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Master and PhD Admissions in ACM Lab
Applied Computing and Multimedia Laboratory(ACM):
The Research directions of ACM Lab include (a) Wireless indoor localization system
& APPs (b) Active Detection and Tracking Framework for Video Surveillance (c) MultiCamera Fusion and Cooperation Algorithms for Scene Understanding (d) Computational
Camera, Imaging, and Photography (e) The Synthesis of Stereoscopic Images for 3D
Display. Now there are 4 international students and 10 Taiwanese students in our
laboratory. Among them, 3 for PHD program, 9 for master program, and 2
undergraduates. Visit our website at http://acm.ee.ccu.edu.tw/. Join us now!!!
Current Research/Project:
Illumination-normalization method X-Ray image contrast enhancement
for Face Recognition
Image processing
Moving Object Detection and
Tracking system
Fingerprint Based Indoor
Compressive Spectrum Sensing over
Cognitive Radio Network
Wireless Communication
Probabilistic Modeling of Dynamic
Traffic Flow
Wireless indoor localization system
Vacant Space Detection For an
Intelligent Parking Lot
Geo-localization : Image Registration
among UAV Image Sequence
Computer Vision
Wireless indoor localization
system & APPs
Lab Activities and Environment:
International students want to say:
This is a good place for doing research. I have
received a well training process. Either you are a
novice or an expert; You still have a suitable
support in our lab. In here, we co-work together
to create valuable works and move to a better
research level.
[email protected]
Hung-Nguyen Manh
I am very grateful to join ACM Lab. Many of the
knowledgea I get from this lab as well as the support
and cooperation of the members of the lab are very
good. so that, until now I'm used to the learning
system and hope in the future there could be an
expert in this field.
Marthen Dangu Elu Beily
If you like to study more and are looking for a good research environment, I think our Lab is where you could experience.
Here, you can get not only necessary support but also useful advice for your studies. Besides, there is someone saying “Read
more and travel more”, in our Lab, you would also have the opportunity to travel around Taiwan as well as other countries
in order to present your research achievements in the domestic conferences or international conferences. Moreover, our
Lab members are very friendly; they will help you not only in research but also in your daily life. Hope to see you in our Lab.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Of course, I am a Vietnamese person so you could ask me in
Vietnamese ^^.
[email protected]
Tran Vu Hoang
Living expense in CCU:
National Chung Cheng University (CCU) is located in Chia-Yi, a city in central Taiwan. Different from the capital,
Taipei, living in Chia-Yi is not as expensive. For international graduate students, fee of dormitory in campus will
be waived. In normal case, USD$200 is enough for monthly living expense.
Contact person:
Ching-Chun Huang (Assistant Professor, CCU)
e-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +886-5-2720411 ext. 33223
Webpage: http://acm.ee.ccu.edu.tw/
If you want more information or details about us, please contact us.

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