RANKING EVENT Matunga Gymkhana Junior Squash Open 2015


RANKING EVENT Matunga Gymkhana Junior Squash Open 2015
Matunga Gymkhana Junior Squash Open 2015
14 -18 February 2015
Matunga Gymkhana
Lakhamsey Napoo Road, Matunga (CR), Mumbai 400 019
Phone: +91 22 24143828, 24173662
Email: [email protected]
Tournament Committee
Manish Chheda
Himanshu Parekh
Devang Vora
Chetan Popat
Sandeep Shah
Entries close on 28 January 2015
This is an SRFI 2 star ranking event governed by the SRFI National Junior Circuit & Ranking Guidelines.
Details of these guidelines can be found at www.indiasquash.com/srfi-ranking.asp Players should
abide by the code of conduct.
2. Matches shall be best of 3 or 5 games (depending on no. of entries) with Point a Rally 11 points per
game scoring system.
3. Players are required to report to the tournament office at least 20 minutes before the scheduled time
of their match. Failure to do so may result in a walk over.
4. Action may be taken and ‘zero points’ will be awarded against players who without valid reason give a
walkover or do not turn up for the event.
5. The tournament committee shall arrange referees for the matches. However players may be
requested to referee matches and if so requested, are obliged to do so. The organisers will provide
squash balls for the matches.
6. Players must wear shoes with non-marking soles and the use of approved eye protection is
7. Players should make themselves available to meet reasonable requests for interviews by the media
with the concurrence of the SRFI. Players should not air their opinions on controversial issues or make
any derogatory remarks about participants, officials, referees or any related parties.
8. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against players who abuse (verbal or gesture) referees/officials
on or off court throughout the duration of the championship - This may include suspension from
participation in SRFI sanctioned events.
9. The SRFI Observer has the right to conduct age verification tests and dope test on any player.
Infringement will incur action to be taken as per Government of India / SRFI rules.
10. In the event of disputes, the decision of the SRFI observer shall be final and binding.
11. Accommodation or TA/DA will not be provided.
Entries MUST be submitted via the online registration on www.indiasquash.com prior to the
closing date mentioned above; only entries duly endorsed by the respective State Association shall be
Players must be under the age category as on 18th February 2015. Random age verification tests /
dope tests may be conducted.
The entry fee (Rs. 500 per player) must be paid at the tournament venue prior to your first match.
There will be 10 age categories – Boys & Girls under 11, 13, 15, 17 & 19. A player can enter in only one
age category.
Distance (approx.)
15 km from Airport
1.5 km from Dadar (CR) Railway Sation (Outstation)
0.3 km from Matunga (CR) Railway Station (Local)