Padre Pio Press January, 2015


Padre Pio Press January, 2015
Padre Pio Press
January, 2015
Meeting/Epiphany Party
Join us Sunday, January 11th for our
annual Epiphany party. If you are new to
us, you will receive a Bible verse for the
year, a saint for the year, a prayer partner,
and deceased brother or sister to
remember in prayer. If we have a visitor,
we will ask that person to pray for the
fraternity all year. We also get a small gift
that helps us spiritually all year long. (Pray
for prompt mail delivery.)
Council meeting will be held at the Serros
residence on Saturday the 10th at 1:00 PM.
He or she was created by the same God that
created you. If you are dealing with the
messiness of life by cleaning up after
others, thank God for the opportunity to
serve Him. After all, it is for God’s greater
glory that we serve. If you are not satisfied
with your prayer life, don’t desire to be like
others. Just thank God that you do have a
prayer life and believe and trust in Him
alone. Start with thanking God for
everything, at every time, and with all your
heart. You will not be disappointed. You
may be surprised. Remember, we are
called to be examples for others as
Franciscans by the way we live. “Rely on
the mighty Lord; constantly seek His face.
Recall the wondrous deeds He has done, His
signs, and His words of judgment.” (Psalms
Beginning a new year is always like
dusting out the cobwebs from our ceilings.
We are energized to clear out our spaces
and lives and start anew. Unfortunately,
after a couple of weeks into the New Year,
we are usually back to the same routine. I
usually start with a promise to myself that I
will journal, but that usually goes to the
wayside. I just have to look at my various
journals that begin in the New Year and
start up again at the end of the year. Let
me suggest a challenge for the New Year.
Start your day with looking for the beauty
of God and find a way to serve Him. It is
simple, according to all the saints. If you
are not a morning person and begin each
day growling like a bear, instead, thank God
for the beauty of the day. If you meet that
person at work whose mere voice irritates
you, look for God’s goodness in that person.
105: 4-5). Peace and All Good, Janet
Lenten Retreat
St. Francis and St. Clare Fraternity is
hosting a Lenten retreat for the Riverside/San
Bernardino district. The date, given in the last
newsletter has changed. It is March 7th, one
week later than originally planned. It will begin
at 9:30 AM and will end at 2:00 PM. Breakfast
type foods will be provided in the morning and
participants are asked to bring a dish to share
for lunch. We will meet at Jane’s home
between 8:00 and 8:30 and carpool to Holy
Spirit Church in Hemet which will serve as the
venue for the retreat. Plan to join with your
brothers and sisters from Hemet, Riverside,
Claremont, and Moreno Valley. As sister used
to say at our Chapter Meetings, “Get more
holier.” See you there.
Serra Retreat
Our annual Secular Franciscan Retreat
will be held in Malibu at the Serra Retreat
Center on May 23, 24, and 25. Fr. Dan Horan,
OFM will be the retreat master. The theme of
the retreat will be Living our Franciscan
Tradition Today: Prayer, Franciscans,
Spirituality, and the Significance of Pope
Francis. It is recommended that we register
early as this retreat is sure to be full. I am trying
to get the applications for our Sunday meeting.
There is an application available online at the
Serra Retreat website, but some computers will
not open it.
joined her there. After taking charge of the
center, the sisters established a school for
women and girls.
She then took charge of the home that
St. Damien de Veuster had established for men
and boys on Molokai. She changed life there by
introducing cleanliness, pride, and fun to the
colony. As part of her approach, women were
provided with pretty dresses and bright scarves.
Mother Marianne was awarded the
Royal Order of Kapiolani by the Hawaiian
government and was written about in a poem
by Robert Louis Stevenson. She continued her
work and her sisters still work on Molokai
where they have attracted many vocations.
Mother Marianne died on August 9th,
was beatified in 2005 and was canonized seven
years later.
The Point at Serra Retreat Center
Saints’ Corner
St. Marianne Cope, OSF
St. Marianne Cope was borne to Peter and
Barbara Cope of Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany
on January 23, 1838. When she was two years
old, the family immigrated to the United States
and settled in Utica. When she was young, she
worked in a factory. In August of 1862, she
went to join the Sisters of the Third Order of St.
Francis in Syracuse. One year later, in
November, she was professed and began
teaching in Assumption parish school.
Sister Marianne was superior in many
different places and was superior at St. Joseph’s
Hospital in Syracuse where she learned skills
that would later help her in Hawaii.
In 1877, Mother Marianne was elected
provincial and remained in that position upon
reelection in 1881. In 1883, she answered the
call to go to Hawaii to run the Kakaako
Receiving Station for people who were
suspected of having leprosy. Six other sisters
Mother Marianne Cope, OSF
Franciscan sisters in Molokai
Following is a poem about St.
Marianne Cope, OFS written by poet Robert
Louis Stevenson. This poem was published in
the Burned-Over District Observer on October
23, 2012. The Burned-Over District is a term
“used by some to describe the region of
Western New York in the historical period of
1899-1850. It is also sometimes called the
second great awakening with combination of
religious, social, and political elements.”
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Poem for Saint
Marianne Cope
To the Reverend Sister Marianne,
Matron of the Bishop Home, Kalaupapa.
To see the infinite pity of this place,
The mangled limb, the devastated face,
The innocent sufferers smiling at the rod,
A fool were tempted to deny his God.
He sees and shrinks; but if he look again,
Lo, beauty springing from the breasts of pain!
He marks the sisters on the painful shores,
And even a fool is silent and adores.
Franciscan Calendar of Saints for January
3 Most Holy Name of Jesus
6 Bl. Diego Jose of Cadiz, priest, I Order
7 St. Angela of Foligno, religious, III Order
8 Bl. Eurosia Fabris, III Order
12 St. Bernard of Corleone, religious, I Order
14 Bl. Ordoric of Pordenone, priest, I Order
16 Sts. Berard, priest, and companions,
protomartyrs of the Order
18 St. Charles of Sezze, religious, I Order
19 St. Thomas of Cori, priest, I Order
St. Eustochia Calafato, virgin, II Order
20 Bl. John Baptist Triquerie, priest, martyr, I
23 St. Marianne Cope, virgin, OSF
24 St. Francis de Sales, bishop, doctor, III Order,
27 St. Angela Merici, virgin, III Order, founder
29 Bl. Roger of Todi, religious, I Order
30 St. Hyacinth of Mariscotti, virgin, III Order
31 St. John Bosco, priest, III Order, founder
Ongoing Formation for January
When we think of the holiday season,
we often think of gifts. The time before
Christmas is a flurry of shopping and decorating.
People often become stressed. We also think of
resolutions with the New Year.
The Magi came to worship our Lord.
They were resolved to see the face of God.
They had their worries. Herod did not
greet the news of a new king with glee. He did
take them seriously, however. He was so
frightened of the new king that he ordered the
slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Still, the Magi
pressed on. They were resolved to see the face
of God and to bring Him gifts. They put some
thought into these gifts. They brought him gold
as one did for a king. They brought incense
which acknowledged Him as God. Finally, they
brought Myrrh which was used to prepare a
body for burial. This foretold His death one day.
Christ also brought a gift. He brought
the gift of His sacrifice for our sins. He brought
love and a new way of life. Like the Magi, once
we know God, we walk a new path.
To prepare for our meeting, pray, listen
to God, and ask yourself, “What is my gift for
the Baby Jesus?” Like the Magi, resolve this
year to really get to know your Lord.
Special thanks to Father Gregory Elder, PhD for his
inspiration for this article. Also, a special thanks to our
Spiritual Assistant, Bill Mussatto, OSF who reminds us to
listen when we pray.
Obligations for the Professed of the Secular
Franciscan Order
To join in Liturgical prayer in one of the
forms proposed by the Church, preferably
the Liturgy of the Hours
The wear the Secular Franciscan habit (Tau
To examine one’s conscience daily
To contribute to the Fraternity’s common
fund according to one’s means
To observe the commandments of God and
the precepts of the Holy Mother Church
To attend monthly meetings for on-going
formation and community building
To observe moderation of dress,
recreation, food, and manner of life.
To give good example, avoid disputes, and
minister to the needs of others, especially
the poor.
Pray for our Military
Justin Williams (Marine)
Erica Borne (Air Force)
Marcus and Dominic Fontenot
Matthew Day (Air National Guard)
Please Pray
Dennis Herron, conversion and health
Keith Beard, conversion and health
Shirley Hulse, health
Agatha Borne’s sister-in-law, repose of soul
Elizabeth Richards, well-being/peace in family
January Birthday’s
January Professions
Lucy Oliva: Repose of Soul
Julie Bash
Angelina and Ara Sagherian
Rhonda Turkowski
Adriana and Ruben
Cassandra Beddingfield and family
Forrest Clark
An end to abortion
Sanctity of marriage
Johnathan Kimball
Charles Cushing
Eilene Smith
Judi M. Johnson
Janet Serros
Guadalupe Serros
Anne Hurst
Robbie Ward
Barbara and Tom Turkowski
Health and wellbeing of Betty Sonderman and
her friends and family
All caretakers for peace, strength, and comfort
For the safety of those who are persecuted by
terrorists and oppressive governments
The end of human trafficking
The end of domestic violence
Isabella Keller, pancreatic cancer
Lucille Adams, health and comfort
Gerard Borne, Jr. for the peace and guidance of
God in his life and for ongoing conversion
A dear sister, Lucy Oliva, passed away.
She was formerly a member of the Holy Spirit
Fraternity in Claremont. Lucy was a hair dresser
by trade and was proud of her Native American
heritage. She liked pretty things, and once
asked me if I could embroider gold thread
around the Tau on the scapular that members
of Holy Spirit were buried in. I promised to do it
and I regret that I could not fulfill the promise.
Lucy was a gentle soul and a wonderful sister. I
know she will receive her gold in Heaven.
Please pray for the repose of her soul and for
her family.
Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance: 11/30/14 $4,428.42
December Donations
General Fund
Change for Charity
Gregorian Masses
Total Deposits/December
St. Francis Region/
Chapter Meeting
Spiritual Assistant
Ending Balance: 12/31/14
Words of Padre Pio
“A thousand years of enjoying human glory is
not worth even an hour spent sweetly
communing with Jesus in the Blessed
Franciscan School of Theology
The Franciscan School of Theology is
now located at Mission San Luis Rey.
According to an email from region, Secular
Franciscans will receive a discount on
tuition. Phone numbers are (760) 547-1800
or toll free (855) 355-1550.
Change for Charity
Please remember to contribute to our
Change for Charity box. One hundred
percent of the proceeds go to support our
Our new Infirmarians are Agatha Borne
and Hermie Quevedo. They will work together
to bring comfort to our ill and homebound.
Janet Serros 951-242-7370 H
909-519-4448 C
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Hermie Quevedo 951-242-3632
Infirmarian: Agatha Borne 951-943-2709
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