Pharmaceutical & Biotech Licensing Strategies



Pharmaceutical & Biotech Licensing Strategies
Pharmaceutical &
Biotech Licensing
Strategies - Driving
Revenue through
Report Description
In today’s pharmaceutical industry, multiple factors - looming patent expirations, depleted
pipelines, increases in R&D expenditures, payer pressures, and tighter FDA regulations- have
forced Big Pharma to change its business model. The evolving model is one grounded in
collaboration. Companies are no longer relying solely on their own internal R&D programs for
innovation; they are looking outside of their four walls. Some have labeled this ‘search and
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There are many types of alliances that support this collaborative model. One type, in-licensing
products, is very appealing. The number of licensing agreements has grown year over year
since 2007. The top companies are interested in several key therapeutic areas including
oncology, CNS, and infectious disease. These companies are also more focused on products in
the early phases of development.
Report Description
Licensing deal trends by deal activity, therapeutic area, stage of development and value
Analysis of key players
Review of rationale behind in-licensing and out-licensing deal trends
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Report Description
Key Reason To Purchase
• Gain access to a fully sourced, executive assessment of the trends within pharmaceutical &
biotech licensing activity and how those trends support company growth.
• Identify who the leading companies are from an in-license & out-license point of view and if
they are keeping to their overall corporate strategy.
• Benefit from CBR’s case study analysis which supports the various motivations companies
have to engage in licensing activity.
• Understand the key issues driving the changes that are being seen within the
pharmaceutical industry and why new business models are evolving to support continued
revenue growth.
Table Of Content
• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Licensing Deal Trends
• Players in the Licensing Game
• Strategic Motivations Behind Licensing Activity - A case study analysis
• Appendix
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