The Canterbury Road Community Care Unit
(CRCCU), situated at 30 – 32 Canterbury Road
Camberwell is auspiced by Eastern Health Adult
Mental Health Service and is part of a network of
psychiatric services in the Eastern metropolitan
region of Melbourne.
Who comes to CR CCU?
The CCU provides assessment and residential
rehabilitation services to individuals aged between 18
and 64 years of age with a mental illness and
associated decline in psychosocial function who live
in the Municipalities of Whitehorse, (west of
Springvale Road) Manningham and Monash.
The CCU provides a residential rehabilitation setting
which features a highly structured physical
environment with very high levels of contact with
The CCU is a Smoke Free environment in line with
the Eastern Health ‘Tobacco Free Policy’.
What services do we provide?
The Assessment Program
Consumers accepted into the Canterbury Road CCU
Assessment program undertake a two week
comprehensive on site rehabilitation assessment
which includes evaluation of their physical and
mental wellbeing, living skills, cognitive abilities and
potential for rehabilitation.
The assessment process incorporates:
 Evaluation of personal abilities (strengths)
and areas of difficulty (weaknesses);
 Identification of future personal goals (things
you want to do or would like to achieve)
Assessment of current mental state,
management of symptoms, and existing
treatment regime;
Identification of the needs and goals of family
members and issues/concerns that are
currently affecting the family;
 Neuropsychological
involves looking at memory, thought
processing, concentration attention;
 An Occupational Therapy assessment which
involves looking at daily living skills and
engagement in meaningful activities.
 Consumers are encouraged to seek general
health, dental and optical checks during the
assessment period.
On conclusion of the assessment a
comprehensive report including a summary of
findings and recommendations is compiled. This
information is reported directly to the consumer and
referring case manager.
The Rehabilitation Program
The CR CCU psychosocial rehabilitation program
offers a consumer-centered treatment approach
within a community setting to assist consumers to
further develop their independent living skills.
On site group activities include:
 Social skills development,
 Healthy eating
 Physical activity,
 Psycho-education,
 Travel training and others.
Who works at CR CCU?
Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Occupational Therapists
Clinical psychologists
Social Workers
Medical Officers
How to contact us...
The CCU is not a front line service and referrals will
usually be current consumers of the area mental
health service. Referrals will generally be made via
the consumer’s case manager.
Who can refer?
Consumers, families and carers, other agencies and
private practitioners are all welcome to discuss a
referral to the CCU with the consumer’s case
The Eastern Health AMHS is comprised of many
mental health teams. Teams include the
Continuing Care Team (CCT), Mobile Support &
Treatment Service (MSTS), Young Adult Mental
Health Service (YAMHS), Crisis Assessment and
Treatment Team (CATT), Upton House psychiatric
in-patient unit, Community Care Units (CCU) and
Linwood PARC which all form a comprehensive
area adult mental health service.
The Carrington Consulting Suites, co-located with the
Koonung Clinic, provide services by private
practitioners and are operated independently.
Eastern Health is a totally tobacco-free environment.
In the interests of the health and safety of our
consumers, staff and visitors, smoking is not
permitted in the hospital or in the hospital grounds,
including entrances, walkways and car parks. This
also includes all CCU buildings, grounds, walkways
and car parks.
If you are currently a smoker, whilst you are on
hospital premises, you are not permitted to smoke.
As a healthcare provider, we are committed to the
health and safety of our patients and staff and ask for
your support in this initiative.
How to find us
Melways Map 45, A9
Protecting Your Privacy
Our staff are committed to respecting your confidentiality and
preserving your privacy. We will keep your personal
information secure and protected from unauthorised access
or improper use, and we will only disclose information about
you if it is authorised by you or mandated by law.
All our services comply with the relevant information and
privacy legislation.
If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy please ask a
member of staff or visit our website on
Eastern Health is accredited by the independent Australian
Council of Healthcare Standards in recognition of the
achievement of acknowledged standards, and the
commitment to continuous improvement in the provision of
health care services.
Canterbury Road
Community Care Unit
Eastern Health
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