Rev Engine Pro How to install files:



Rev Engine Pro How to install files:
Rev Engine Pro
How to install files:
Step1. Existing files to extract from zip folder include
1. RevEnginePro.EX4
2. rrfxREP.mqh
3. RevIndicator.EX4
4. RevEnginePro Template
Step 2. Open MetaEditor → File → Open Data Folder
Step 3. Open MQL4 Folder
Step 4. Place the files from the extracted Zip Folder into the correct Directory
Step 5. Place the Template file on your desktop for later loading once MT4 is running
Step 6. Close MT4, and restart MT4 to load the new changes in files. Open MT4
Step 7. Load RevEnginePro template by righ click on MT4 chart → Template → Load Template
Find the template on your desktop. Once you load the template it will include the Expert Advisor.
Change the TimeFrame to H1 chart by right click on chart → Periodicity → H1
No Setfiles are needed to import with RevEnginePro. The settings are within the EA. All you need to
do is input the correct Currency Name into the CurrencyPair parameter witin RevEnginePro. Make
sure you have the correct Chart open ( Same chart Symbol as the CurrencyPair parameter).
Step 8. CheckBox Allow Live Trading , No Allow DLL imports is needed.
Step 9. Enable AutoTrading ( Push Button )