CeramBright Module


CeramBright Module
Electronic Applications Division
CeramBright Module
Plug & Light for Interior and Exterior
CeramBright Module combine
Design and Performance
CeramBright Module: Plug & Light
CeramBright modules are high-performance IP67 LED sys-
• High-performance IP67 LED system
tems for fast and cost-effective fixture development. High-
• Miniaturized IP67 connector
quality materials and translucent cooling fins give the
• > 1000 lm with 4000K
simple geometric shape an almost magical appearance.
• Excellent thermal management
The 8 LEDs bonded directly to the ceramic heat-sink are
• Integrated thermal circuit breaker
perfectly cooled and are protected by transparent optics.
• High-quality materials
Elongated holes and grooves simplify clustering, a minia-
• No additional insulation required
turized IP67 connector is available.
• Excellent EMC
• Various beam angles
Modern 36-beam chandelier
with CeramBright modules in the diocesan
curia of the Bishop’s Palace Rottenburg.
Apron lighting
Let there be light:
CeramBright Modules in Use
Fascinating ceramics blend together with “Plug &
Light” to deliver exciting lighting solutions: from the decorative lights found in the Sproll Portal of the Rottenburg
Episcopal Palace to parking lot and accent lighting to the
illumination of service roads, factory premises and the fire
brigade hose tower in Plochingen.
Light columns and poles
Recessed lights
Accent lighting
CeramBright Module Plug & Light
for Interior and Exterior
That’s CeramCool®
Ceramic is a fascinating and convincing material. Alongside
• Efficient and reliable thermal management
its haptic and aesthetic qualities, it also holds tremendous
• CeramCool® = heat-sink + circuit board
optimization potential in terms of thermal management,
• Electrical circuits without thermal barrier directly
reliability and minimized size. This is because the material
on CeramCool®
unites two properties that normally contradict each other:
• No TCE mismatch, no delamination
thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. It also ex-
• Chip on heat-sink
hibits superior dielectric strength. Be inspired. To find your
• Lowest total thermal resistance Rtt
own solution.
• Ideal for miniaturization
• High mechanical and chemical stability
Translucent cooling fins, direct cooling
Fascinating ceramics
Plug & Light
CeramTec is an international provider of technical ceramics.
Well over 10,000 products, components and parts made by
the Ceramic Experts using various ceramic materials are in
use across the globe in a variety of applications in the electronics, vehicle and automotive engineering industries, energy and environment, general equipment and mechanical
engineering, all the way to medical technology. Over 3,600
employees work for CeramTec worldwide.
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The measured values mentioned before were determined for test samples and are applicable as standard values. The values were determined on the basis of DIN- /DIN-VDE standards
and if these were not available, on the basis of CeramTec standards. The values indicated must not be transferred to arbitrary formats, components or parts featuring different surface
qualities. They do not constitute a guarantee for certain properties. We expressly reserve the right to make technical changes.
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