Reaching The Unreached - Valley Baptist Church


Reaching The Unreached - Valley Baptist Church
June 5, 2016
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Valley View June 8, 2016
Reaching The Unreached
Time after time we shared the story of how the one true and living God
created all things. A story that any of you who are reading this readily
know and could accurate relate to others. Yet, time after time after we
shared this story we asked if the people in that home had heard the story.
More often than not, they indicated that they had never heard this story.
This was the situation during our time with the people group with whom
we were working on the Amazon River this year. It is hard for us to
believe that there are still people in the world who do not have a basic
knowledge of how we got here (creation) and how we got in the mess we
are in (sin). Of course, in these same homes there was no concept of the
God who loves us so much He has sent One to save us from your sins.
Please keep Pastor Lolo, from the Cocama tribe, and his wife Aneida, a
Ticuna native, in prayer. They have a great desire to see both of these
tribes come to know the one true and living God through our Lord Jesus
Christ. We look forward to the opportunity to return next year for further
ministry and to help equip them to carry the gospel into regions where
they have access but we do not.
At the same time, we need to understand that in the Fox Valley there are
people who are unaware that they can have a personal relationship with
the God who created this world. They have heard bits and pieces about
God and about Jesus but do not have a grasp of the truth of sin and
salvation in such a way that they can make the choice to receive God’s
gift of forgiveness and life through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Never assume that the people who live around you, work with you and
those you otherwise encounter on a regular basis know how to enter into
a personal relationship with the one true and living God. Ask yourself
these questions:
If not me who would be praying for their salvation?
If not me who would be demonstrating a transformed life before
If not me who will clearly share the gospel message with them?
Take advantage of the increased opportunities we have in Wisconsin
during the summer to interact with those around us to help them be
prepared to meet Jesus.
Thursday, 6/9
9:00-10:30 am, Women’s Bible
5:00-7:00 pm, Let’s Play Together
Friday, 6/10
6:30-9:00 pm, Casa Women’s Bible
Saturday, 6/11
9:00 am, Worship Team
Sunday, 6/12
12:30-3:30 pm, Church Picnic
1:00-3:00 pm, Hmong Service
Monday, 6/13
Tuesday, 6/14
7-7:30 am, Group Prayer
7:00 am-5:30 pm, Worship Center
open for prayer
Wednesday, 6/15
5:15-5:45pm, Connexion Café
6:00 pm, Student Ministries
Grades 6-12
Pathfinders grades 1-5
Adventure Club ages 4-K
6:15 pm, Valley Connex
Sunday Childcare
8:00 Babies
10:45 Babies
10:45 1-3 Yr.
Sun. 6/12
Chuck & Mary
Jen Boon
Cori Wokosin
Janice O’Connell
Sun. 6/19
Mandy Volkman
Kathie Steward
Kurt & Jean
Ben & Jennie
Nick & Hannah
Kellie Burns
Jerry Sitor
Sun. 6/26
Birthday Blessings!
8-Mike Pawlowski
9-Joan Banals
9-Lorin Krause
10–Dianna Grindstaff-Abbott
12-Brooke Sleik
12-Tony Beach
9-Tim & Kathie
Sunday, June 12
Saturday, June 18
12:30-3:30 pm
9:30 & 10:30 am
On The Menu:
June 15, 2016
Baked Potato Bar
** Signup REQUIRED online or on the bulletin board
by Sunday afternoon**
Don’t miss out on:
Games for all ages,
face painting,
good fellowship, and a
Best Pie Contest
Church will provide burgers, brats,
hotdogs, baked beans and water.
Please bring a dish or two to share.
Questions? Contact Pam Creamer or
Peggy Barger
920-358-5705 or 920-740-1782
5000 Aster Lane, Grand Chute
Pastor Tony challenged us over the last two weeks out of
Philippians 4 and 1 Corinthians 13 to pray more intentionally,
love more intentionally, and share more intentionally with our
Here is a resource with a bunch of helpful ideas to build
Christ-centered relationships with the people around you:
The book mentioned there is especially helpful!
“Turning Your Heart Toward God”
Discover What It Really Means to Be Blessed
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus identified attitudes that bring God’s
favor: weeping over sin, demonstrating meekness, and more. Some of
these phrases have become so familiar that we’ve lost sight of their
meaning. In this powerful study, you will gain a fresh understanding of
what it looks like to align your life with God’s priorities. Here you will discover anew why the word blessed means walking in the fullness and satisfaction of God, no matter your circumstances. As you look closely at the
meaning behind each of the Beatitudes, you will see how these truths can
shape your choices of ever day—and bring you closer to the heart of God.
Class dates: June 9, 16, 23, 30, July 21, 28
This will be a 40 minute, no homework, inductive study. We will use the
book Turning Your Heart Toward God by Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson.
Sign up and books available in the lobby starting May 22.
No childcare will be available.
Questions? Contact Christina Warne at 920-213-6753

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