School drama class play - Southern Manitoba Review


School drama class play - Southern Manitoba Review
Thursday, February 12, 2015
P.O. Box 249, Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0
RCMP Weekly Report
Killarney Detachment 204-523-7293 / After hours 204-523-7255
The following is the RCMP
report to February 3, 2015.
This reporting period, police
responded to the following calls
for service: 1 traffic accidents,
4 traffic violations, 2 provincial statute, 10 common police
activities (alarms, suspicious
persons/vehicles, assistance to
general public), 2 crimes against
property, 2 crimes against persons, 2 other criminal code.
NOTE: The Boissevain
RCMP business hours were
Monday to Friday from 8:00
a.m. to 12:00 p.m. However,
those hours will be sporadic for
the time being, so call first before attending. We hope to have
an update to those hours in the
coming week.
January 28 – Police were dis-
After a loss and a win in the
last two games of regular league
play, the Cartwright Clippers
are off to the first round of playoffs.
Ending up in 5th place in the
east division, the locals come up
first against the 4th place Swan
Lake team. The first game was
last night at Swan Lake.
Game 2 goes this Saturday,
Feb. 14 at the Clipperdome, so
you don’t have to worry about
what to do with your Valentine.
Just head for the rink at 8 p.m.
It is just a 3-game series, so this
is the only game here. Game
3 is Sunday at Swan Lake, if
necessary. These two teams
are very even on the stats, with
Swan Lake just one point ahead
of the Clippers, so it should be
great hockey.
Other match-ups
Pilot Mound squeaked into
the play-off round and is up
agains Carberry. In the west
side, it is Hartney vs Melita and
Deloraine vs Boissevain. All of
these series should be done on
Feb. 15th.
The next round in the east division will have 1st place Gladstone and 2nd place Neepawa
taking on the winners of the
first round.
patched to a single vehicle roll
over on Highway 18, south of
Ninette. No injuries were sustained in the accident and it’s
believed to be caused by icy
road conditions.
Police received a report of
a theft of snowmobile near
Ninette. The matter is under
investigation and anyone with
information is asked to call Killarney RCMP or Crimestoppers.
Police were dispatched to a
911 call of a male at a residence
in Ninga and the homeowner
wanted him removed. The matter was resolved peacefully.
Boissevain Port of Entry
called to report they had an
American female, who was attempting to enter Canada and
during a search they located 52
grams of marihuana and a can
of pepper spray. The female
was denied entry to Canada and
the drugs and pepper spray were
January 30 – Police assisted
with a breach of peace matter
in Boissevain. The matter was
resolved peacefully.
January 31 – Police received a
complaint of an assault in Dunrea. The matter was deemed
February 2 – Police were dispatched to a structure fire in the
RM Prairie Lakes. A detached
garage was completely destroyed. The fire was deemed
accidental and no suspicious.
No injuries were sustained in
the fire.
Police received a complaint
of snowmobiles driving past
the church during service on
Sunday morning, disturbing
the worship. Please be advised
that there are designated routes
for snowmobiles. It is an offence to drive in town, outside
of those routes. Please refrain
from driving in town. If caught,
charges may be laid and the machine towed.
February 3 – Police received
a report of identify theft in the
municipality of Deloraine-Winchester. The matter is being investigated.
Police received a report of
two dogs playing with a frozen
turkey in the RM of Whitewater. The complainant was put
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Volume 117
Number 6
Serving Cartwright
and Mather since 1899
municipal council meeting
Council of the CartwrightRoblin Municipality met Jan.
27, 2015 for a regular meeting,
with Head of Council R. Lovell
present, as well as Councillors
P. Burton, J. Daly, B. Decosse,
V. Hildebrand, B. Pawich, and
Chief Administrative Officer C.
Meeting minutes from January 15, 2015 were adopted.
6:00 Greg Anderson, Canada
Bridge - Review of 8 bridges
inspected in the municipality.
Suggested improvements for
each bridge.
7:30 Municipality of Louise:
Ken Buchanan, Murray McIntyre and Wally Smith.
Exploring alternate water
source for Clearwater LUD
with option of community well
for agricultural purposes. Cart-
Council expressed support in
principle; further information
HOC Lovell – 2014 DFA
proposals drafted by Stantec
for review/ recommendation by
The Works Management Group
to Council for decision. – Public works communication: Currently no shop cell phone, some
employees carry their personal
phone. FM radio is available
from the office or shop. Cell
phone boosters for shop &
truck could improve reception
– tabled to budget. Change to
fleetnet system is an option but
Councillor Burton – Lakeland
Regional Library statistics for
2014: 3781 visits to Cartwright
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School drama class play
The Cartwright School Drama Class completed their semester with a presentation of
the play “Troy”. The students
learned a lot about the Greek
gods. Characters in the play included: Paris (Prince of Troy)
The Cartwright School Drama Class: Teacher Riley Kemp (with flowers presented by the cast), Erika
Sterkel, Kyle Livingstone, Samuel Wetstein, Von Mullin, Fernando Harder, Cole McKibbin, Daniel
Kamstra, Dennis Sudermann, Rolando Harder; Front - Alexander Sveinson, Trina Langan, Holly
Stokes, Haylee Kamstra. The drama class finally presented “Troy” on Feb. 6, 2015. It had been
scheduled for the end of semester, in January, but too many were sick that day.
- played by Samuel Wetstein,
Helen (Queen of Sparta) - Holly
Stokes, Cassandra (Princess of
Troy) - haylee Kamstra, Apollo
(God of Light) - Daniel Kamstra, Zeus (King of the Gods)
- Dennis Sudermann, Athena
(Goddess of War) - Trina Langan, Hera (Queen of the Gods)
- Erika Sterkel, Poseidon (God
of the Sea) - Alex Sveinson,
Homer (Writer and Poet) - Fernando Harder, Hector (Prince of
Troy) - Cole McKibbin, Odysseus (Spartan War Leader) Von Mullin, Ajax (Greek War
Hero) - Rolando Harder, Achilles (Greek War Hero) - Kyle
Livingstone, and a few more.
Teacher/director Riley Kemp
was in charge of audio and special effects.
The cast had fun with the action, and the play was fun for
the spectators, with some audience participation in cheering for either Troy or Sparta at
appropriate spots. Several cast
members were playing more
than one character so some
quick costume changes were
part of the excitement. The audience included all the students
at Cartwright, and any parents
and community members able
to come on such short notice.