You need an edge. - Career Edge Organization


You need an edge. - Career Edge Organization
Launching your career?
You need an edge.
A self-sustaining social enterprise, Career Edge
has remained passionate about connecting
highly motivated, well-qualified interns with
leading organizations since 1996.
Whether an organization is in pursuit of talent to
meet or exceed its evolving business needs, or
a recent graduate, graduate with a disability or
internationally qualified professional is seeking
meaningful work experience consistent with
their education and skills, our paid internships
will give them the edge they need to succeed.
Who is eligible for Career Edge’s paid
internship programs?
Recent graduates, including those with self-declared
disabilities, who:
• have recently (within 3 years) graduated from an
accredited college or university;
• have little or no career-related work experience;
• are legally able to work in Canada;
• have not previously accepted a Career Edge paid internship.
Internationally Qualified Professionals who:
• have been in Canada for less than 3 years;
• have the equivalent of a Canadian bachelor’s degree and
have completed an education credential assessment;
• have at least 3 years of international work experience in
their chosen field;
• have little or no career-related Canadian work experience;
• are legally able to work in Canada.
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Career Edge works. Half of our interns are hired
by their host employer at the end of their
internship and most of the rest successfully
launch their career elsewhere within six months.
How do I get started?
Step 1: Go to and register as a job
seeker, at no cost to you.
Step 2: Fill out the Find Your Edge registration form,
upload your résumé, and complete your profile by
recording your responses to a few short interview
questions using online video technology.
Step 3: Once your registration is approved*, you
can start applying for paid internship opportunities
in your field.
Step 4: Apply to all internship positions that suit
your skills, interests, and field of study. The more
you apply, the greater your chances of launching
your career!
*Registration approval is dependent on the program eligibility
criteria, and the timing for approval varies based on our
program screening requirements.
7 ways Career Edge can help launch your career.
Career Edge works closely with organizations of all types and sizes to create meaningful, career-launching
opportunities for new graduates, including those with disabilities, and internationally qualified professionals. A
paid internship through Career Edge can help you to:
1. Open the door to your career: As an extension of
your education, a paid internship can increase your
chances of finding a role that is congruent with your
field of study and area of interest.
2. Strengthen your skill-set: Add to your list of skills
and accomplishments to set yourself up for greater
3. Find the right fit: Assess your career path and find an
employer with the right corporate culture to support
your professional goals.
4. Gain Real Work Experience: Join a leading
organization to obtain meaningful work experience.
Career Edge gave me the opportunity to
actually showcase what I was capable of doing.
It’s very motivating for the future, and I know it
will pay off for my career.
Jeremy Pompey
Career Edge Alumnus
5. Develop your personal and professional network:
Get introduced to various individuals, departments and
divisions within your targeted industry and field.
My journey in the Career Edge program
has been exciting and I have learned a lot. Thanks
to my very supportive boss/mentor, and thanks to
Career Edge, I got a foot in the door and had the
opportunity to venture into a field that I love.
6. Benefit from mentorship: Each Career Edge intern
receives a coach who helps guide him/her through the
internship experience.
Megha Kumar
Career Edge Alumna
7. Enhance professional qualities: Strengthen your
“soft skills”, such as teamwork, communication,
problem solving and professionalism.
We give you the edge you need to launch
your career.
For more than 19 years, Career Edge’s paid internships
have connected close to 12,000 new graduates including those with disabilities - and internationally
qualified professionals with top-notch employers to
launch careers. Let us open the door to your career.
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The program really helped because I
knew going into the process that the employers
were aware that I had a disability and I knew that
they would be willing to accommodate me. The
program made it easy for me to select a (leading
organization) that understands the needs of
employees with disabilities and provides the
required support needed to be successful.
Fenella Chiu
Career Edge Alumna