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Safety. Own It. - National – Exploration, Wells & Pumps
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National Exploration, Wells & Pumps is dedicated
to operating safely from the ground up — reflecting
the respect we have for our employees, our clients
and the community. We recognize safety as core to
who we are and a cornerstone of our culture.
To achieve world-class
safety standards, we match
personnel with the best
equipment to exceed all
industry safety benchmarks. The basis of our
“Safety. Own It.” approach is that true safety goes
beyond any department or program. It requires
that each person take ownership for the safety
of himself and those around him. We recognize
the essential element to a safe workplace is that
every person and the company as a whole take
responsibility. This principle is an intrinsic element
to the building blocks of our organization. It is as
much of who and what we are as a company as
drilling itself.
At National, safety starts before the employee is
hired with a pre-employment ergonomic/medical
screening which matches applicant to specific job
duties. Initial training begins on day one, supported
by our Safety Supervisors. A minimum of forty
hours initial training is provided to each employee,
augmented by ongoing competency-based training.
The “Safety. Own It.” program is supported by fulltime safety professionals who train employees, con­
duct site/equipment audits and work with the field
crews daily to improve safe-work procedures.
The Safety Supervisors, supported by the
management are in the field every day. Along with
safety audits, the Safety Supervisors imple­
several performance, tracking and information
gathering systems that allow National to perform
above world-class standards for lost time injuries
and total recordable incidents. These include:
• Near Miss Reporting and Investigation
• Root Cause Analysis Based Incident Review
Active Claims Management Process
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Equipment
Weekly Safety Meetings
Competency Based Training
We have created a safety culture within National
Exploration, Wells & Pumps that has a zero accident
goal as a fundamental objective. This Our “Safety.
Own It.” culture permeates the company, from the
president attending weekly safety briefings to the
field crews who actively participate in the daily
tailgate safety meeting.
National partners with consultants and site owners
to develop protocols to meet the demanding needs
of field safety. From highly complex, remote
mining operations to visible retail petroleum sites,
our standards remain the same on every job, every
day. Our safety culture has demonstrated success
but continues to evolve. While this is reflected in
numbers and statistics, our underlying objective
is that no accidents occur on your project and that
every employee returns home safely to their family.
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e n v i ro n m e n ta l
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