What`s new in



What`s new in
What’s new in
Service Pack 2?
Further enhancements deliver the best user experience in
performance management
Prophix 11 SP2 incorporates user feedback to put additional power in the hands of the finance
team and other business users. This update offers improved business process automation and
further streamlines report distribution.
PowerPoint and Word integration
Easily generate PowerPoint slide decks and Word documents from your Prophix reporting
templates. Automate these outputs to ensure that the company works with a single version of the
truth—now in the formats that stakeholders like to see!
Improved report distribution
At the click of a button, output Prophix Report Binders
to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and experience new
enhancements including:
Ability to leverage user groups in report distribution lists
Numbering of pages in Report Binder outputs
Custom email contents in automated report distribution
Custom Excel sheet naming
Discover the new calculation engine
A new process called Template Calculation enhances the automation of business modeling
capabilities for complex calculations.
Additional enhancements:
• Drill-across now considers the year-to-date time perspective member
• Choose the number of rejected records to save during data imports
• Use the new Workflow Manager Activity diagrams, in addition to the traditional Gantt chart
And don’t forget these features – already available!
Prophix 11 includes mobile access from the iPad, a brand new interface, simplified report
maintenance, and redesigned workflow.
Discover the new Template Studio
Save time and improve productivity
Developed based on an expansive list of feedback provided by
our users, coupled with a newly optimized interface, Template
Studio enables authors to build the reports they want in the fewest
number of steps. It is now easier than ever for business users to
author and distribute comprehensive and visually stunning reports.
Highlights of Template Studio include:
• Faster load times for reports
• Template Styles to automate the creation of frequently used reports
• Unlimited levels of undo to easily correct mistakes
• Quick access to all frequently used formatting and layout functions
• Automatic data formatting rules
• Backwards compatibility with existing reports
Introducing Prophix Mobile
Available in the App Store
Work online or offline. Providing access to live data from anywhere,
Prophix Mobile eliminates down time. Analyze and respond to
your numbers with financial information and performance metrics
at your fingertips. Secure on-demand reports offer a personal touch, allowing you to review your
updated data through the comfort of the iPad’s interface. Save, share, or print as needed. Prophix
Mobile is purpose-built for the iPad, incorporating gestures and swipes, with no web browser
Broaden engagement across your organization. Share reports securely with stakeholders, without
the risk of data falling into the wrong hands. This functionality can help to earn buy-in from IT
leaders, who may be looking for solutions to integrate with their
mobile device strategies. Altogether, Prophix Mobile adds the
perfect complement to your company’s existing solution.
Head office
With additional offices in:
350 Burnhamthorpe Road W.
Suite 1000
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5B 3J1
United Kingdom
Telephone: 1-905-279-8711
Toll-free: 1-800-387-5915
Email: [email protected]
To learn more about our
international operations,
visit: www.prophix.com

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Prophix 11? number of steps. It is now easier than ever for business users to author and distribute comprehensive and visually stunning reports. Highlights of Template Studio include:

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