P.S. 50’s 3 Grade Newsletter


P.S. 50’s 3 Grade Newsletter
Janet Miller, Asst. Principal
P.S. 50’s
Grade Newsletter
November 2014
Joseph Santello, Principal
Literacy Place
Third grade students are closing up their first Unit of
reading and writing. In the beginning of November,
we will be entering into Unit 2: Module A,
Connecting Character, Culture, and Community.
Students will read and explore content to
understand that people have rich cultural heritage
and traditions. They will find that relationships within
a community are affected by the culture of that
community. Fiction texts include “The Year of Miss
Agnes” and “The Frog Princess” A Tingit Legend
from Alaska. Our Nonfiction reads include “The
Athabascans: Old Ways and New Ways,” “A Visit to
Vietnam”, and “A Day at School in Japan.” A
reoccurring topic of study will be Alaska.
Math Block
Multiplication has taken off in 3rd grade! Between
memorization, skip counting songs, and exploration
students are developing their number sense and
algebraic thinking. Chapter 4 and 5 will continue
work from our previous chapter 3, and students
will be solving two step word problems. Students
will also learn and explore the distributive and
associative properties of multiplication.
As always, visit Ps 50’s website for Show Me
videos that can assist you in supporting your child.
Important dates:
NY Philharmonic Young peoples concert is on 11/15: visit for
more information: http://nyphil.org/education/for-kidsand-teens/young-peoples-concerts
11/13- PTC
NO SCHOOL 11/4, 11/11. 11/27. 11/28
Erika Desiano, Asst. Principal
Writer’s Corner
We are finishing up our first
informational writing piece.
Students are truly enjoying
researching and informing
readers on their topics of
This month, writers will
revisit narrative writing and
use previous writing
techniques, such as dialogue,
character traits, sequencing,
and temporal words, to further
develop narratives.
Their narratives will be
written with a clear situation,
character response to that
situation, and have a central
The Arts
message that is conveyed
through the actions of a
In November, students in art class with
Ms Galante will create a drawing that
demonstrates controls of various art
materials, while implementing art elements and
principles of design. We will begin learning how
to blend/mix chalk pastels to create a drawing
showing emphasis on our subjects. Colors can
be dull or bright; this will help us make our
subject stand out from our background.
In the month of November, Mrs. Maniscalco’s
chorus class will continue to develop our
listening skills by making connections to
tempo. We will work on rhythmic notation to
help us sing new songs. Students will learn a
Thanksgiving song and start focusing on
relating to the shape of the sound.

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