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Bulletin - Central Church of Christ
Bulletin of the Central Church of Christ
2722 Oakland Avenue • Johnson City, TN • 37601-1844 • Phone (423) 282-1571 or 283-HOPE www.GraceMine.org
March 29, 2015
Tim Hall
Greg Ryan
Dustin Humphreys
Gene Arrowood
Dan Bowman
Gene Chapman
L.A. Hamilton
Steve Ingram
John McKinnis
Dennis Russell
Doug Booton
Randy Brewer
Jim Carden
David Crockett
John Doyle
Andrew Easterling
David Erickson
Jason Faddis
Jim Fillers
David Frakes
Ken Gilliam
Phil Gilliam
Chig Gunter
Mike Higginbotham
Danny Kellum
Ken Misterly
Ren Rice
Trey Robertson
Sherrell Shepard
Dave Torgerson
Cary Vantine
Ron Whitson
Worship Times
10:30 am, 6 pm;
Classes: 9:30 am
7:00 pm
Some Thoughts I’d Like to Share…by Tim Hall
Watch Out For Mockers
In this land of freedom, you have the right – it’s in the First Amendment – to mock law enforcement.
The name “Barney Fife” has been applied to many police officers, a tactic that often brings sneers
and ridicule. But when that officer, acting on the basis of his government-sanctioned orders, tells you
to pull over, it’s time to come back to reality.
There seems to be an increasing amount of mockery of Christian faith. It has long been found on
late-night television, but you don’t have to stay up late to hear it anymore. In prime time jokes are
made about “old fashioned values” and “outdated morals”. Such “comedy” has caused many a
disciple to shrink back and reconsider whether they want to be known as a Bible believer.
In 2 Chronicles 30, King Hezekiah realized that Judah had not been keeping the Passover Feast as
God had commanded.
sent throughout
land, urging the people to assemble in
– “The
Bride oftheChrist”
Jerusalem on an announced date to do what the Lord had commanded. Here’s what the text says: “So
the couriers went from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh, and as far as
Zebulun, but they laughed them to scorn and mocked them” (2 Chronicles 30:10).
There were some who responded to the king’s order and came to keep the feast. But this element
who mocked those who truly represented God’s will did not go away. Their efforts were one of the
reasons God allowed Judah to be conquered by Babylon: “The Lord, the God of their fathers, sent
persistently to them by His messengers, because He had compassion on His people and on His
dwelling place. But they kept mocking the messengers of God, despising the words and scoffing at
His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord rose against His people, until there was no remedy” (2
Chronicles 36:15,16).
Psalm 22:7 spoke about the reception Jesus Christ would have: “All who see Me mock Me; they
make mouths at Me; they wag their heads.” Matthew 27:39-43 records the fulfillment of that
Mockery is used today with great effectiveness to turn people away from one set of ideas to another.
Patton Oswalt, a popular comedian of our day, affirmed this in a January 8, 2015 interview for
HuffingtonPost.com: “There's not a bigger weapon against oppressiveness and evil than satire and
bad taste,” he is quoted as saying. He is one who sometimes mocks religion.
Yes, ours is a land of free speech, and our goal is not to censor those who mock our faith. But when
we hear jokes and scoffing about truths we’ve been taught and have lived by, will we quickly
abandon them? Or will we take the time to examine afresh the reasons why we believe and practice
what we do? “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked” (Galatians 6:7).
3/29/15: Let’s pray for: Buddy Barefield, emergency rehospitalization last Thursday; Stephanie Vance, hospitalized Wednesday
with pain and weakness in her arm; Charlie Hartman, one more chemo treatment to complete; Peggy Vonderfecht; Claude Terry;
Caroline Faddis; Sue Neeley; Debbie Honeycutt; Jennifer Easterling; Edna Hayes; Mark Boggs; Tom and Jacquelyn Ellis; Pam
Billingsby; Kerry Hutchinson; Robin Wishon; Allen Jackson; Joyce Hall; Isaac Vance; Frank Chapo; Glenn Blacklidge; Doug
Grindstaff; Lorene Arrowood; Teresa Guinn; Betty Hamilton; Mike Lyons; Gay Enkema; Karen Stevens. Skilled nursing/assisted
living/homebound: Grace Muse; Mildred Hall; Harold Napier; Delora Tidwell; James Carden, Sr.; Joy Carter-Hildrich; Sherry
McCulley; Louise Welch; Velma Stables; Lola Johnson; Jesse Crabtree; Johnny & Elayne Trent; Lon & Mildred Shuler.
Friends, relatives: Wade Brooks, member of the State Street, Bristol, congregation, serious health problems; Priscilla Grindstaff’s
sister, Carolyn, facial injuries from a bad fall; Mae Humphreys, Elizabeth McConnell’s mother, declining health; James Bowser, a
man in the community with health problems. Continuing problems: Sandra Ryan; Randal Salyer; Ronald Barton; Sherry
Vandeventer; Regina Mullen; Carlene Bannister; Greta Copas; Leigh Rice; Jane Cox; Carla Carlson; Dorothy Jones; Robert Martin;
Linda Jennings; Carol Reavis; Jean Thompson; John Pansock; Chris Baker; Sue Wong; June Miller Gouge; Mamie Gates; Wade Cole;
Kenneth Hall; Jeana Rogers; Rita Veselak; John Keith Verble; Melissa Ours; Braysen Thatcher; Patrice Gillespie; Anthony Basket;
Janet Green; Martha Forbes; Clinton Lady; Daniel Owusu’s brother, Stephen; Becky Gross; Dana Kelly; Valerie Merkel; Lucy
Burgess; Doris Kessinger; Cornail Proffitt. CHANGES/UPDATES UNDERLINED
MILITARY: Robbie Glenn, Eli Mitchell,
Jordan Heatly, Air Force; Nicole
Stephens, Brittany Lobos,
Brennan McCain, Marines; Kaylee
Vantine, Navy.
SUNDAY A.M. on WEMT: TV Sunday
School, 7:00; In Search of the Lord’s
Way, 7:30; Biblical Viewpoints, 8:00.
Rice and Nick Cunningham, here on
Sunday, 4/19, 2:30-4 p.m. They are
registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond,
Kohl’s, Sears, Belk, Target. Hostesses:
Ruth Boggs, Sandra Norris, Kathy
Higginbotham, Luanne Hoilman, Luci
Jernigan, Margaret Sams.
JOIN US FOR LUNCH! Following our
morning worship assembly, we will
gather downstairs for another of our
famous covered dish fellowship meals.
We would love for you to join us, even if
you haven’t brought anything. Stay and
eat, and let’s get better acquainted!
Visitors are our honored guests!
PANTRY NEEDS: Toilet paper
tomorrow 6 p.m. Making phone calls or
visits, writing cards, doing jobs around
the building – there’s work for all.
IF YOU WANT any of the Home
Devotionals, leave a note on the sheet
with the binder; we will print them.
IF YOU CAN’T be here because of
weather, illness, or travel, listen in at
IF YOU NEED to update your listing
and/or have a new picture made for our
directory, please see John McKinnis or
Ron Whitson by May 10 (new date).
NEW TIMES START April 12: Bible
classes 9:15, worship service 10:15.
THE ANNUAL Leaders’ Workshop will
be Friday and Saturday, April 16 and
17. All elders, deacons and ministers of
Central are urged to be present.
THE LOST AND FOUND is now in a
container behind the Welcome Counter.
“HEARTS BOWED DOWN” is our new
15 minute devotional, 8 p.m. Saturdays
on http://gracemine.org/audiostreaming.htm.
May 3, theme - “Surviving The Storm”.
Last Sunday morning Dan Bowman was
announced as our newest elder. Dan
and his wife, Lisa, have worshiped with
us since late 2010, and they have shown
an enthusiasm for service. Pray for them
as Dan begins his service with us.
EASTER EGG HUNT and party, next
Sunday, 2-4 p.m. here. You can help by:
1. Everyone who can, please bring
individually wrapped candy to be put in
the eggs, by Wednesday, 4/1. 2. Sign up
to bring finger foods at the visitor
center. 3. Donations are sought to help
pay for the inflatables and other rentals.
Please give to Lori or David Erickson.
Parents, bring lawn chairs and quilts,
and be sure your child brings a basket.
OUR SYMPATHY to the family of John
Buchanan who died last Tuesday. He
was the brother-in-law of Mark Stayer
and also the father-in-law of Charlie
and Priscilla Grindstaff’s son Jay.
REMEMBER to fill out your RSVP card
and leave it in the container on the
Welcome Counter by May 1 if you plan
to attend the wedding of Ivey Rice and
Nick Cunningham. Thanks!
RESPONSES: Last Sunday, Megan
Sorrow was baptized by her father,
Brad. Let’s all welcome our new sister!
And welcome to Kent Earnest, son of
Ruth Earnest, who placed membership
with us last Sunday!
“THE BAGLEY FAMILY would like to
say thanks to the Central family for all
your thoughts, prayers, and support as
Tony searches for new employment. In
Christian love, Tony and Shatoya”
“OUR SINCERE THANKS to all for the
cards, visits, lovely plant, and prayers
upon the death of my mother. They all
brought great comfort in this time of
sorrow. In Christian love, Ruth Ann
Mowery and family”
BIRTHDAYS: Mandy Oaks (today);
Gene Arrowood, Emily Fatherree, Ron
Whitson, Gay Clark (Tues.); Autumn
Looney (Wed.); Teresa Wolfe, Thurman
Dye, Brad Sorrow (Thu.); Mike
Higginbotham (Fri.); Tammy Williams,
Eugene Wolfe (Sat.). ANNIVERSARIES:
Mark & Ruth Boggs (today).
Tonight’s Devotional: Our devotional will be today right after most of
us are done eating at the fellowship meal. We are going to test just
how well you can see.
Wednesday Dinner Date: Our dinner date will be at 5:30 at Zaxby’s on
Roan St.
Phone Numbers and E-Mail: If you need to update your phone number
or e-mail so that you can receive the texts that are sent out for the
youth, please let me know the updated information ASAP. You can
either e-mail me ([email protected]) or call me (540-664-7257).
Home Devotionals: The congregation has access to home devotionals in
order to give you ideas for lessons while you are working on things
around the house, garage, kitchen, and yard. Check out the binder in
the foyer and if you see ones you want feel free to copy it or let me
know which ones you would like print outs of.
Remembering Your Sins?
Maybe you do not struggle with this,
but I did when I was baptized. After I
was baptized, I was feeling great and
everything was going well. Then I
started having thoughts pop in my
head that I didn’t want. They were
the reminders of the sin that I
Calling All Writers: Do you have a desire to make an impact for God in
your writing? Let me know and I would LOVE for some of our youth to
submit articles for our website, KAMission.com. NOW is the time to
make an impact for God, and you can do that through your writing.
T-Shirts: Let’s get these t-shirts ordered! There are forms in the foyer.
Please get those back to me by April 12th.
just wash away too?” I wanted them
Family Meeting/Events: We need planners for this year, so be thinking
what month you want to help with in order for us to have a good,
well-planned event.
I thought to myself, “Why don’t those
gone, but you can’t erase memories.
Then I realized this, by remembering
where God had brought me from, it
made His grace and mercy even
sweeter. It is a constant reminder for
not how awful I was (and still am),
but how good God is.
March 29, 2015
Contact Doug Booton if unable to serve
Sunday Morning:
Welcome: Gene Arrowood
Song Leader: David Crockett
Next Week: Danny Kellum
Prayer: Michael Rasnake
Next Week: Butch Carden
Scripture: Butch Carden
Next Week: Jerry Whitted
Sermon: Tim Hall
Topic: “Heaven Holds All To Me”
Dismissal: Gene Arrowood
Next Week: Dan Bowman
Lord's Supper:
Presiding: Doug Booton
Next Week: Michael Rasnake
Serving: Alex Doyle, Andrew Easterling,
Andrew Trent, Austin Hamilton, Claude
Terry, Devin Hamilton, Jason Faddis, Jerry
Whitted, John Hutchinson, John Trent,
Larry Reece, Marshall Stables, Matthew
Sorrow, Maxin Peters, Neal Elliott, Trey
Children's Training Class: the Gilliams
Nursery: Rachel Laycock, April Looney,
Maggie Misterly
Sunday Evening:
Song Leader: Danny Kellum
Prayer: Michael McConnell
Sermon: Song Service
Dismissal: Trey Robertson
Lord's Supper: Darrell Honeycutt, Jerry
Nursery & Toddler: Stacy Rice
Wednesday Evening:
Song Leader: Steve Ingram
Devotional: D.B. Honeycutt
Dismissal: Scott Chisam
Report from last week
Central Church of Christ
P.O. Box 4021
Johnson City, TN 37602-3961
(423) 282-1571 or 283-HOPE
Building Security: Ken Misterly, Dave
Next Week: D.B. Honeycutt, Ken Gilliam
Opening, Closing building: Scott Chisam
Next Week: Steve Williams
For March:
Communion Prep: David & Sheila Frakes
Contact Sherrell Shepard, 477-2278, if unable
to prepare
Cup & Bulletin Pick-up: 2nd graders
Baptistery: Sheila Frakes
Registry Data Entry: Gay Clark
Classes: 204; A.M. 387; P.M. 156; Wed. 182
Offering: $14,011.52
Weekly Budget: $12,500.00

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