Books in Brief
CSIRO Handbook of Australian
Insect Names, Common and Scientific
Names for Insects and Allied Organisms
of Economic and Enviromental
Importance. Sixth Edition
Ian Naumann
CSIRO, Melbourne, Australis, 1993
200 pp., $50
ISBN 0-643-05520-X
This book provides access to the correct
scientific and accepted common name for
every insect for which a common name
exists in Australia. Indices allow one to
search by common or scientific name.
There is also a systematic listing with scientific and common names placed in an hierarchical system (superclass, class, order,
and family). Common names are not only
listed for species but also for higher taxa
(e.g., families). The book includes insects,
crustaceans, arachnids, millipedes, centipedes, snails, and slugs. It also lists author
names with commonly used abbreviations.
The book is well done and will be of value
to those with an interest in the Australian
fauna, to international workers, and to
those that I,lsethe text The b,sects of Australia in their research and teaching.
Coloring Book
Pro bit and Logit Analysis on a PC
This IBM compatible software performs the probit and
logit analyses needed in dose-response studies for
pesticide bioassays. It includes tests of parallelism
and equality of probit lines; provides for control
groups; computes LD-50s, LD-90s, etc.; and conducts
a question and answer session to obtain its control
The software comes with a clearly
written user's manual that includes a fully-annotated
printout for a typical data set. POLO-PC is used
extensively by Robertson and Preisler in their recent
book, Pesticide Bioassays with Arthropods.
POLOPC is for IBM-PC, XT, AT and compatibles, with at
least 256K memory, running under DOS.
1 copy
2-4 copies
5 or more copies
$90 u.s. each
$60 u.s. each
$40 u.s. each
Clip this ad, indicating number of copies -'
diskette size 5.25 0 or 3.5 0, and send check or
purchase order with your name and address to
LeOra Software
1119 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707 USA
Field Guide
Robert M. Pyle
Kristing Kest, Illustrator
Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1993
66 pp., $5.95
ISBN 0-395-67088-8
This is one in a series of coloring books.
Almost 250 line drawings suitable for coloring (preferably with pencils or fine point
crayons are included. The drawings are
preceded by a short section that discusses
general entomological principles including
insect parts, life history and metamorphosis, finding and watching insects, making a
collection, and insect diversity and conservation. Although short, these sections are
informative. The insect drawings are
grouped into sections based on taxonomic
affinities or shared habitats (e.g., aquatic
insects). Each drawing is accompanied by a
short discussion of the insect. Many drawings include background items such as
plants, flowers, nests, and balls of dung.
The book contains four colored plates that
correspond to the line drawings and show
the true color pattern of the insects.
Insects is an inexpensive way to introduce younger entomologists to the science.
• Scientifically designed lor the best possible
catches 01nocturnal and crepuscular insects.
• Developed under the direction of scientists in plant
pest control lor use in the lield by entomologists, and
researchers in insect monitoring.
... is built trom top 10boftom with the field user in
mind. II is ruggedly made yet not overweight It
knocks down for compact transport from one
IocatPn to another, yet sets up easily and quickly with
pliers ana screw driver.
The collection container is ample even for a big catch of relatively large insects. To help in
segregating the catch by size, interior baskets with screen boftoms may be added.
Collection container unhooks easily for removing cafch, locks firmly in place when reselling trap.
• Electrtcal BOI: Wired for hook-up to 110 V., 60 cycle AC current, or power pack
• Day/Night Photocell Option: 15 waft trap is now available for ballery operation with an
automatic switch that cuts off current in lull daylight. This switch is actuated by photocell and
is adjustable.
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