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Full Press Release
Press Release
Lumion 5.3- Available from 17th of February 2015
“Designed with needs in mind of Architects in over 100 Countries”
The Netherlands, 17th February, 2015
Lumion makes it fast and simple for Designers, Architects and Construction professionals to breathe life
into their 3D designs by visualizing them as high quality videos and still images. Lumion is a simple-touse tool in which you build compelling scenes in real-time around your 3D designs. Its simplicity, quality
and the ultra-fast rendering speed make Lumion a game-changer. Lumion runs on GPU technology, so
as long as you have a good graphics card in your computer, you just need to click to upload your 3D
model and then intuitively build a beautiful scene and create your 3D flythrough videos and still images.
Following the release of Lumion 5 in November 2014, Dutch development powerhouse Act-3D today
launches Lumion 5.3. The Architectural Visualization Software is now sold in more than 100 countries
worldwide and a great many of the top architectural companies across the world have already integrated
Lumion into their workflow. “We listen carefully to the wishes of Architects, Designers, Construction
professionals and BIM experts around the world,” says CEO Ferry Marcellis. “This update reflects many
of their wishes. The Lumion Team has further improved the user-friendly PureGlass® interface, and has
developed some great new features. With Lumion they can visualize their wildest architectural dreams.”
Be the first to use the newest technology and improve your workflow. Here are some Lumion 5.3
Automatic relief for imported images
In Lumion 5.3, a new feature in the material editor automatically creates relief for imported images. This
means, for example, that a wood image taken from the internet results in a material which has the depth
and appearance of real wood.
Easier eye level camera
Walk through your design. Place the camera position at eye height and quickly orientate the camera for a
perfect horizontal view angle. This feature makes it extremely simple to create films from the viewpoint of
a person as they walk through an architectural design.
Flexible Object Movement
With Lumion 5.3 objects from different categories, such as people, trees and so on can now be simply
selected and moved around together within your scene.
Lock movement to an axis
Lumion 5.3 makes it possible to restrict movement to one axis. This saves time in tweaking the placement
and alignment of objects.
Content search function
The object library has become so large that it now contains thousands of items. The new search function
helps you quickly find the content you need in the content library.
Render photo set
Instead of rendering each photo one by one, you can now render many photos at once.
Individual effect stacks for each photo
This feature makes it possible to choose different effects for each photo. In combination with the new
photo-set rendering function, it provides an excellent way to improve your photo rendering efficiency.
Hyperlight® in print resolution
Lighting is crucial in making compelling images. Hyperlight® is a physically-based method of
incorporating light reflections into a scene and greatly improves the lighting quality. This proprietary
technology was specially developed for Lumion 5. In Lumion 5.3 you can now enable Hyperlight® when
rendering images in Print & Poster resolution. Now it’s possible to create print resolution images with
amazing lighting.
Increased compatibility with 3D modelling software
You can import a 3D model made with Revit®, SketchUp®, ArchiCAD®, Rhino®, 3D Studio Max® and
Allplan®. Now, improved importing into Lumion is also possible from Revit LT and Nemetscheck
Lumion 5.3 is available worldwide from 17th February, 2015. Lumion 5 customers get Lumion 5.3 for
More information: www.Lumion3d.com
About ACT-3D B.V, makers of Lumion
Founded in 1998, Dutch development powerhouse Act-3D B.V. creates user-friendly real-time 3D visualization software. Lumion®
and Act-3D®, Hyperlight® and PureGlass® are registered trademarks of Act-3D B.V. in the Netherlands.
Lumion is Architectural Visualization Software. Suitable for BIM applications. Available for the 64-bits version of Windows Vista, 7, 8
and 10. Hardware requirements: www.Lumion3d.com/products
Press contact
Linda van Wijk. Email: [email protected]

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