will be announced
soon when the sheets will become
available. –Rick Straub
Thank you to Golda Schrader who has
compiled our Fellowship List each quarter!
Peace Lutheran has a new Facebook page! Stay in touch throughout the week and see upcoming events at
the church and in our community! You do not need to be a registered Facebook user to view our page, just go
to the link provided below. Become a friend of PLC and invite a friend. Don't forget to "Like" our new page!
Click and enjoy!
Community Events
Convoy of Hope – Sept 6, 2014
We serve guests of honor–in dozens of communities throughout the world–by providing
them with free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, meals,
children’s activities, and much more at our signature events. Hope Starts Here.
Kootenai County Fairgrounds, 4065 N Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Gates Open
10 AM • Rain or Shine • While Supplies Last • All are Welcome • No I.D. Required.
Golfers and non-golfers alike are invited to join in the fun at the 3rd Annual Emmett Snyders Memorial Golf
Tournament, BBQ and Auction on Saturday, September 13. Tee-off for golfers is at 1 p.m. with the BBQ and
Auction to start at 5 p.m. All proceeds are distributed directly to local area families to help with expenses while
their child is in cancer treatment. Please see Maren or Brian Snyders for more details, or visit our website at Thank you!
3Cs (Cancer & Community Charities) will hold its annual Fall Fest at the Best Western Plus Coeur d'Alene Inn
at 6:00 PM on Sat, October 18, 2014. Tickets are $40 each which includes a buffet dinner and two drink tickets
for either beer or wine ($20 is tax deductible). There will be a live and silent auction plus lots of entertainment.
For reservations call Marcia Saunders (208) 773-4909, Publicity Chair Cancer & Community Charities.
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
CELEBRATE GENEROSITY! is the theme for this fall’s stewardship emphasis
Celebrate Generosity! is celebrating God’s generous gifts and our generous response. We know how generous
God has been to Peace Lutheran Church. We know, too, how we have responded to the opportunities for
ministry God has given us. We’ve met the challenges we’ve encountered and have grown in many ways.
Celebrate Generosity! will help our congregation discover the joys of giving through spiritual growth. It is
designed to help us understand stewardship and grow in our faith. Celebrate Generosity! acknowledges that
our God is a God of abundance. God provides sufficient resources and the people to accomplish the entire
mission and ministry our Lord calls us to do. In the words of St. Paul, “God is able to provide you with every
blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every
good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8) Celebrate Generosity!
Member Prayer Needs:
Kit Carey, continued tests, hip pain
Berniece Wilson, heart issues
Dawn Risley, healing for knee surgery
JoAnn Solberg, reoccurring back pain
Boomer Danly, pacemaker procedure
Our Prayers
Golda Schrader, healing, foot surgery
Fred Mitchell, improving
Gordon Schoonmaker, heart issues
Del Gillam, Warren Ray, Alzheimer’s
Mary Wang, homebound
Gerry Venishnick, PMR
Please Remember Ministries We Share:
Camp Lutherhaven & Shoshone Mountain Retreat, Coeur d’Alene Homes, LAM Christian Academy, Family
Promise, Post Falls & Cd’A Food Banks, and Children’s Village
Requests for Family Members and Friends:
Tyrol George (Charlotte Newman), collapsed lung; Kristen Carey (Kit Carey’s daughter), constant vomiting,
hiatal hernia; Skip (Missy Nungesser’s uncle), chemo treatment; Jim Kroll (Hunter Kroll’s father), end-stage
cancer; Carol (Heidi Ely’s mother), broken hip healing; Kimmie M. (friend of Tanya Frey), brain tumor surgery;
Jeanette Brizendine (Verna Hamner’s sister), tumor surgery; Pastor Gary Truitt (Gail Gutterud), continued
healing for injured foot, heart issues; Gary Hays (Susan Schneidmiller), diabetic, leg amputation, two strokes,
unable to speak; Jackie Vanhove (Becky Ellefloot’s cousin), open heart surgery, in coma; Dick Hawley (friend of
Ardella Quaale), cancer; Evan and Kim Crowther (Joann Carlson), Evan, brain tumor; Seth & Joyce (Eunice
Gillam’s brother & wife), back surgery, blindness improving, Joyce, Alzheimer’s; Janet Low (friend of Betty
Nomanson), complications with chemo treatments; Dave Fritz (friend of Warren Murray), chemo & radiation
treatments; Kyle Sauer (Connie Arthur), severely burned in house fire, improving; Duane Bowman (neighbor’s
son of the Woods), chemo & radiation treatments esophageal cancer; Pr. Dick Matson, health improving.
Prayer requests will be revised periodically. Please keep the church office informed of changes. Thank you.
Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts
We continue to get an early start on our ever-growing outreach and participation in
Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts program. We are collecting
items monthly for the shoeboxes. There is a display table in fellowship hall with a collection
bin highlighting the month’s shoebox item.
September: We are collecting Toiletries – Toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, washcloths, stick deodorant,
combs, and hairbrushes, etc. No liquids please!
Remember, we are collecting items from ages two-adolescent. Please see the posted list for what is not
allowable to ship. The Dollar Tree is also great source for gifts! Diann Wandrey, OCC Shoebox Gifts Coordinator
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
September Birthdays
Birge, Ken
Barker, Karen
Pfundheller, Brad
Pool, Tom
Baker, Aubrey
Gorton, Taten
Lauritzen, Mackenzie
Lauritzen, Maddie
Pfundheller, Valda
Ryle, Rozanne
P.O. Box 1104
645 S Mossy Rock Ln
13850 W Bodine Ave
6146 N Harcourt Dr
6287 W Quail Ridge St
13552 N Halley St
2813 N Howard St
2813 N Howard St
13850 W Bodine Ave
8778 Salmonberry Lp
Post Falls
Coeur d'Alene
Post Falls
Coeur d'Alene
Coeur d'Alene
Coeur d'Alene
Post Falls
Zip Code
Phone Number
September Anniversaries
Hoffman, Gary & Sharon
Pfundheller, Hill & Maxine
Croll, Karrie & Hunter*
Barker, Gary & Karen
616 S Widgeon St
5368 E Steamboat Bend
419 E 10th Ave
645 S Mossy Rock Ln
City, State Zip
Post Falls, ID 83854
Post Falls, ID 83854
Post Falls, ID 83854
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
We would like to celebrate your birthday and anniversary with you, but may not have it on record.
Please let Lynn in the office know about your special day so it can appear in our monthly newsletter!
Now, with fall and harvest time drawing near, people start to reflect upon the things they are thankful for and
how they can show their gratitude by supporting others.
One way Thrivent members who are eligible to participate in the Thrivent Choice® Program can do this is by
directing Choice Dollars® to their churches. The Choice Dollars grant funds your church receives will help you
continue to minister to others, strengthen communities and change lives.
Since 2010, Thrivent Financial has distributed more than $140 million in Choice Dollars grant funds to
churches, including nearly $21.8 million so far this year. We want to help your church finish the year off
strong, and will do this by:
Featuring church success stories on and the impact it has made using Choice Dollars.
During October, we’ll showcase some of these amazing stories. If yours is selected, you just never
know who will see it and the impact it will have.
Providing resources to help share your story and encourage eligible Thrivent members to direct
Choice Dollars to your church. We’ll post promotional materials and tips on for you to
download, customize and reach out to eligible Thrivent members in your congregation. These materials
will be online in late September.
We are uplifted by the good things churches have done with Choice Dollars grant funds and are excited to
share your stories to help you to finish the year strong! By participating in this campaign, you can benefit in a
big way and—in the process—help strengthen communities and change lives.
Peace Newsletter
September 2014
Lutherhaven & Shoshone Mountain Retreat
Golden Agers’ Day Out – Oct 14, 10 am – 2 pm
Spend a beautiful fall day at Camp Lutherhaven! A one-day retreat especially for retirees, senior
adults and older adult groups; a great day during a beautiful time of year at camp! Gather with
old and new friends at your favorite camp! $12/person includes a terrific lunch and program!
Fall Cut, Crop, Craft & Quilt - October 17-19
We can't wait to see you this fall! Amazingly popular get-togethers for the "crafty" in all of us!
Register Today!
Bring your favorite crafting, quilting, and scrapbooking project and create together with new
camp friends! Pause for meals, worship, and devotions; otherwise the time is yours to craft! A
massage therapist on site (for an extra fee, paid directly to the therapist) will help you stay
relaxed and focused! Food, fellowship, and your favorite project…what could be more fabulous!
Deck the Halls 2014 - December 12-14 - A December Family Tradition for Over 16 Years!
What do parents say they want for their families?
+ To get unplugged and outdoors.
+ To "plug" into fun, safe, active programs, recreation, and games.
+ To connect with significant mentors and life values.
+ To drive their family's faith formation.
Give the gift of all that this Christmas at Lutherhaven's Deck the Halls: Family memories,
laughter, joy, creativity, friends, relationships, traditions, and faith!
One of our best and most popular events! Come with your houseful or bring along another family (or several!) and share
the joy of the season! Cookies, crafts, wreaths, wooden toys, carols, crackling fires, twinkling lights, hot chocolate, cider,
and all the trimmings of Christmas!
Camp Lutherhaven
Toll Free 1.866.729.8372
Local 667.3459
Shoshone Base Camp
Toll Free 1.866.729.8372 ext. 14
208.682-CAMP (2267)
8134 N Meyer Rd (at Prairie Ave & Meyer Rd)
Post Falls, ID 83854; Phone: (208) 765-0727
Email: [email protected]
Pastor Kurt Wandrey
Sunday Worship at 10 AM
RALLY DAY – Sept 14!