EINSICHTEN.01 Vom Schwinden der Erinnerung (Fading Memory)


EINSICHTEN.01 Vom Schwinden der Erinnerung (Fading Memory)
Lutz Krutein, Theaterstraße 20, 90762 Fürth
0911 / 741 79 80, [email protected]
Vom Schwinden der Erinnerung (Fading Memory)
In 2015 the eleventh exhibition by KunstRaum Weissenohe in contemporary fine arts
concerning social behavior & demands will take place in the small village and former
monastery of Weissenohe, which is close to Nuremberg in the tourist and hiking
region of Upper Franconia. This year we’ll investigate the phenomenon of memory
and the loss of the same.
By Experience
The Art of Forgetting is neither a question of age nor a question of intellect. People
receive a flood of sensations at any second and keep only a minor part of them on
their minds and merely for a certain time. Someone’s ability to describe a particular
incidence shall not deceive us about the steady drain of data and facts from our
memory. In other words: We are unable by nature to recall any situation at any time
all embracing. In conversation about the events of the day concerning politics and
culture we suddenly don’t get the names of dictators or movie stars. We probably
remember an old school mate only by her bizarre habits or appearance. We
recognize our parent’s or grandparent’s faces in photographs, if we see them, but
their faces as such are no part of our vivid memory.
Yet our live, our whole existence and identity are based on the actual retrospection.
The latter might be described as a misty ocean with only a few islands protruding
above the fog of unvalued experience. Lonesome orbs in a personal universe serve
as our basic points, as columns of cognition and recognition. They shall enable us to
identify things, persons and events of our lives. Not to be shocked by the discrepancy
between the gained (and somehow stored) experience and the little memory we are
able to recall seems quite strange. In actual fact our “knowledge” is uncountable. We
only can’t grasp most information and it stays for ever hidden somewhere in our
Nonetheless we do make decisions day by day, we assume responsibility,
communicate with others, check data and fully rely on the vulnerable filaments of our
neuronal web.
Vinyl grooves or stone carvings?
As if mankind were one creature the individual, permanent loss of memory is just as
transferable to the social recall. All efforts to collect and store the steady growing
amount of information are proven impossible, as the volumes apparently loose their
storage capacities in time the same grade they gain capacities in quantity. CD’s and
DVD’s cannot be played after a few years, magnetic tapes dissolve, hard disk
volumes tend to crash. Reliable paper media are not suitable to fast electronic
transfer, edition or multiplication. Precious documents are scarcely to be filed, since
archives are already bursting and further space will not be available in sufficient
Intention of the exhibition
The village of Weissenohe became a meeting point for many art loving people from
the vicinity as well as from the Nuremberg area and and attracts well known artists
and many visitors since years. All art show in Weissenohe happens within the estate
of the ancient monastery, especially in the old malt production hall. We do hope to
gather a wide range of contemporary art categories. The exhibition shall be
accomplished by talks and information about social, techical or medical matter
matching the loss-of-memory-theme. Organizations and companies busy in
pharmaceutical or electronical affairs will be welcome. The place offers room for
exhibition, information and any kind of performance and activity.
Probable artworks:
Paintings, drawings and graphics, installation, performance, objects and sculptures,
concept art, photography and films.
Artists from Germany and Poland will be invited to participate in the Fading Memory
project. The team of curators will be binational, too. It consists of KunstRaum
Weissenohe e.V., represented by heads Lutz Krutein and Janusz Radtke and also
Fundacja Transporter Kultury, ul. Mlaskotów 10, 30-117, Kraków, Polska
[email protected], represented by their heads Jakub Najbart and Piotr
Exhibition starts Sept, 5th (opening) and ends Sept, 27th 2015