February 14 - Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and Preschool


February 14 - Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and Preschool
February 21
Love is in the Air
Bach Festival at Good Shepherd.
For tickets, call
February 17,
6:30 p.m.
Childcare - yes!
February 16.
10 a.m. service
Our Vision: To know Christ and make Christ known. Our Mission: To exemplify excellence in intergenerational worship and service. CRAZY CHRISTIANS
A Call to Follow Jesus
For three Wednesdays: February 17, February 24, March 2, we will sing, pray, converse and commune with our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry through the pages of his book and videos of his sermons, with each other, and with the Spirit. As The Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jeffers Schori writes in her forward to Crazy Christians “savor these chapters and the hymnody here will enter your bones and hep to transform your heart into the vulnerability and compassion of Jesus.” Bishop Michael Curry writes, “Over time I began to see that being a Christian is not essentially about joining a church or being a nice person, but about following in the footsteps of Jesus, taking his teachings seriously, letting his Spirit take the lead in our lives, and in so doing helping to change the world from our nightmare into God’s dream.…” “What the Church needs, what this world needs, are some Christians who are as crazy as the Lord. Crazy enough to love like Jesus, to give like Jesus, to forgive like Jesus, to do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God -­‐ like Jesus. …. And for those of us who would follow him, those of us who would be his disciples, those of us who would live as people of the Way? It might come as a shock, but those of us called to that life are called to craziness, too.” Ready for a Holy Lent? Ready for Easter? Come on Wednesdays, February 17, 24 and March 2nd to get a little bit crazy with your Pastor Linda, with your music director Clay, and with your presiding Bishop, Michael. LENT 2016
February and March
Crazy Christian Small Groups.
Wednesday, February 17, 24, and March 2, 6:30 -­‐ 8 p..m. in the parish hall. childcare is available. Please reserve for your child at 484-­‐2153
“What the Church needs, what this world needs, are some Christians who are as crazy as the Lord.” Presiding Bishop Michael Curry We hope you )ind yours here! +++++++++++++
Lenten Evensong, Sunday March 6, 5 p.m. A beautiful sung service lasting about 45 minutes. Feasting with Jesus Celebration, Sunday, March 20, 5 p.m. Reservations required. Lamb shish kebob Dinner. Donation: $10/
adult and $5/ child. Maundy Thursday Holy Communion, March 24, 7 p.m. “I give you a new command, that you should love one another.” Almighty and merciful God, you hate nothing that you have made
and forgive the sins of all who are penitent; create in us new and contrite hearts, so that when we turn to you and confess our sins we may receive your full and perfect forgiveness; through Jesus Christ our Redeemer who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God now and for ever. Amen. Good Friday Taize Service, Friday, March 25, 7 p.m. Prayer around the cross with scripture and Taize music. EASTER 2016
March 27
Sunrise on Eve’s Peak with New Fire and Paschal Candle
service begins in the dark at 6:30 a.m.
meet in the church parking lot to walk or drive up the hill at 6:15. Wiggle Friendly Easter Service 9:15 a.m.
Egg Hunt begins at 9:45 a.m. -­‐ and continues with children’s program to 10:30 a.m.. Festive Holy Communion with Sermon and Choir, 10 a.m.
Children’s program from 9:45 -­‐ 10:30. Children join their parents for Holy Communion.
Nursery Care is available
EASTER RETREATS These are annual spring Good Shepherd retreats for men and for women at Mission San Antonia De Padua, Jolon, California
Cost is $190 with 5 meals / $130 without meals
Scholarships are available. Contact Pastor Linda, 484-­‐2153. Men’s Retreat is April 1 -­‐ 3, led by The Rev. Deacon Cynthia Montague. Theme: “The beginning of the Good News” Women’s Retreat is April 15 -­‐ 17, led by The Rev. Linda McConnell with guests: Gina Puccinelli and others
Theme: Sabbath Time The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity meets Sunday, February 21, 11:30 a.m. Facilitated by working artists Chuck Olsen and Peg McIntyre, this group is for anyone who wants to bring more color and creativity into their life. No critiques! Just inspiration and camaraderie. Please feel free to join in, even if you could not come to the eirst group. When: Sunday, February 21, Noon. Bring a sack lunch. Meet in the Parish Hall. If you would like to purchase The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, for $10, please order through the ofeice at 484-­‐2153. If you have taken a book, but not yet paid, please do so! Checks payable to Good Shepherd, with Artist’s Way in the memo line. Centering Prayer: Christian Meditation, Sunday, February 28, 11:30 - 12:15 p.m. Further teaching by Pastor Linda, along with centering prayer practice
“It may be hard to convince yourself of the value of interior silence. ..In this prayer, God is speaking not to your ears, your emotions, or to your head, but to your spirit, to your inmost being….A kind of anointing is taking place. The fruits of that anointing will appear later in ways that are indirect: in our calmness, in your peace, in your willingness to surrender to God in everything that happens.” from Open Mind, Open Heart, The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel, by Thomas Keating. Breakfast with Deacon Cynthia: Mondays at Toro Cafe, 7:45 a.m. would you like a place to talk about Episcopal and Anglican matters? Scripture and history? Deacon Cynthia will host breakfast and conversation at Toro Cafe on Mondays through February.
The Church Year
Also called the liturgical year or ecclesiastical year. The Church Year is arranged into two large divisions, eirst the festival portion commemorating the life and work of Jesus Christ, and second, the non festival portion, setting forth the standards of the Christian life. The eive seasons of the church year are Advent, Christmas (through the Baptism of Jesus), Lent (of which this is the First Sunday), the Paschal Triduum (a three-­‐day season which begins at sundown on Maundy Thursday and ends at sunrise Easter) and Easter (Easter through Pentecost Sunday.) The time of the year not associated with the eive seasons of the church year is known as Ordinary Tine (from the Latin word ordinal, meaning counted.) Each week of Ordinary Time is assigned a number, and these weeks are divided into two groups. The eirst group is that which falls between he seasons of Christmas and Lent, known as the season of Epiphany. The second group begins with Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost) and runs through the Feast of Christ the King (the last Sunday of the church year.) This is also known as the season after Pentecost. Lenten Fasting
Just thinking of the A&P grocery store reminds me of the larger majority of people in the world for whom an American grocery store is like a decadent dream. Fasting widens the boundaries of compassion, stretches the heart, makes room for love. Lent is meant to expand our capacity to love. Suzanne Guthrie, Edge of the Enclosure What Lenten fasting will you choose? Choose that which will expand your capacity for mercy, for caring, for loving. For Healing: Gerald Brown (Doug Brown’s brother); The Osman Family; Ines Ahern and the Ahern Family (Art Schoenstadt); Phil Woodard (Suzanne and Mei Mei Dorrance); Wylie Mitchell (The Rev. Connie & Marv White); Martin Dodd (Sheryl Merrill); Jon Knapp (Tim & Alice Knapp); Conor Shannon (Virginia Shannon); Brian Cahill (Peggy Mayeield); Steve Cox (Shannon Brandt); Jackson Sherry & Family (Shannon & Allen Brandt); Franz Sloma (Letty & Mike Sloma); Brian (Kathleen Tonti-­‐Horne); Bridget Mattecheck Jackson (Michele Waite); Honor Wass (Sarah Smith); Justin DeVincenzi (Diana McClean); The Luder Family, Nancy McInnis (Terry O’ Connor); Michael McNamara, Grace Garett (Cathy O’ Connor); Dick (Dee Myers); Lencis Fiske, Ester Fiske, Savanah Kemplen, Hope Kemplen (Brooks and Antonia Fiske); Flora Olsen (Chuck & Marcia Olsen); Margaret Faulkner; The Bercey Family, Jay & Amelia, The Mondo Family (Urciuoli Family); Diana (Laurie Martin); Cindy Davis (Diana McClean); Mark Avilez (Greg & Debbie Avilez); Barbara Litton (Sandy French); Bill McConnell (The Rev. Linda McConnell's father); Kathy Rasmussen (The McClean Family); Barbara Schwefel (Peter Hoss, Spence Myers); James (Spence Myers' friend); Gabriel Garcia, Dorian (Susie Brusa); Taylor Hattori (Avilez Family); Jessica (Brooks & Antonia Fiske's granddaughter); Lowan Darling (The Rev. Wendy Howe's grandson). In Thanksgiving: For our church year, for this season of renewal, for our Book of Common Prayer In Mission: That we may deepen and strengthen our knowing Christ and making Christ known. Repose: Jack Ahern, LTC (Ret.), USAR, (Art Schoendstadt); Roland Almgren (Ann Donaldson); Shahin Anable (Heather Deming); Lois Harris (Suzanne Dorrance’s grandmother). Capital Campaign Report
The entire deck project is very, very close to completion and its all looking fantastic! So the eirst order of business is to say thank you to Stan Crane for his wonderful on-­‐site leadership and supervision. It now looks like everything will be einished by February 19th, barring new challenges or el nino deluges. Provisions have been made so water will drain away and we’ll avoid future wood rot. And, the roof down-­‐spouts have also been redirected away from the decking. The new pony wall on the front deck has been completed and electric outlets added to both decks. The stairs to the decks, the railing next to the creek, and the deck over-­‐viewing the parking lot remain on the to-­‐do list. Finally, a BIG thank you to Bakker Construction for their excellent work! Pledges received: 74 Total of pledges: $329,292.74 Pledge amount paid to date: $153,005.56 Debbie McFarland We will have a ribbon cutting and blessing of our new deck in the Spring. Watch for the date and your invitation! 

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