Elder-Shepherd Selection Now in Process


Elder-Shepherd Selection Now in Process
Vol. 27, No.10
March 8, 2015
Selection Now in
Please submit nominations to the elders
Please Pray For—Members at Maryville
Exie Dadisman, mother of Bonnie Edwards, is in the hospital in
Louisville, KY, undergoing tests.
Karen Madden (Lt. Orange CG) has been diagnosed with breast
cancer and is seeing doctors about a course of treatment.
Please continue to pray for: Betty Trater (Purple CG), Morning
View Transitional, room 112, Laura Hawkins (Blue CG) Morning
View Village, room 207, Laurie Holmes (Red CG), Teresa Walt
(Lt. Orange CG), and Donna Dunbar (Red CG)
Remember to pray for our shut-ins: Ruth Price (Green CG), Mae
Bell Ivens (Purple CG), Jean Coleman (Lt. Orange CG), Ron Reilly
(Lt. Pink CG), Mary Miller (Aqua CG), Fran Jennings (Lt. Pink CG),
Donna Epps (Blue CG), Betty Pierce (Blue CG), Mary Katherine
Davis (Red CG), Betty Draper (Aqua CG)
Those who are being treated for cancer or recovering from
cancer treatments:
Tom Hazelwood, Tom Horis, Mike Healy, Chris Houser, Pat
England, Mac McDonald, Larry Stephens (brother of Dick
Stephens), Patti Asbill, Jim Hafer
Our Missionaries: Kent and Rachel O’Donnell, Albert and Lavinia
Cook, Bledi and Valbona Valca, Ben and Jazmin Baker, Ellen
Walker, Albert and Jona Cepi, Matt and Francesca Almquist
Maryville Friends and Family
Miranda Grubaugh, 5 year-old daughter of Jennifer and Eric, is
now at home. Jennifer is a coworker of Terry Rush.
Terry Byrd, brother-in-law of Mike Farmer, is experiencing kidney
failure after having surgery at Fort Sanders Hospital to remove his
bladder and repair his colon and liver.
Other prayer requests that have been listed in the bulletin previously
are now on the bulletin board and in the foyer. There are lists
available for you to take home. Please help the church office keep our
prayer list current by notifying us of all updates.
Two or three elders will be available in the hallway outside the
office during the invitation song for anyone who would like to
meet with them for personal prayer.
Our Mission Statement: To fulfill the Great Commission by
teaching the Gospel to the lost, to encourage a never ending
spiritual growth in God’s children, and to hold steadfastly to
the Bible which we affirm is the inerrant and inspired word of
David and Laura Huff have a new granddaughter, Isabella Joy Huff,
born Sunday, February 22nd, in Alpharetta, GA. She weighed 8
pounds, 3 ounces. Proud parents are Joshua and Joyce Huff.
Darwin and Terressa Spradlin have a new grandson, Coen Myer
Robertson, born to Rebecca and Josh Robertson on February 12 th.
He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces.
Thank You Fellowship for Mrs. Judy and Mr. Randy
Randy and Judy Harris will be moving to West Tennessee later this
month and we will be honoring them Sunday evening, March 15th, after
the evening worship. Randy is now working with Freed-Hardeman
Bible Question of the Week
Last week's question: In which book of the Bible is the phrase “son
of man” most often found? Answer: The book of Romans. God's
message of grace in the book of Romans begins and ends with a
reference to obedience as part of God's purpose.
This week's question: The longest chapter in the Bible deals with
what subject?
Upcoming Events
♦Tuesday, March 10th – Ramblers’ trip to Cumberland County
Playhouse; leave at 11:30 a.m.
♦March 11th – fellowship for March birthdays after class in FH
♦Saturday, March 14th – Eastern European Brunch at 9:30 a.m. at
Hardin Valley Church of Christ
♦Ladies’ Night Out – March 26th at 6:30 p.m. at Calhoun’s
Security Issue
Please be on the lookout for unlocked exterior doors. Recently there
have been exterior doors to the church building found unlocked. If you
enter a locked door during non-worship hours, please be sure you lock
it back prior to leaving the area. If you enter a door that is not locked
(during non-worship hours), please alert someone in the church office
so it can be secured. Thanks for helping make our building more safe
& secure.
David Pittman
Monthly Birthday Fellowship
Beginning this Wednesday, March 11th, we will celebrate all the
birthdays for the current month after classes. Please go to the
Fellowship Hall after class to honor all those who celebrate their
birthday in March. The next fellowship will be April 8th.
Megan Godinez, mother of Carolyn Roach, passed away Tuesday,
March 3, in Memphis, TN. Services are being held today (March 8).
Genevieve DeGrasse, mother of Jean Lowry, passed away
Monday, March 2. A memorial service will be held here at the
church building at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 21st.
A Servant Steps Aside
We would like to thank Jim and Becky Kiles for their five plus years of
service to the Deaf Ministry and tireless care for this portion of our
church family. Jim has made the decision to step aside as a deacon in
this work. Health issues and confidence in his fellow laborers have led
to this decision. We pray that the Lord grant him improved health.
Dedicated lovers of this church, they have already sought other ways
to live out their gifts. We love and appreciate you!
Do You Have Prayer Requests?
The leaders of this congregation believe in the power of prayer. If
you have a request you would like us to pray about, please notify
the office or place a note in the prayer request box in the foyer. The
elders meet every Sunday evening for prayer, and the ministers and
staff have prayer for members in a weekly staff meeting.
Ladies’ Retreat
The 2015 retreat is being planned for August 28 – 30in Pigeon Forge.
Please mark those dates on your calendar and more information will
Youth News
►7-21: Spring Break: Alcoa
►14-21: Spring Break: Blount Co./Maryville/Knox Co. Look for
text during Spring Break about a Bible study series we are going to
do. Also updates on special service opportunities
Wednesday, March 11th: WATCH Class: Community
►Friday-Sunday, March 27-29: Spring Fuel: “The Pursuit of
Happiness”: We will go to Pigeon Forge. Andrew Jenkins from
Woodson Chapel in Nashville will be coming to speak to us. Cost is
$40, due by March 17th. Sign up on the youth board TODAY!
►Friday- Sunday: April 3-5: Lads to Leaders Convention
►Thursday- Sunday, April 16th-19th: Senior Retreat: We are
taking our Seniors for a weekend retreat in Asheville, NC, to talk
about our future and the blessings of our ministry and church. Look
for a flyer and info on the Youth Board today.
Grace and peace,
Andy 803-2327
Winter Weather Service Opportunity
The unusual winter blast we have experienced this year has
highlighted a few needs around the church property. Snow and ice
create a fall hazard to our church family and guests. We have
cancelled assemblies in an effort to promote safety, but there are
occasions when “the show must go on,” as they say. This is especially
true of Stepping Stones Preschool.
We need your help in identifying folks who are willing to aid us in
combating Old Man Winter. If you, or someone you know has a
snowplow on their truck please let us know. Also, we are in need of
people to shovel sidewalks and spread salt.
We want to be good stewards of the Lord’s money and avoid hiring
this work out if at all possible. We know that there are many in the
church family here who are willing to step up to this need.
Next year we will put this type of assistance on the yearly
Congregational Involvement Survey, but for now please call the church
office if you are willing to help in any way. We would like to develop a
list of willing participants to call when such a need presents itself.
Thanks in advance for your kind support.
Eastern European Mission Brunch
Don’t forget about the EEM Brunch on Saturday, March 14th at the
Hardin Valley Church of Christ; the time is 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.
There is no charge for the meal, but you will be given an opportunity
to contribute to the work in Eastern Europe at the end of the event.
Please sign the list on the bulletin board if you plan to attend.
Wall of Prayer
Pray that your student will finish strong. Endurance is a difficult thing,
especially for those who are still maturing. Ask God to create spiritual
tenacity in your young person. Ask also that they not slowdown in
their studies as they enter the last grading period of the school year.
You might want to send a note of encouragement to your student
cheering them on as they approach the school year finish line.
Deaf Congregation Schedule
Sunday— Worship at 10:00 a.m. with Fred Orr, minister
Bible class at 11:15 a.m. Devotional 1:00 p.m.
The bus will leave at 11:30 a.m. for the trip to Crossville on
Tuesday, March 10th to see the play “Southern Fried Funeral”. You
will eat after the play at State Park Restaurant (Note the change in
location for dinner).
Save the Date!
The Virginia Creeper Bike Ride/Camping weekend is coming up. It
will be July 3rd through 5th and your reservations will need to be
made soon with the Grayson Highlands State Park. This is a busy
weekend for them so you will need to call soon (1-800-933-7275). If
you would just like to participate in the bike ride and not camp, you
can get more information from Regina Jennings @ 865-368-7732.
Church Phone Tree
If you would like to be contacted by the church phone tree in case of
weather related cancellations or other emergencies, please pick up
a form in the office or from one of the tables in the foyer. Fill it out
completely and leave in the office so you can be added to the list to
be notified by home phone, cell phone or email.
March Security Schedule
March 8th – John Huskey, Robert Cavender; p.m. small groups
March 15th – Danny Spencer, Ryan Rogers; p.m. Mike Farmer,
Clarence Heaton
March 22nd – Mark Allen, Greg Cable; p.m. small groups
March 29th – Jeff Bird, Darwin Potts; p.m. Jeff Savage, Mike Parker
Containers for a Cause
Beginning on March 29 we will be asking our church family to consider
supporting a new work begun by our sister and Maryville Church of
Christ family member, LuAnn Stewart. Her non-profit community
support agency will be called Inward Faith Ministry. There are two
ways you can help.
1) First, you can begin stockpiling your unwanted, but gently used,
clothing for donation to this worthy cause. We will begin collecting
your donations in April. This will be in preparation for our
collaborative community outreach project on April 25 we are calling
Community Clothing Exchange.
2) Secondly, we will be donating plastic storage containers to Inward
Faith Ministry so they can responsibly sort and store donations in
their rented storage unit. This is how our support will work:
 Approximately fifty plastic storage containers will be purchased
and displayed in the church building lobby.
 On March 29 we will ask you to begin donating money toward the
purchase of those containers.
 Signs will be placed on each container as we receive donations
that cover its purchase. This will give us a visual display of how
we are doing toward our goal.
Thank you in advance for helping with this community support effort!
Don’t forget daylight
savings time begins this
Sunday, March 8th. Set
your clocks forward 1
hour Saturday night.
Today’s Sermon:
Sunday Morning: March 8, 2015
Matthew 7:21-23
Rob Scott
Opening Prayer
Stanley Swartzel
Presiding: Danny Morris
Zach Parker, Ben Huskey, Mark Everett, Robby Wallace, Matt
Huffman, Todd Heim, Brad Martin, Mike Brinkmann
Jonathan Jones II
Summary: Will you “be” the church? The church is a
gathering of people built upon the identity of Jesus—people
who have made Jesus’ identity their own. More than going
to church, will you be the church? True followers of Jesus
don’t simply do religion they do relationship with Jesus.
Being married to Jesus, we look to the groom for what it
means to “be” the Messiah’s people.
Melinda Davis and Geneva Kirven
Children’s Worship (ages 3-6)
Lane family
Volunteers TNT (2 years old)
Kristy Bird
Joanie Hiner
Visitor’s Table
Clarence and Mickie Heaton
Sunday Evening:
Small Group Meetings in Homes
Assembly at the building at 6:00 p.m. coordinated by Herb Byrd Jr.
Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:21-23
Verse of the Week: Matthew 7:21
“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the
kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my
Father who is in heaven.”
Tonight: Small Groups
Bible Class
Sunday PM
Weekly Budget Need
Budget surplus to date
For March 1, 2015
Return Service Requested
+ $17,655.02