STUDY IN TAIWAN 2016 - Australian National Internships Program


STUDY IN TAIWAN 2016 - Australian National Internships Program
S T U D Y I N TA I W A N 2 0 1 6
Public Policy Internship in
Taipei, Taiwan
>> A
pplications close 5.00pm
Friday 29 May 2015
Offered for the first time in semester one
2016, the Taiwan Public Policy Internship
Program is a six-week research internship
for academic credit. The internship will
be with a department or agency in the
Taiwanese Government (Republic of China).
The internship program is coordinated by
the Australia and New Zealand School of
Government (ANZSOG) through the School
of Politics and International Relations,
and supported in Taiwan by the National
Academy of Civil Service, Taipei. The
internship will take place from 27 December
2015—mid February 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.
ANU College of
Arts & Social Sciences
The funded internship program is open
to Australian National University (ANU)
undergraduate students (aged between
18 and 28) in their third year of study or
honours. Students must be Australian
citizens and preferably have some Mandarin
language skills. Students undertaking this
internship will be enrolled in a 12 unit ANIP
coded course and must ensure that they
are able to count this course towards their
degree. Admission to this course will be
highly competitive as there are only five
places for the 2016 intake. Successful
applicants will receive funding (of up to
$3,000) to cover airfares, accommodation,
>> Undertake a six week
research internship in Taiwan
>> An opportunity for
undergraduate students in
their third year or honours
visas and meals. Applicants who do not
meet the criteria for funding but who are
able to self-fund will also be accepted
however preference will be given to funded
During their internships students will
begin a research project which they will
complete during first semester back at
ANU. The internship offers students the
opportunity to develop their research skills
and project management skills in any
specialised area of public policy and/or field
of public administration. Students will gain
valuable real world experience during their
placements in national institutions such as
government departments and agencies,
working on a project of mutual interest to
the student and the host institution.
Applications will close 5.00pm Friday
29 May 2015.
For further information and an application
form please email Ms Shellaine Godbold
[email protected]