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Gulf Daily News Monday, 1st December 2014
don’t. To be a hero your age doesn’t matter,
whether 12 or 30 or 80, it’s never too late to
become a hero. Don’t wait for something radioactive to happen to you, but if it does happen you need to see a doctor. Doesn’t matter
the number of people who believe in you,
remember to always believe in yourself and
reach the goal of becoming a hero because
after all not every hero wears a cape.
Alaa Mohammed (Age11)
A bad habit
ROCRASTINATING isn’t a good habit. We
children like to leave our work behind and
have fun instead, and we keep telling ourselves that ‘I’m too lazy to do that plus there is
still plenty of time’. But when the time comes
we keep saying the same thing and in the end
we just leave our work incomplete.
At least now we are just children and
Accommodation of interest to key players (5)
Chopin piece, the “Invitation to Ride”? (3,2)
Entertainment logical in the X-ray dept.? (5)
The little boy embraced by more girls (3)
Catch the name of a varnish (5)
Like those old comedians that never die? (5,2)
They take turns to provide transport two ways (5)
Rest? Yes, on Tuesday! (3)
Wildly amused by a Gorgon (6)
In name, minister participating in loan
arrangement (7)
Narrow lane, maybe (4)
Do a multi-purpose repair? (4)
To fine leg? (7)
Was he shoved aboard? (6)
Pop in a good advert (3)
A note, true in each case (5)
Once more weary, went to bed (7)
The attendant rushed endlessly around (5)
Might its driver give citizens advice? (3)
She’s one to eat out (5)
Though two-faced, was worshipped (5)
Only half the tree is wood? Rubbish! (5)
The value of a letter or two (5)
Joins in an endless singsong, possibly? (5,2)
A well rounded line (4)
A tip-top composer will go far (6)
the only things we could miss out on are
homework, assignments, projects or a report.
But what about the future? What if we keep
procrastinating when we grow up?
It could be a job interview or a really important meeting. If you keep saying I’ll do it later,
you’ll never actually complete your work. So,
instead, change the later into now!
Lilly Lou Lijia Touthang
You can really find yourself coming into your own this
week. A cluster of influences in your own sign can refresh
your natural confidence. When it comes to making quick
decisions, you could go with what your hunches tell you.
You can also feel particularly alluring. Whatever your status, extra attention might head your way.
Do you have a rather more random side to your nature?
If so, good for you, because this means that you have
the ability to surprise yourself Gemini. Today is a point in
case, even if you have not had the urge to speak to one
person in a while, suddenly you can find yourself compelled to do so and they could be delighted.
There is a group of influences focusing on the most private and reflective part of your situation today, and this
will run on through to mid-December. So, if you find
yourself slower out of the traps into this new week and
month, this is why. Also, one long term project can be
absorbing a great deal of your time and thinking.
You might find an extra spark of energy today, and can
direct this towards some kind of reorganisation. This may
call upon you to consider if you could go about your
daily routines in a slightly different way. Subtle changes
around you at work or home might benefit from a fresh
analysis then you can update your approach.
Your mind can be particularly fertile today, with lots of
opportunities to create new ideas, or if you are a lover of
crosswords and puzzles, test yourself out. Your penchant
and ability to network also comes into focus this week,
and one connection you make could turn out to be surprisingly fortunate or helpful.
Normal workaday demands could bore you somewhat
today. Are you craving a little more glamour and texture
in your world? If so, it really wouldn’t be a surprise, Leo.
However, rather than feel hemmed in, find that extra motivation to do something about this. If you do, soon you’ll
gain much greater momentum.
With Mars and Saturn on particularly good terms, and
a clustering of energies highlighting your standing and
profile, some kind of career breakthrough is possible,
and especially where you have been honing your abilities and investing your energies over a considerable period of time. Stay alert in order to capitalise.
A collection of planets in your sector of emotions can see
you keen to make your personal environment as comfortable and cosy as possible. Indeed, the Moon’s passage today over Uranus, could give you a sudden desire
to buy something for you abode which complements
this. New furnishings perhaps?
You can burst into the new month in expansive form, and
the chances are you will have several strands of activities
on the go. However, with the Moon in your sign set to be
influenced by the restless vibes of Uranus, the trick will
be not to scatter your attentions and energies too widely.
Some kind of structure is best.
Some very pleasant interactions are possible in the coming week, as your ruler Venus forges one of the very best
of alliances it can achieve with the fortune bringing planet, of Jupiter. However, this doesn’t mean you should be
too lackadaisical in your approach. Thoughtfulness and
sincerity could also create added harmony.
An issue linked to your home, a valued possession or
a long standing savings plan, can come into focus this
week. Although this may not be immediately obvious
today, when specifically you might feel restless for no apparent reason, this could provide a surprisingly upbeat
slice of news which may be financial.
Tired of being bogged down with household chores?
If so, you may consider some kind of new, and rather
modern appliance which aides this, but equally don’t
be tempted to throw money at finding a better solution.
You might consider if others are making enough of a
contribution. If you think not, do say so.
I wonder why
like compassion and wisdom in huSso EEMS
manity are gradually disintegrating, whilst
much hatred and diseases are taking their
ultimate toll. One can find no answers to this
devastative and destructive mode. Looming
technologies and research has done its share.
Just wondering why life’s evolving in the
opposite direction it is supposed to be.
Terry Habib
Sarah, nowadays, is a dish! (5)
Inspires with a blazing determination (5)
Being green is not exactly sweet (3)
It’s dead skinny! (7)
Figure I’m not very bright (3)
Destroyed by a little fellow touring the kingdom
Like a Scottish shore? (5)
Go idly, as a master, to an inferior position (7)
World of the theatre? (5)
Wild crane of pearly appearance (5)
Inaccurately claimed to be curative (7)
Source of hot water and an internal treatment for
eyes (6)
Part of the Yucatan fauna (3)
Advice not to be ardent about love (5)
Sound but undersized specimen with a pig’s tail
Prove you can’t go up by tube to the air terminal
Snooker players don’t see them as colours (4)
Managed a career (3)
How many words of four letters
or more can you make from the
letters show here? In making a
word, each letter may be used
once only, Each must contain
the centre letter and there
must be at least one nine-letter
word. No plurals or verb forms
ending in “s” no words with
initial capitals and no words
with a hyphen or apostrophe
The first word of a phrase is
allowed (e.g. inkjet in inkjet
Good 19; very good
excellent 38 (or more). Solution
ACROSS: 4, A-CC-ept 7, Tom Brown 8, St-airs 10, Alle-y 13, Ho.-ar 14, Da-TA 15, Bu-n-s 16, Bob 17, Spas
19, M-I-en 21, Head-board 23, GI-L-l 24, Anna 26, Cat.
27, Arne 29, The-a 32, Li-E-d 33, K-eats 34, Va-LI-se 35,
Di’s-solve 36, Tennis
cement centime come comet
compete emetic emit emote
epitome IMPOTENCE income
item meet mete mien mince
mine mint mite mope omen
omit pimento poem pome
team teem temp time tome
DOWN: 1, S-tra-d 2, Smelt 3, Pray 4, An-so-n 5, Char 6,
Parson(-age) 9, Ta-sma-n 11, Law 12, Easel 13, H-usband 15, Bad 16, Be-d 18, P-alais 20, I-rate 21, Hit 22,
One 23, Garage 25, Be-t 28, Reed’s 30, H-all-o.
31, Ashes 32, Lion 33, Kiss
ACROSS: 4, Rabble 7, Palomino 8, Brunch
10, Trier 13, Lout 14, Sari 15, Hits 16, Pep 17,
Grab 19, Spat 21, Chameleon 23, Butt 24,
Rote 26, Rut 27, Heat 29, Most 32, Well 33,
Askew 34, Safari 35, Terrapin 36, Nettle,
3 Establish by law (5), 8 Biblical prophet (5) , 10 Firearm (5), 11 Woman’s long scarf (3), 12 Of the
nose (5), 13 Gastronome (7), 15 Male voice (5), 18 Hang heavily (3), 19 Next to (6), 21 Corpse (7), 22
Nautical cry (4), 23 Prison room (4), 24 African country (7), 26 Topics (6), 29 Distant (3), 31 Indian
instrument (5), 32 Destroy completely (4,3), 34 Gain access to (3,2), 35 Merriment (3), 36 Start (5),
37 Sensational (5), 38 Celebrity, in short (5)
DOWN: 1, Spots 2, Flair 3, Emir 4, Robot 5,
Bout 6, Locket 9, Russet 11, Rap 12, Eight 13,
Liberal 15, Ham 16, Pan 18, Rather 20, Poems
21, Cut 22, Lot 23, Butane 25, Use 28, Elite
30, Okapi 31, Twine 32, Want 33, Acre
1 Automaton (5), 2 Gossip (7), 4 Undiluted (4), 5 Bomb hole (6), 6 Roof slabs (5), 7 Deluge (5),
9 Former French coin (3), 12 Nullifies (7) , 14 Angry (3), 16 Boy’s name (5), 17 Respond (5), 19
Advantage (7), 20 Desires (5), 21 Celestial body (5), 23 Cautious (7), 24 Tranquil (6), 25 Hiatus (3),
27 Conceals (5), 28 Sorcery (5), 30 Soldier’s jacket (5), 32 Signal goodbye (4), 33 Belonging to us (3)