Fully Integrated Web-Based EHR and Practice



Fully Integrated Web-Based EHR and Practice
Podiatry Patient Management System
Fully Integrated Web-Based EHR and
Practice Management Software Solution
for Podiatry Experts
With over 10 years, experience WEBeDoctor has collaborated with Podiatry experts, to connect Podiatrist’s with a practice management
system. Integrating WEBePodi® in your podiatry practice allows more patients to be seen each day, reducing interrelated costs with managing
a podiatry practice, and ensures patient privacy and safety. WEBePodi® by WEBeDoctor is the most efficient way to increase your profits,
manage patient records and streamline your office workflow.
WEBePodi® Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) meets the ARRA Meaningful Use criteria. It is a Drummond Group® Certified Ambulatory
EHR, ONC-ATBC Certified Complete EHR supporting “Meaningful Use” 2011-2012, and not to mention fully HIPAA Compliant. WEBePodi
Practice Management, EMR, ePrescribing, and Billing Software (ICD-10 compatible) is a fully integrated, single database software solution.
The podiatry templates were developed by Podiatrists for single and multi- physician offices, striving to not only give you the software to
automate patient record documentation, but storage, retrieval, and the tools to make sure you optimize the technology for fast and complete
return on investment (ROI).
Podiatry Specific EHR Templates
► Point-n-Click SOAP Note Templates
► Ankle Sprain Template
► Bunion Template
► Ingrown Nail Template
► Bursitis Template
► Foot Fracture Template
► Achilles Tendonitis Template
► Neuroma Template
► Orthotics Template
► Diabetes Initial/FU Template
► Referral Letter Templates
WEBePodi® Benefits
► Maintain a Patient-Centered Practice:
Patient information is accessed instantly.
Complete patient medical records can be
viewed at a glance. WEBePodi® captures all
patient related messages and records them to
the appropriate medical record. Many
podiatrists have found point-of-care charting
improves overall documentation and
compliance. WEBePodi® allows for more
comprehensive documentation in less time.
► Facilitate Risk Management:
Illegible charts and prescriptions are a thing of
the past! Patient charts are securely stored
offsite. Since records are automated the risk of
documentation audits are significantly
reduced. Errors caused by illegible handwriting, unclear abbreviations, dose errors,
unclear orders, or fax clarity are done away
with. Compliance with HIPAA regulations is
much easier to meet as well.
► Web-Based:
WEBePodi® web-based system allows for
operational status and activity to be monitored
without being physically in the communications center. A web-based system provides for
remote access to live information without
sacrificing security. Multiple users can be on
the system at the same time. Mobile devices
such as mobile phones, iPad®, netbook,
laptops as well as desktops can access the
system at the same time.
► Security:
WEBePodi® uses the highest security
available, 128bit encryption, the same encryption used for online banking. Information can
be restricted at the user level; logging actions
without sacrificing data or security integrity.
► Revenue Cycle Management:
WEBePodi® has complete revenue cycle
management. WEBePodi® allows podiatrists
to determine insurance eligibility and the
patient’s insurance coverage. This allows for
the podiatrist to reduce denials and increase
reimbursement by providing medically necessary services. This improves the workflow
process and allows the staff to accurately
authorize services, validate coverage, and get
copayments prior to the patient’s appointment.
In addition, WEBePodi® allows for a streamlined billing and electronic claims processing.
WEBePodi® provides analysis and reporting
capabilities so podiatry professionals can
Hardware and Software
Tablet PCs:
Pen Tablets:
► ASP Based
Line Printers:
Windows compliant Laser Printer
Label Printers:
• Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo or Better
*Avoid all-in-one machines (print/fax/scan)
*Avoid Dot Matrix printers
Broadband Internet Connection: Full Sheet Scanners:
• DSL or Better
Internet Browser:
• TWAIN-compliant full-sheet scanner
• Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500/S1500M or Better
• Microsoft explorer 7 or Higher
• Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or
Google Chrome
Card Scanner for ID/Insurance Cards:
• ePad by Interlink electronics VP9801 or Better
• Wacom Sign Pad STU-300 and Sign Doc or Better
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or Higher
• Microsoft Word 2003 or Higher
• Microsoft Excel 2003 or Higher
► Drummond® 2011 certified system
► ARRA Approved for “Meaningful Use”
Apple or PC
Pentium 4 class or Better
2GM RAM or Higher
800x600 screen resolutions or
• Windows XP Professional or Higher
WEBePodi® Features
• Apple iPad (Version 1 or 2) or Better
• Dell Inspirion Duo or Better
• HP Touchpad or Better
• HP Compaq TC4400 or Better
• Toshiba Portege M750 or Better
• Dell Latitude XT2 or Better
better manage insurance payers as well as
individual cash patient accounts.
► Improve Time Consuming Office
Searching for lost charts is time consuming
and your staff could be more efficient.
WEBePodi® eliminates time lost searching for
misplaced charts because documentation is
written at the point of care and organized
electronically right away. Charts, filing and
folders are all eliminated — there is nothing to
misplace or lose! Patient information can be
shared among your staff to complete multiple
tasks at once.
► Cost:
Since WEBePodi® is web-based; the cost for
a complete solution is less expensive than
traditional client/server based software. There
is no need for expensive servers or data
rooms. Multiple devices can be used with
WEBePodi® including Apple iPad®, mobile
phones, netbooks, notebooks, and even
desktop computers, saving your company
capital to invest elsewhere. Additional costs for
updates and users are a thing of the past. All
updates and additional users are included in
the cost.
• Simplex, Model PS665-SS or Better
► Workflow Management
► Specialty Specific Procedure
► Automatic Referring Physician Letter
► E&M Coding Assistance for Podiatry
► Electronic Prescription Writing
► Decision Support (ADE, Coding)
► Fully Integrated Billing Module
► Document/Image Management
► Tablet PC and iPad Enabled
► HL7 Custom Interfaces
Signature Pad:
• Dragon Medical 10.1 Dictation Software or Better
• Sign Doc for Pen Tablet by Softpro
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