Fact Sheet - Vida Green


Fact Sheet - Vida Green
VidaGreen Fact Sheet | June 2014
solutions for a green world
VidaGreen, ltd, is a Bermuda company that markets and sells highly proprietary and effective natural and “green”
products in a number of diverse industries, more specifically agricultural products that range from reviving depleted
soil structures to naturally improving the quality of our fruits and vegetables, and proprietary cleaning products for the
oil and gas industry. The Company’s management has worked together for many years and been involved in bringing
exceptional “green” products and services to commercial fruition. Management has worked in the cleaning, restoration, oil and gas, commercial drinking water, food and agriculture as well as management industries for decades and
saw a need to change the essential foundation, reviving agricultural environments and cleaning up the oil and gas
industry by bringing together “green,” proprietary products that act symbiotically with nature and the environment.
Investment Highlights
• Proprietary and patent pending products that employ
revolutionary scientific technology.
• New product “Nano Answer,” utilizes natural nano
• Years of R&D completed ($9 mm invested).
• Competitive entry as no products offered presently
have our technology, efficacy or entirely green, natural
and organic applications.
Business Strategy
• Leverage key scientific and marketing consulting
relationships to accelerate growth.
• Leverage worldwide marketing rights on products.
• Exploit media marketing through Internet sales,
infomercial and print contacts and consultants.
• Continue to develop and market relevant and
apposite green and natural products.
• Exploit proven and successful partnerships for
broad product distribution.
• Move products through partner, ZEROREZ
Franchising, (in 10,000+ homes per month).
• Continue to expand product scope through
secure strategic exclusive license agreements.
• Create sustainable organizational structure
solutions for a green world
VidaGreen Corporate Fact Sheet | P2
June 2014
Agricultural / Oil & Gas Products
Bio-N-Liven® is a natural biochemical product that contains vitamin plant and animal
precursors in a highly concentrated mass of autotrophic, aerobic, and facultative enzymes,
coenzymes and exoenzymes. It contains a complete system of microorganism stimulation
and inducer molecules that accelerate the activity and rate of replication of microorganisms, such as beneficial bacteria, fungi, algae and actinomycetes. Can withstand a wide
range of temperatures, pH and other environmental conditions.
John M. Hopkins
Chairman & CEO
Randall L. Waters
President & Director
The Carbon Answer® works in tandem with Bio-N-Liven® and is a high energy, all
organic nutrient source that furnishes immediate energy to microbial life so it can go about
its jobs of cleaning up waste, creating compost and producing top soil - Nature’s perfectly
balance plant food. The essential components of the Carbon Answer® that make it work
are the 12 water soluble trace and essential sugars tht promote cell wall health and
propagation. Provides a quick energy source as well as a sustainable energy source for
indigenous, beneficial soil microbial life. In short — it helps the life in our soil grow so the
soil can sustain plant and food growth.
Gaylord Karren
Stephen T. Melton, CPA, CFO
William R. Shupe, JD
Vice President
J. Scott Sargent
Creative Director
Nano AG Answer is a new, proprietary product, formulated specifically for LGGF, by
one of our scientists, Dr. William Jackson. This amazing product is a powdered formula
that combines Bio-N-Liven, Carbon Answer and the Greener Answer plus all of the
enzymes harvested from the 3,000 known pro biotics and other vital ingredients.
Clean-N-Green Answer® is a non toxic green alkaline water mixed with a proprietary
blend of natural ingredients that replace harsh chemical cleaners; gentle but very effective
general household cleaner - for virtually all surfaces in a home or business. It is clear and
nearly odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Extremely versatile, can be
used in hard, soft and salt water, and works well even in cold water. It is 100% biodegradable in the environment in the optimum desirable time of 7 days. Effective because
decreased hydrogen ion concentration (high pH) and balanced ORP (oxidation/reduction
potential – measured in milli-volts) provides the necessary molecular energy for the
maximum emulsifying and chelating action that is required to remove the oils, greases,
protein, and other invisible substances on substrates to which dirt, bacteria, fungus and
algae adhere, and to remove carbon deposits and breaks down calcium and other scaling
Scientific Advisory Council
Dr. William R. Peterson, PhD
Dr. William R. Jackson, PhD
Consulting Partners
David P. Sumrall, Dairy Performance
Solutions Inc.
Luis Hernandez, HB Investment Group
Chlor King
Wirthlin Worldwide, Inc.
Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc.
US Corporate Headquarters
437 East 1000 South
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Bermuda Registered Office
Powered Water™ — Our cleaning systems start with mineral-free purified water and
processes it with pure saline in a proven electrolysis process to create its commercial
grade — Powered Water™. These proprietary electrolyzed water solutions have been
modified at a molecular level to create millions of hydroxide cleaning spheres in the
cleaning solution, as well as millions of acidic hypochlorous molecules,one of natures most
fundamental and effective antibacterial agents. We combine these solutions with a
proprietary blend of specially formulated enzymes that replace typical cleaners by being
more effective, natural, and completely safe to people and the environment.
06/14 — REVVI
5th Floor, St. Andrew’s Place
51 Church Street
Hamilton HM12
Direct: (801) 400-4618
[email protected]

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