Lauren Dorn Jones - The Bedford Citizen


Lauren Dorn Jones - The Bedford Citizen
I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Dan Brosgol’s candidacy for the open position on the
Bedford School Committee.
To know Dan is to know a man who is dedicated to all of his many endeavors. He is an amazing
husband and father, a kind and gentle role model for the children he coaches and interacts
with, a phenomenal writer with a unique and powerful voice, and a person who seems to be
involved in everything. I see Dan at Starbucks talking to any number of different kinds of
people, at baseball and basketball games around town (even ones that don’t involve his kids),
and all over the internet on the many blogs and websites he writes for. This summer he even
showed up at my son’s baseball game in Winchester one evening just because he cared and
wanted to see him play. That’s the kind of friend and person Dan is.
I am also fortunate to have seen Dan operate in his work life, and feel very comfortable
attesting to his consummate professionalism, his dedication to his school and its mission, and
to his outstanding reputation in his field. That he was named to the inaugural list of the Top 18
young adult Jews in Boston, a list that included a Boston city councilor, major philanthropists,
and internationally-recognized artists, should give everyone an understanding for the amount
of notoriety he has gained at a relatively young age. Dan is not a future leader in our
community, he is currently a leader, and Bedford voters should not only take notice of this
young man whose future is bright, but take him up on his offer to serve our town as a member
of the School Committee.
Finally, I have had the pleasure of serving with Dan on the Lane School Advisory Council this
year. Dan volunteered for that position and has filled his role as a council member with passion
and dedication. His opinions are sharp and concise, his wit and humor always shine through,
and his desire for excellence, efficiency, and good teaching and learning comes across in all of
his comments. Knowing Dan, I am certain he would bring that same passion, insight, and
dedication to the School Committee.
A vote for Dan Brosgol is a vote for our future. Please join me in voting for him on March 14.
Lauren Dorn-Jones
Robinson Drive