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DACC 2014 tourney ‘went well’ with 101 players
The 2014 Scrabble tournament saw 101
players compete March 29 and 30 at Danville Area Community College.
“I think things went very well generally,”
said tournament director Marty Gabriel. “I
received many nice comments from players
about the quality of the event. Several players who were attending for the first time
promised to return!”
Players came from Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa and
Fifty-one players competed on Saturday,
with 47 playing in TWL divisions and four
playing in the CSW division. Fifty players
competed Sunday, with 42 playing in the
TWL divisions, 4 playing in the CSW division and four playing in the Casual Players
The tournament benefits DACC’s Reader’s
Route adult literacy program.
Two players provided tournament assistance. Stacy Phillips of Tennessee served
as an apprentice director.
“She was very helpful!” Gabriel said.
Della Lutz of Illinois provided an easyreference binder that contained all of the
NASPA rules.
“It helped the director function very efficiently,” Gabriel said.”
Both women went on to become cash
prize winners. Phillips finished second in Division 5 on Sunday. Lutz finished second in
Division 5 on Saturday and first in Division
5 on Sunday.
Also, a research study involving two
DePaul grad students was conducted at the
As in previous years, the food and refreshments served at the tournament were
a hit.
“Barbecue sandwiches were a new item
in the hospitality room each day of the
event this year. They seemed to be very
popular,” Gabriel said.
Players await tournament director Marty Gabriel’s announcement of the day’s
divisional cash winners and the non-cash winners with high win and high loss
scores. The non-cash winners took a trip to the prize table to select merchandi-
A non-cash winner happily shows off his selection from the prize table, a designer Snuggie.
ise collected by Scott Heatherton, director of the Reader’s Route. The merchandise came from local shops, businesses and private donors. The top two finishers in the Casual Play Tournament also were awarded prizes from the table.
Scott Hawkins won the raffle
prize, a Kindle e-reader donated
by DACC trustee Dave Harby.

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