Gulf Daily News Monday, 17th November 2014
Action call!
to swim, I would have missed the pleasure of
seeing him swim. And he would have missed
one of the greatest skills in life.
Dr Arpita Anshu Mehrotra
Royal University for Women
run through our streets. When
will these people give us peace?
Why can't the Works Ministry
finish their job on time? The
photo of an area near Building
932, Road 942, Riffa 909 AlSharqi
reveals how unhygienic it has
become after a year.
What a shame
HEN will East Riffa become
neat and clean? Once it
rains, sewage will overflow and
OMMUNICATION is one of the most
common thing you do, but not all the
time right? Recently there was a news about
of us realise this and try some financial stunts
in stock markets. We look for ‘tips’ and follow
friends and relatives who have recently made
exorbitant gains in stock market. We blindly
follow them and end up losing money. The
fear is now engraved in our minds that we just
stop thinking rationally – I will never invest,
no more stock markets.
There are many people in the world like
Warren Buffet, Mark Mobius etc who have
made their lives out of investments. There are
many more who have approached the world
of investment to understand them. They read
books, consulted people in relevant field, did
research and took academic courses. Stock
market is like an untamed elephant that can
kill you if you just try to climb and dominate,
but if tamed, it can take you on the fabulous
safari of jungle of life.
Therefore, we need to control our fear. If
fear takes over us, we just retreat in life.
Has your fear of investments dominated
your minds? If yes, then decide whether you
want yourself to be deprived of the many
benefits of enjoying a better life?
Had I been scared and not allowed my son
A change of rod (6)
Due to crimes, one gets away to a change of
scene (8)
A “laid back” sort of face? (4)
Maybe historic pincer movement (6)
She’s where the boats are (6)
A gross denial! (3)
Easy one for film fans? (5)
Regretted putting a plant at the end of the bed
Music man at a party (5)
Residential hotel for some, possibly (5)
Lamp spirit (5)
Special study of a new role (4)
Is he saving up to tour Reims? (5)
Swear to figure at the town centre (3)
Listed as having tied me in a knot! (6)
Strip and take a plunge, by the way (6)
Dramatic weather (4)
To deceive a chap, you need to be believable (8)
Home of the brave? (6)
Something to eat before breakfast (6)
Twisted a twin boy (6)
Hothead Leo gets in a jam! (4)
Payments possibly made to warders (7)
Sharp enough to help out with credit (5)
a teenager who committed suicide because
something bad about her was put up on the
Internet. I’m a teenager too, but certainly I
wouldn’t use the same method as she did.
You must be thinking that I didn’t go
through a similar experience, but I can totally
understand her feelings when things like
these happen. I personally think
that she should have spoken to
her parents/guardians or teachers
who took care of her.
Parents are always the first ones
who can talk you out of your problems. At times they are like Google;
completing your sentence before
you even finish.
Maybe at first her mum or dad
would have been mad at her for
what she had done, but slowly they would
have forgiven her and told her the right thing
to do.
Killing yourself is not an option.
God created us and our mums carried us for
nine months in their stomachs. Dying in this
way is really a shame.
– Lilly Lou Lijia Touthang,
Sacred Heart School Grade-6C
For the record
is in response to the article ‘Hoteliers
react to clean-up drive’ (GDN, November
The management of Elite Crystal Hotel
clarifies that the comments made by Rick
D’costa, manager of Klub 360, are his personal
They do not reflect the views and stance of
the hotel’s management in any manner.
The hotels’ management has always supported and complied with all the initiatives of
the Tourism Ministry.
Lalima Mathur
General manager,
Elite Crystal Hotel, Juffair
When others are engaged in frivolous chit chat, you often hone in on what is really meaningful, and this has
been even more so in the last couple of years, as Saturn
has transited your sign. Today, he is joined by the Sun
and your sober, focused attitude and approach can win
the respect of someone influential.
There are few zodiac signs that appreciate the more sensual side of life as much as you, but even your senses are
set to deepen in the next twenty eight days. This can see
you more attuned to rather glamorous and perhaps expensive goodies, or to the more intimate side of a close
tie. Look to enjoy every moment.
There is a split dynamic. On one hand you can find yourself happiest in your own company, and giving yourself
time to clear up outstanding tasks, and especially ones
that give you room to ruminate. However, even if you
prefer your own space, others may soon be in touch as
your popularity is set to skyrocket now, Archer.
The week begins with the Sun forging an exact conjunction with Saturn. This is going to help to really focus your
mind on the detail of situations. If you don’t, you may
find that someone soon puts you right. Yet, with Venus
now in your opposite sign, so much can be gained
through more harmonious interactions, Gemini.
Your ruler Saturn starts this week side by side with the
bountiful energies of the Sun. But this combination can
see you more serious about life, friendships and associations. Rather than look to make plans to meet with people, you’re more likely to grapple with your long term
future. More frivolous people can irritate.
As you enter this new week, it’s a fine time to add structure and substance to any plan or scheme which is creative. Even if you are supporting your children with their
hobbies and interests, creating such an environment will
help them flourish. It will be most important however, to
focus your energies as narrowly as possible.
Work, professional achievement and your life role, have
all been areas of potential pressure in recent years. This
doesn’t mean you haven’t done well, but extra responsibilities may have proved burdensome. Now however,
after all the perspiration and effort you’ve put in, a quite
significant breakthrough is possible.
Venus has moved into the most alluring part of your horoscope where she will be for the next four weeks. With
the Christmas party season now beginning to heat up,
this could prove to be perfect timing, giving your natural
charisma an added boost. Today specifically, structural
changes to where you live are also possible.
Getting to the facts of situations takes on a much greater life force. At times you can be happy to float along
with situations, content to be philosophical that what
will be will be. However, through to Friday, you can be
much more discriminating. This can be especially helpful
around contract discussions or any legalities.
Your thinking, and the way you articulate your ideas,
can be very succinct today Virgo. And your crispness of
thought and action could help you to grasp subjects
or information in a very efficient way. You may also find
yourself discussing some decorative changes at home. A
family gathering might also soon be in prospect.
Venus has relocated into the part of your horoscope to
do with new experiences. So, if your love life has become
rather dull and predictable, you’re being asked to find
ways to reinvigorate the magic within it. This can also be
a time when you can be inclined to search for the truth
of what your relationships really mean.
You can find yourself with a nice balance of energies
today, and very much focused on the security of things,
respectful of your values and resources. The more organised you are around scrutinising your expenses and
chopping out unnecessary cost, the better. Into internet
dating? The next month can be full on flirty.
He can look as good as gold (5)
Have a meal with some eccentric friends (4)
Play more than a scene (3)
The right number in Brazil (3)
No encouragement from lady Guinevere! (5)
Can be read with a bit of a smile during concert
pieces (5)
Left more or less in the dark (5)
In outer Coventry, he’s accepted as a friend (3)
Originally named part of Nine Elms (3)
In this case, a complaint by a non-believer (7)
Motherless girl, and a treasure (3)
Very fond of wine in the wood (6)
Nominally, he guides one out West (4)
Meets up with an Egyptian leader in high regard
Cut up words, perhaps? (5)
River – a German one in the southeast (5)
Six to one it’s a Roman road! (3)
Obtained part of a promised reward (4)
How many words of four
letters or more can you make
from the letters show here?
In making a word, each letter
may be used once only, Each
must contain the centre letter
and there must be at least one
nine-letter word. No plurals
or verb forms ending in “s” no
words with initial capitals and
no words with a hyphen or
apostrophe permitted.
The first word of a phrase is
allowed (e.g. inkjet in inkjet
ACROSS: 1, Space 6, Drill 9, In store 10, Fo-u-nd 11,
Essay 12, Blast 13, General 15, Pip 17, Omar 18, ReGina 19, D-’em-on 20, Sacked 22, Fore 24, Ely 25,
Seminal 26, Jacks 27, Get it 28, A-itch 29, L-e-gions
30, Bells 31, Thu-d-s.
20; very good 30;
excellent 39 (or more).
apiece cape clap clip epic
epilate leap leapt pace pact
pail pale pate peace peal peat
peel peit petal pica piece pile
place plaice plait plat plate
plea pleat TAILPIECE tape
DOWN: 2, P-ro te-m 3, Cinder 4, End 5, Stall 6,
Dresden 7, Rest 8, Lead-in 12, B-ak-ed 13, Go-O-se
14, Nancy 15, Piton 16, Pan-el 18, Rose-s 19, D-EBates 21, Alleg-e 22, Finish 23, Ran-CID 25, Skein 26,
J-ill 28, Ant.
ACROSS: 1, Smear 6, Feral 9, Die-hard
10, Droop 11, Eerie 12, Green 13, Retinue
15, Des 17, Eros 18, Forest 19, Cream 20,
Chewed 22, Liar 24, Tar 25, Revolts 26, Stoat
27, Radar 28, Stink 29, Fatigue 30, Camel 31,
DOWN: 2, Merger 3, Adonis 4, Rip 5, Chore
6, Freedom 7, Eden 8, Abides 12, Guard 13,
React 14, Tower 15, Devil 16, Stars 18, Facet
19, Central 21, Havana 22, Loiter 23, Atones
25, Rapid 26, Safe 28, Sue.
1 Spheres (6), 7 Convince (8), 8 Gone bad (4), 10 Sleepy (6), 11 Easy to perform or achieve (6),
14 Regret (3), 16 Helicopter blade (5), 17 Pace (4), 19 Heathen (5) , 21 Water lily (5), 22 Ancient
language (5), 23 Restaurant cook (4), 26 Boy’s name (5), 28 Scottish river (3), 29 Go back on one’s
word (6), 30 Exhibit, flaunt (6), 31 Discharge (4), 32 Three-sided figure (8), 33 Favour (6)
1 Flies without power (6), 2 Explode (4,2), 3 Active and brisk (4), 4 Up to (2,3,2), 5 Nun’s costume
(5), 6 Not ever (5) , 8 Painful (4), 9 Employ (3), 12 Swindle (3), 13 Beaver’s lair (5), 15 Proportion (5),
18 In that place (5), 19 Container (3), 20 Weapon (3), 21 Insulating material (7), 22 Falsehood (3),
23 Colour (6), 24 Hotness (4), 25 Tentacle (6), 26 Mediterranean island (5), 27 Blacksmith’s block (5),
28 Weir (3), 30 Quick or furtive look (4)