OUR WORSHIP LEADER today is Graeme Higgs.
OUR SPEAKER today is Mark Harris.
THREE SCORE AND MORE meets this Thursday, January 15th at 6:30pm. All Seniors (60+) are
invited to our fellowship dinner and evening. Cost $6.00. If you plan to attend, please sign-up on
the bulletin board or call the church office.
Gathering of the People
Prayer and Praise
Scripture Reading:
Matthew 2:13-15
Message: “The Glory of the Ordinary”
Prayer and Praise
Opportunity for Prayer
REFRAME Coming soon to a community group near you! Can faith be relevant to all aspects of
our lives? What does it mean to live authentically as Christians today? This 10-week video-based
course helps Christians explore how the Bible and the power of Christ reframes our lives, and
invites us to reframe our world with him. We will walk through the “big story” of Scripture, and
examine how this story has shaped historical Christian communities and their cultures, and what
its implications are for living today. For more information contact Mike Janz.
FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON Sun, Feb 1st ,12:30 pm Everyone is invited to a Family Fellowship
Luncheon to be held in the gym. Food is provided; the cost is $5.00 per person/$20.00 per family.
Please sign-up on the bulletin board in the foyer.
THE MARRIAGE COURSE created by Alpha will take place at Grace Chapel in February and
March 2015. This seven week course includes a candlelit supper each week followed by an
excellent DVD presentation. Please consider coming and inviting friends from outside the church
to attend with you. Contact Kevin or Carolyn Jolly.
HALIFAX WOMEN’S CONNECTION invites you to join us on Wed., Jan. 21st, from 9:30-11:00
a.m., Trinity Anglican Church, 321 Main Ave. for some “Post Holiday Fun”! Dietitian Noelle D’eon
will tell us how to get “Back on Track” with great nutrition advice. Al Bryant will inspire us with his
beautiful voice and Hank Veenhuis, a retired farmer, will explain why “Sometimes The Road of Life
is Rough”. To reserve, please call Kathy at 902-443-1975 by 1 pm Mon., Jan.19th. Cost $7.00.
OUTREACH TO MUSLIMS Power to Change with some local partners is bringing Dr. Andy
Bannister of the Ravi Zacharias team to Halifax in January 2015. One of their events is a seminar
"Inspired 2 Tell Others" for people who are interested to reach out to Muslims. This will be held at
Grace Chapel on Friday, January 23, 2015 from 8:00 am to 12 noon.
COLDEST NIGHTOF THE YEAR It’s that time of year again. This year’s event will be held on
February 21st. Start a team. Join a team. Ask friends to make donations. All contributions are in
support of Ark Ministries. For more information go to www.coldestnightoftheyear.org
FINANCIAL UPDATE Thank you for your generous giving in 2014. In the month of December,
donations totaled $83,951.20. Over the year, however, our giving was approximately $28,000
below our expenses. The elders are currently working on a budget for 2015.
SYMPATHY is extended to Ron Appleton and family on the passing his mom, Margaret May
Appleton on, December 14th.
SYMPATHY is extended to Mel Slade and family on the passing of Betty Lou Slade on December
24th. The funeral was held here on December 28th. Our thoughts and prayers also are extended to
Zainab Khaliki and Ali Khaliki.
SYMPATHY is extended to Elaine Churchill and family on the passing her mom, Gladys Johnston,
on December 30th.
January 11, 2015
13 9:00am English Classes
9:00am Take a Break
Wed 14 7:15am Men’s Breakfast
6:30pm Senior Youth Group
Thurs 15 6:30pm Three Score & More
7:00pm Living Waters
7:30pm College and Careers
Youth Group Skating
17 9:00am Living Waters Retreat
This week in the Nursery – Team 1
Jan 18
Jan 25
9:30am Communion Service
Theme: Fighting the Good Fight
11 am Worship Service
His Kids
Mike Janz
10am Prayer Time in the Chapel Room
11am Combined Service of Worship & Communion
His Kids
Weekly Requirement
Offerings for Dec 28-31
$ 9,048.79
$ 43,445.50
Kevin Jolly
The Glory of the Ordinary

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