20-03-2015 Now - Sacred Heart North Albury


20-03-2015 Now - Sacred Heart North Albury
Fifth Sunday of Lent
21st / 22nd March 2015
Parish Clergy
Fr Kevin Flanagan PP
Parish Office
Fran Kernaghan
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9.00 am – 2.00 pm
Phone: 60251516
Fax: 60404016
Web: http://sacredheartnorthalbury.com/
Mass Times
SUNDAY: 8.30 am; 10.30 am
WEEKDAYS: 9.30 am Monday,
Wednesday, Friday (in the church)
First Tuesday of the month: 11.00 am Mass
at Mercy Place.
SATURDAY: 4.45 PM-5.45 PM
WEDDINGS—By appointment.
Preparation course: 6051 0222
BAPTISMS—By appointment.
Preparation Course: 0411 883 661
Coming Events:
Tuesday 24th March Lenten Reconciliation
Thurs 2nd April: Holy Thursday Mass 7pm
Fri 3rd April: Good Friday
Stations of the Cross 10.30 am
Liturgical Celebration 3pm
Sat 4th April: Easter Vigil 6pm
Sun 5th April: Easter Sunday Mass 9.30am
Today we hear Jesus tell a story about wheat and how it can
live in a different way after it has died or broken down.
The whole purpose of Jesus’ existence is to redeem us
through Calvary and his life. In the first reading we hear how
the law and covenant that Jeremiah wanted replaced, that
was written on stone and had been handed down from
Moses, was to be rewritten in the hearts of the people
because, as Jeremiah saw, unless the covenant and the law of
God are taken to heart, conversion from sin is impossible.
Jesus by his message and life that speaks to the hearts of all
people has become the archetype for
that conversion of heart. And the
message of today’s Gospel is unless
you die to yourself you will not have
life in you and so the call of Lent for a
change of heart, a turning back to God
is echoed once more. It is Christ’s
journey to death and resurrection that
draws us to him, we are, in a way, the
fruits of that journey and within us is
implanted its seed.
We pray for those who have gone before us
marked with the sign of faith especially:
RECENTLY DECEASED: Bill McNamee, Errol Edmunds,
David Tutt, Eileen Kliese, Kevin Costigan.
Prayer for the Sick
We pray for all those who are
sick. May they draw strength
and healing from God’s presence
ANNIVERSARIES: Jack Livermore, Arnold Thorne, Catherine Brogan, Leslie
with them and from our
Evans, Vince Ryan, Roy Quin, Penny Murphy, Catherine Condon, William Grant,
Molly Cooper, Paul Husz, Attilio Bellina, Leonard Vogel, Robert Salzke, Glenn
McPherson, Lindsay Anderson, Dawn Ridley, Ethel Shipard, Margaret O’Dwyer,
Harry Flood, Michael Mitchell, George O’Neill, Catherine Caton, Jack Livsey,
Billie Walsh, Connie Barber, Susan Dawson, Mary Cudmore.
prayers and thoughts for them.
Gather our loved ones into your arms. Quiet our doubt and
May they have peace in their
hearts and know they are
greatly loved by all.
We offer our prayers believing
anger and send us your healing grace. Through Christ our
that God’s presence and power
can do more than we can
know. Amen
Sat / Sun: 21st / 22nd March
Prayer for the Fifth Week of Lent
Lector 1
Lector 2
Nano Clancy
Justin Clancy
Michael Byrnes
Roy Thompson
Nicola Hanzic
Richard Parkinson
Terry Hillman
Virginia Mitsch
Barbara Godde
Colette Glennon
Frank Glennon
Pamela McIntosh
Trish Parkinson
Pauline Willis
Carey Menz-Dowling
John Van Lint
Mary Minchin
Timo Van Kerk Oerle Margaret & Ed Brown
Val Hayes
Counters: Nardia Scarvell & Liz Simon Cleaning Group: Group 2
Sat /Sun: 28th / 29th March
8.30 am
Lector 1
Lector 2
Anthony Foley
Kellie Gordes
Ed Brown
Colleen Day
Anne Duck
Bede Hart
Sr Carina Morton
Wendy McFerran
Ray Murtagh
Jeneice Harding
Geoff Jervois
Robert Brown
Noelene Cruise
Carmel Butts
Fran Kernaghan
Judy Lindsay
Judy Foley
Bernadette & Wendy
Timo Van Kerk Oerle
Counters: Desmond Lum & Jane Togher
Cleaning Group: Group 3
God we cry to you:
When we see you in a stranger and
look the other way, forgive us and
encourage us to reach out in
friendship and hospitality.
When we hear your voice in another
language, forgive us when we turn
away, move our hearts and minds
that we might listen with respect and
When you are without a home
uprooted by racism and violence
forgive us when our ears are closed,
open our arms wide with mercy and
We pray this through Christ who lives
and reigns with you in the unity of
the Holy Spirit, holy and mighty God
for ever and ever.
A Thought for the Week:
‘ Christians are called to care for the vulnerable of the earth… the homeless, the
addicted, refugees, indigenous peoples, the elderly who are increasingly isolated and
the abandoned, and… unborn children, the most defenceless and innocent among us.’
( Pope Francis)
Please Note Sunday Mass Time Changes
Beginning with Easter Sunday, our Parish will
be celebrating only ONE Mass on Sundays.
The new time will be 9.30am for a trial
period of six months.
Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors for Easter
There are still a couple of Mass times to be
filled. Please put your name down on roster if
you are available for any of the Easter Masses/
Ceremonies. Roster is on noticeboard in church.
Holy Thursday—7pm; Good Friday Ecumenical
Stations of the Cross commencing at St Mark’s
Anglican Church—10.30am; Good Friday—The
Lord’s Passion—3pm; Holy Saturday Easter
Vigil—6pm; Easter Sunday—9.30am.
First Communion Classes
Classes for children not attending Catholic
Schools will be commencing next term. Please call
6025 1516 if you wish your child to begin these
Footy Tipping Competition
Once again the footy season is about to begin.
Please phone the office if you are interested in
joining our Footy tipping competition.
Invitation to an evening with Gemma Sisia,
founder and director of the School of St Jude,
Africa’s largest charity funded school providing
over 1,900 students with a free, high quality education. Gemma is an Australian girl who grew
up in Northern NSW on a sheep farm and who
believes in ‘fighting poverty through education’.
St Mark’s Anglican Church, Gulpha St, North Albury at 5.30pm Sunday 29 March. For more info
phone Leasa Brown 0409 827 531.
Choir Practice For Easter Ceremonies
Our Choir practice continues this Thursday 26
March at 7pm in the Church. New singers most
welcome. Could our regular choir members
please advise their availability for the Easter
Ceremonies. Contact Val 6025 5904.
Parish Council News
Working Bee to be held on Saturday 28 March at
9.30am. Please come and lend a hand to tidy up
around our Church and Presbytery grounds
ready for the Easter Celebrations.
You are invited—St Anne’s School Community is
holding a Stations of the Cross evening at the
school on Wednesday 1 April, between 7-8pm.
The purpose of the evening is for each of us to
reflect on Jesus’ Good Friday journey and our
own Lenten journeys. You and your family are
invited to walk through each of our classrooms
(at your own leisure), where a Station of the
Cross will be depicted.
Good Friday Collection 2015
This collection promotes the missionary work of
the Church in the Holy Land by providing welfare assistance to local Christians in areas such
as health, education, employment and housing.
The collection is also used to maintain 74
churches and shrines associated with the life of
Jesus. Last year Australian Catholics donated
$1.3 million to this cause, despite tough economic times, natural disasters and increasing
costs of living. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please remember the Christians of the
Holy Land again on this Good Friday. Please also pray that peace and harmony will become a
reality in the birthplace of Jesus, the ‘Prince of
Feast Days of the Week
Wednesday 25th March –Feast of the Annunciation
This feast is nine months before the celebration of the Birth of Christ, it is when Jesus was conceived
within the body of the Virgin Mary as she accepted her call to be the Mother of God.
"Mary’s consent at the Annunciation and her motherhood stand at the very beginning of the mystery
of life which Christ came to bestow on humanity" (Evangelium Vitae, 102).
Fifth Sunday of Lent —Year B
Readings: Jer 31: 31-34, 19-23; Heb 5: 7-9; John 12: 20-30
Responsorial Psalm
Create a clean heart in me, O God.
Acclamation: Glory to you, Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ!
If you serve me, follow me, says the Lord:
and where I am, my servant will also be.
Glory to you, Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ!
Reflection for Lent—Caritas Story
Cristian’s story
Cristian is a 33 year-old farmer who lives in a remote Andean village in Peru. The community live a
traditional life, and without irrigation, farmers have always relied on the rains to water crops.
“When there were no rains we suffered a lot, because sometimes the fields would not produce,”
says Cristian.
In 2012, Cristian and 14 other young farmers in his community participated in the Rural
Development Program run by Caritas Australia’s local partner, Caritas Huacho. The program
offers materials, capital and training that supports farmers in rural areas to establish sustainable
farms that will produce reliable, profitable and long-term crops.
The program helped the young men secure land to farm, and provided them with seedlings and
agricultural training so that they could grow and harvest sustainable, high-value orchard crops,
including peaches, custard apples and avocados. They also received the materials and training
they needed to build an irrigation system to water their fields.
The farmers have helped one another to learn and achieve, and are now beginning to reap the
rewards of their hard work– a healthy, nutritious new range of fruits in their diets and a steadily
increasing income for all their families.
“The fact that I and the other partners can grow and develop together makes me proud,” says
Cristian. “We are less worried now, because we are focussed on development, and with that in
mind we are improving ourselves, with the help of Caritas, on the best way to produce.”
Please donate to Project Compassion 2015 and help farmers in Peru grow and harvest sustainable
crops, providing their families with food for life.
All music used in worship at Sacred Heart,
North Albury, is used with permission.
All rights reserved. Australian Agent: Word of
Life Licence No 613