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Document 6603348
South Sea Island Night at Reigate Rugby Club
Saturday 22nd November 2014 – Approx 6.00pm
Just when you thought the summer was over, the club has decided to extend
it! On the above date England play Samoa in an evening game that kicks off at
7.00pm & to celebrate we have asked our resident caterer Sarah Flatt who’s
husband is an antipodean
antipodean, to conjure up a South Island feast.
You will be welcomed with a Blue Ocean Cocktail and then Sarah is making:
Kale Moa – Traditional Samoan chicken curry with wild rice, cumin flatbread & lime
coconut, chilli pickle
Followed by, Polynesian toffee & chocolate tart. All for £10 per head.
The bar will be open & food will be served pre match from around 6.00pm.
So dust off your flip flops, unpack your loudest Hawaiian shirts/grass skirts & Bermuda
shorts & get yourself a slice of the sun in November! Limbo dancing is optional.
We need to get an idea of numbers for catering so please email
Neil Holborn- [email protected] or Jane Waby – [email protected]
To reserve your place now!

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