Meadow Newsletter June 2015


Meadow Newsletter June 2015
Meadow Newsletter
June 2015
Teachers Yubi, Amanda and Margie
“Never help a child with a task at which they feel they can succeed.” Maria Montessori
Classroom June Projects
Tie Dye Creations! - We will work with the children to make tie-dye shirts this month. We
ask each family to bring in one white shirt for your child to dye. The shirt needs to be at least
60% cotton. We need supplies for this project and there is a donation list posted on the door.
Please feel free to sign up.
Insect Investigation - This month we will be learning about insects in the classroom. To
support this theme we have insects in 3D, insect and flowers cards, magnetic insect puzzles,
matching objects with cards and a lot of books. We will also be getting a ladybug land farm so
we will study the life cycle of a ladybug. The children will experience seeing tiny ladybug larvae
change and grow into the insects they recognize. Later we will release them into the garden
and talk about how they help our gardens.
Each month we provide Spanish words that we commonly use in the classroom. We encourage
you to practice with your children at home.
buenos días = good morning
adiós = goodbye
hasta mañana = see you tomorrow
baño = bathroom
calzón = underwear
mojado = wet
seco = dry
almuerzo = lunch
merienda = snack
plato = plate
vaso = cup
We would like to say THANKS to all our parents for your donations to our
classroom. And THANKS to our families who remembered the Meadow staff and
contributed to the classroom for Teacher Appreciation week!
Spanish circle time outside
Vivi loves protect all the balls.
Siena helping at nap time.
Classroom Updates
Montse came to the Meadow room one year ago and now she is graduating into a Primary
room. Congratulations Montse and her sweet family for all your support! We also want to
congratulatie and thank Manami and her family! Both girls will join the Forest classroom.
Also we want to say welcome to Shaylee and Melanie!
Important Dates and Reminders for June
Friday, June 19 - Parent Teacher Conferences - School Closed
Wednesday, June 24 - Primary - Last Day of School for Primary before summer break
Thursday, June 25 & Friday, June 26 - Teacher Planning Days – School Closed
June 29 - July 3- Primary Summer Vacation Week
June 29 - July 2 - Infant & Toddler classrooms open
Friday, July 3 - Fourth of July Holiday - School Closed
Monday, July 6 - First day of Summer Camp & Kids on the Go