Wednesday`s Word - Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, Earlysville, VA


Wednesday`s Word - Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, Earlysville, VA
Wednesday’s Word
A weekly publication of Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
A community of faith, formation & fruitfulness
March 18, 2015
Maundy Thursday
April 2, 2015
Easter Sunday
April 5, 2015
On the eve of the Passover feast, Jesus gathered his
disciples for what would be an uncomfortable night.
John 13 tells of betrayal, suffering, and confusion filling
the hearts and minds of his friends. In that anxious
moment, Jesus modeled love tangibly through basin,
water, and bread. The night would proceed with
broken promises, sleepy prayers and a screeching
rooster. On Maundy Thursday, we will relive the
ancient story as 21st century disciples. Using a wash
basin, water, and bread we’ll seek to follow Jesus
through the uncomfortable night, in hopes of
experiencing anew what lies on the other side.
6:30 am
Community Easter Sunrise Worship
at Union Church
7:30 am
Easter Feast in Upper Room
8:30 am
Sanctuary Worship
9:50 am
Sunday School
11:00 am
Upper Room Worship
Sanctuary Worship
Gospel Jam Session
Join us Friday, March 20 at 7pm.
Gospel music enthusiasts from all
over the central VA area gather
monthly in the Upper Room for an
informal jam session. Sing along, play
along, or just listen to some toe tappin’ gospel music!
Questions? Contact Kenny Williams at 973-7065 or
[email protected]
Business Meeting &
Book of Reports
Our quarterly Business Meeting
will be held on Wednesday,
April 15 at 6:30pm. Book of
Reports entries are due by Wednesday, April 1 to
the church office at [email protected]
or 978-3819.
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Finding Your Voice
Do you like to sing but aren’t sure
if you’re doing it right? Would you
like to read music but don’t know
where to start? Join Susan Emert
and Katie Alfano for a 3 hour
workshop on Saturday, March 21
from 9am -noon in room 103. We’ll start with the
basics to help you find your voice! This workshop is
open to youth (high school) and adults. Questions?
Contact Katie at [email protected]
Prom Boutique Saturday
at the Earlysville Exchange!
March 21
12-4 pm
“The Common Way”
The CVBA, Central Virginia Baptist
Association invites you to their women’s
retreat—“The Common Way” with
speaker Charity Roberson and worship
leader Rachel Scott. Held on Friday,
April 17 from 6-9pm and Saturday,
April 18 from 8-noon at Broadus Memorial Baptist
Church in Charlottesville. Registration fee $10. For
more information: [email protected]
Affordably priced prom dresses,
semi-formal dresses, shoes & suits
for girls and boys in teen, pre-teen, and adult sizes
Music and refreshments
plus hair and make-up advice
Save the Date
2015 West Virginia Mission Trip dates
August 3-8. Sign up details to follow.
Questions? Please contact Deb Robbins
at [email protected]
Earlysville Community
Egg Hunt
The Earlysville Egg Hunt will be
held at the Union Church, next to
the Earlysville Animal Hospital, on
Saturday, April 4 at 10:30am. All community
children from age 2 through 5th grade are invited.
Please bring your Easter basket and 6 colored eggs.
Prizes await those who find the Golden Eggs.
Sponsored by the Union Church Committee.
Questions, call Jodie Webber at 973-8470.
Community Garden
Plots Available
Interested in growing fresh
tomatoes, lettuce or peppers? Come join fellow
gardeners in the garden. God gave us the soil, sun
and water. You provide the seeds and effort. Contact
Barbara at [email protected] for a
garden spot or questions. If you have a rotor tiller and
would be willing to assist it breaking up the ground
please call Barbara at 978-3819.
Gifts of Hope
for The Homeless
We are collecting diapers, pull-ups—
size 5+ and larger, wipes and travel/
small size toiletries. The diapers and
wipes will be given to a family whose
children are autistic, living at The Salvation Army. The
small size toiletries will be used by the Salvation Army
PACEM and Word of Faith to share with the many
homeless in our local communities. A new toothbrush,
toothpaste, bar of soap, shampoo, deodorant, women’s personal hygiene products are all small but very
effective means of improving the quality of life many
of our neighbors are experiencing. Collection boxes are
located in the Welcome area throughout March.
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Basement Revitalization Facts
A collection of design ideas were taken from a handful of local churches which yielded
new traffic patterns, increased functionality and useable space, improved warmth and
brightness, and a vibrant color scheme.
The Basement area is approximately 4500 sf including four classrooms, one office, men’s
and women’s bathrooms, elevator access, and a full kitchen.
Project Budget was $175,000
Started construction in mid-January 2013
Completed construction in late June 2013
Four companies owned and operated by Chestnut Grovians helped create the
JES Electric — Martin Shifflett
Electrical Specialties — Jeff Robbins
Stonewall Construction Group — Brian Gillispie
KW Construction — Kenny Williams
Amount borrowed in March 2013 to complete construction: $100,000
Groups currently using the basement regularly:
Children’s Worship Hour
CGBC Youth Group
Broadus Wood After School Program
Youth and Adult Sunday School classes
L.I.F.E. Together Adult and Youth gatherings
Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study
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Wednesday Knitters
Third Thursday Bible Study
Scout Troup 117
J.O.Y. Club
Associate Pastor Search Team
Feeding Greene Receives Donation
This Sunday’s Text:
1 Corinthians 12:12-31
What does the Scripture say to you?
Carroll Lawson, of Feeding Greene accepts
238 boxes of cereal from Debbie Williams
Chestnut Grove treasures our team of volunteers.
This week’s (Sunday, March 22) children’s workers
8:30 Vicki Daw, Becky Hockman, Jen Neal
9:50 Sherie Bryant, Bill Bryant, Darren Haden
11:00 Adriayn Chan, Ed Carder, Melissa Ballif,
Erin Richards, Randy Richards, Christi Carder,
Emma Roberts, Courtney Roberts, Schuyler
Vinzant, Tonya King
Thank you for loving and sharing God’s love with
our children.
CGBC Space
We celebrate the increased use of
CG facilities. In order that we may
be courteous of each others’ needs
for meeting space, etc., please reserve all space usages
with church office at [email protected]
or 978-3819. Thanks!
Prayer List
Our church is dedicated in prayer for each person on our prayer list. Please contact Lorraine Williams at
973-5194 if you wish a card to be sent. Please update the church office on the individuals you have placed
on our prayer list so that our records are current.
Please call or email prayer requests and updates to the church office
434-978-3819 [email protected]
Virgil Berry 3-11-15
Sierra Detamore 2-25-15
Zoe Edwards (Barbara Edwards) 2-25-15
Bill Greer 3-11-15
Chris Hertel (Grant Brownrigg) 2-18-15
C.T. Huff 2-25-15
Mary Huff 3-4-15
Frances Jones 2-25-15
Diane Lambert 2-18-15
David Maddox (Mark Roberts) 3-4-15
Garland Oliver 3-4-15
The Family of Camille Sweeny
(Bill Sutherland 3-4-15)
Bill Wharam 2-18-15
Kenny Williams 2-25-15
*Food Collection Item for March: Peaches
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Worship Gatherings—Sunday 8:30 & 11:00 am
Sunday School—All ages 9:50 am
Music Weekly Rehearsals
5:30pm Youth Praise Band rehearsal in Upper Room
6:20pm Music Group for Him on stage
3:15pm Radical Ringers bell rehearsal in room 103
7:30pm Glorify bell rehearsal in room 103
4:45pm Beginners Ukulele rehearsal in room 103
6:30pm Adult Choir in Sanctuary
4:00pm Ukuleaders rehearsal in room 103
6:30pm Meal and Gathering
Wednesdays (September—May)
5:30 L.I.F.E. Together Dinner
6:30 Small Group Gatherings
For the latest on rehearsal schedules see the music calendar on our website
March 18
March 19
March 20
March 21
noon Mid Week Prayer
2:30pm BW
7pm Gospel
Jam Session
9am Finding
Your Voice
March 25
March 26
March 27
March 28
noon Mid Week Prayer
2:30pm BW
5:30pm L.I.F.E Together
6:30pm L.I.F.E. Together
March 22
March 23
6:30 Tween
10am Laurels
March 24
9:30am Discerning
the Voice of God
10am Church at
4pm Bible Study
March 29
March 30
10am Laurels
March 31
9:30am Discerning
the Voice of God
10am Church at
5:30pm L.I.F.E Together
6:30pm L.I.F.E. Together
April 1
April 2
7pm Maundy
April 3
April 4
noon Mid Week Prayer
April 9
April 10
April 11
April 15
April 16
April 17
April 18
noon Mid Week Prayer
2:30pm BW
Book of Report Entries
10:30am Earlysville Community
Egg Hunt at
Union Church
Holy Week
April 5
April 6
6:30am Union
10am Laurels
Office closed
April 7
10am Church at
4pm Bible Study
7:30am Easter
April 8
noon Mid Week Prayer
Spring Break
April 12
April 13
6:30pm Tween
10am Laurels
April 14
10am Church at
5:30pm L.I.F.E Together
6:30pm Quarterly
Business Meeting