AFC Spring Newsletter - Arlington Forest Club


AFC Spring Newsletter - Arlington Forest Club
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Arlington, Virginia
Letter from the President
To AFC Membership:
Welcome to a new pool season!
It is hard to believe that the pool will officially open on Saturday, May 16, 2015. By April 1 you will be
able to view the pool calendar and newsletter online at The newsletter
will give you important updates regarding membership, swim and dive team, tennis team, swim lessons,
water aerobics and special events. The calendar lists the pool hours and the times when the pool is
hosting swimming and diving events.
Dues & Registration:
This year we will not be mailing you an invoice. You will be able to complete your membership
information online and mail your summer dues by check or by paying online using PayPal; however if
you choose to use PayPal, you will be responsible for the PayPal fees. The online registration portal at allows you to register and pay for dues, guest passes, babysitters, tennis
keys, tennis teams, dive team, water aerobics, and swimming lessons. Swim team payments may also be
included on the same check, but separate registration on Swimtopia will be required. Children’s tennis
clinics are still handled by the Tennis Pro.
While we have tried to hold dues steady for several years, costs have been increasing and we are no
longer able to hold dues constant and still maintain the quality of the AFC operations. Thus, the Board
made the difficult decision to raise dues to $550. While the amount of the dues is still lower that other
swim clubs, the Board did not make this decision lightly. The summer dues payment is due on May 1,
2015. Our late fees are significantly lower that many other area clubs. We are not raising the late fee,
but it will be waived only upon rare and unusual circumstances.
Summer dues are different from the annual fall bathhouse assessment of $310, which was due on
December 15, 2014. If you have not paid your assessment, please send it, plus the $50 late fee,
immediately. If you would like to pay the overdue payment by credit card, please email
[email protected]. AFC is using these funds to pay down the $1.6 million loan for the
bathhouse project. This was the fourth assessment out of ten assessments. Each year your membership
certificate increases in value by $240. Upon making this payment, your membership certificate is worth
$1,935. After the 10th assessment, your membership certificate will be worth $3,375.
Future Communications:
This year, you will also be receiving a reminder postcard by mail with instructions on how to access your
2015 summer registration from the AFC website. Please note the dues in all future years will be posted
online no later than April 1 and dues will be due on May 1. The Fall Bathhouse payments of $310 will be
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
due on November 1 of 2015 through and inclusive of 2020. No further paper invoices will be sent. At the
present time, reminders will be sent to all who have signed up for the AFC Announcement Group.
Most of AFC’s communication is through email and our website. If you need to update your email
address, please contact Jan Skelton at [email protected]. If you have not subscribed
to the AFC announcement Yahoo group, please see the instructions on the AFC website or contact Mark
Alves at [email protected].
Emeritus Memberships:
The membership granted the Board authority to offer Emeritus Memberships. This year the Board has
authorized 10 Emeritus Memberships. These memberships will be available to the ten individuals or
couples who have owned a certificate for at least 10 years and are at least 60 years old. Conversion to
an Emeritus Membership will require the sale of the membership certificate back to the Club for sale to
the family or individual at the top of the waitlist. The annual cost of the Emeritus Membership will be
$75 for an individual, $150 for a couple, and will provide for free access to the club for all Sunday Adult
Swim sessions and fee-based events (e.g., crab feast, water aerobics) upon payment of the event fee.
Additional visits will be available on a pay-per-visit basis at the cost of $5 per person per visit. If more
than 10 certificates are offered to the club for conversion, the 10 oldest certificates will be converted
first and a waitlist will be formed. If you are interested in more details or would like to request to
convert your membership, please email [email protected].
If you are interested in selling your membership, there is a request to sell link on our website under
membership. If you know that you will be selling your membership, please consider selling it before May
1, 2015. We will refund you your certificate fee of $1935, less any sums owed to the club, and less a
transfer fee of $50.
Announcement of Spring Membership Meeting:
Spring Membership Meeting-Sunday April 12, 2015
7 pm to 9 pm
Carlin Hall. 5711 South 4th Street
(Off Carlin Springs Road opposite Kenmore Middle School)
As a volunteer based club, please consider volunteering on the board, for the swim or dive team, for the
tennis team or at a special events activity.
I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Membership Meeting and at the pool this summer.
Karen Serfis
AFC President
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
General Management
Susan Archer
Thanks to all of the AFC members for making 2014 great year! I am looking forward to an equally
enjoyable 2015 season. Thanks to their exceptional performance, High Sierra will continue as our
management company again this year. We have had a very successful relationship with them and hope
it will continue for some time. We also look forward to the return of many of our AFC member lifeguard
crew! Remember, anyone interested in lifeguarding should contact Dessie Lazarova at High Sierra Pools
([email protected]). Lifeguards must be 16 years old at the start of the season. See you on
opening day!
Buildings and Grounds
Pete Messman and Mark Weiser
We all love the new bathhouse and grounds and at Buildings and Grounds (B+G) we’re trying to
continue making it better. This past year, we dealt with a few carry-over issues from construction that
needed to be addressed along with some that came out of nowhere. But that will probably always be
the case. This year, we’ll all get to enjoy some new things that will make AFC a great place this summer.
The old, splintery deck has been replaced with a new one that uses modern composite boards and has
been reinforced to ensure that we can enjoy it for decades to come.
Also, with a lot of sweat from VP Matt Gibert, AFC is graced with 56 total new plantings around the
property. While these are just getting started, over the coming years they will have a huge impact on
the beauty and privacy of the Club. Particularly, this includes a Sugar Maple to replace the Pin Oak the
previously was at the main entrance. Thirty-four of these trees were free from Arlington County and the
Arbor Day Foundation and the total cost of remaining seedlings cost us $70. So we’ll get a lot of impact
without a lot of cost.
From an operations perspective, we are taking steps to address drainage issues from the tennis courts
that have impacted our landscaping and even caused run-off to reach the pool in a couple of situations.
Hopefully, our solutions will have the results that we want and those issues will be things of the past.
Working with Treasurer Ralph Silberman, B+G is working hard to identify some of the key major
expenses that we know we will need to address over the coming years. Despite the newness of the
bathhouse, there are other elements of AFC that are showing the wear of more than 50 years. It should
be a great 2015!
Mark Alves
Here's How to Keep In The Know Even When You Aren't At The Pool
After all the snow this year, are you ready to enjoy some quality Me Time in the sun at the pool? Before
you come down, you need to make sure the pool isn't unexpectedly closed, such as from thunder or
even (eww) contamination. You can quickly find out the pool's status in two different ways:
1) Check the AFC Twitter feed at (You don't need a Twitter account to see
the updates)
2) Visit where you'll see the tweets (messages) from our Twitter account on
the home page.
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
Now when it comes to keeping informed about Club business, the AFC email list on Yahoo Groups is the
place to be. Join nearly 900 fellow Club members who receive important updates by email. Sign up on
our home page.
Snack Bar
Lynn Clark
The Tiger Cafe will begin regular hours on June 27 (M-F 11-7, Sat 11-7:30, Sun 1-7:30). The menu will
remain mostly the same as last season. Earlier in the season, we will open when possible, based on
weather and availability of staff. During the swim team season, we will be offering breakfast from 8-11
The Tiger Cafe is now fully staffed and has a waitlist, so we are not accepting further applications for the
upcoming season.
Special Events
Renee Gorsky and Marcie Williams
Picture a warm Saturday evening in July and you just can't get the kids out of the pool. You're not ready
to go either, but it's dinner time. Solution: Stay and swim under the stars at FLOAT 'N GRILL night. Bring
something to grill, something to share and join other AFC members for dinner. The Grills will be ready
by 6 pm every Saturday night in July and August (weather permitting). Floatation devices are allowed in
the pool from 5-7pm. Volunteers are needed to light the grill and buy a watermelon to share, and in
exchange, will be rewarded with 3 guest passes.
For those of you who prefer to come and enjoy adult swim on Sundays, a special Adult Swim brunch will
take place once in June and once in July. Please stay tuned for details.
The annual crab feast, a summer tradition, will be held on Sunday, July 18th.
Keep your eye on the AFC website for details about all upcoming events, to include Meet the Board with
wine and cheese. See you soon!
Water Aerobics
Audrey Tsai
We are excited to have Suzy Thompson returning again to offer water aerobics classes for the 2015
season. Classes will be offered on the below dates from 7:30-8:30pm. Equipment will be provided by
the instructor. You can sign up for a 10 class pass ($50), a 5 class pass ($30), or simply drop in ($10 to be
paid directly to the instructor). Class sessions are non-transferable. Additional bonus classes may be
added at the end of the 10 class session. If you have any questions or are interested in finding more
about the class passes please email me at: [email protected].
2015 Water Aerobics Summer Session:
Wed. July 1st
Wed. July 8th
Mon. July 13th
Wed. July 15th
Mon. July 20th
Wed. July 22nd
Mon. July 27th
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
Wed. July 29th
Mon. August 3rd
Wed. August 5th
*Make-Up Dates if needed (Monday, August 10th and Wednesday, August 12th)
Tiger Swim Lessons
Audrey Tsai
AFC will again be offering a variety of learn-to-swim lessons for all ages this summer. 2015 registration
information will be posted to the AFC website soon! Fees: $80 for a 2 week session.
Morning sessions include eight 30-minute classes over 2 weeks. Classes meet Monday-Thursday, unless
noted. Make-up days are Fridays.
Session 1: June 22 - July 2
Nemos/Sea Turtles Monday-Thursday 9:45-10:15 am
Dolphins/Sharks/Clinic Monday-Thursday 10:20-10:50 am
Session 2: July 6- July 16
Nemos/Sea Turtles Monday-Thursday 9:45-10:15 am
Dolphins/Sharks/Clinic Monday-Thursday 10:20-10:50 am
Session 3: July 20 - July 30
Nemos/Sea Turtles Monday-Thursday 9:45-10:15 am
Dolphins/Sharks/Clinic Monday-Thursday 10:20-10:50 am
Session 4: August 3 - August 13
Nemos/Sea Turtles Monday-Thursday 9:45-10:15 am
Dolphins/Sharks/Clinic Monday-Thursday 10:20-10:50 am
Session 5: August 17 - August 27
Nemos/Sea Turtles Monday-Thursday 9:45-10:15 am
Dolphins/Sharks/Clinic Monday-Thursday 10:20-10:50 am
Evening sessions include six 40-minute classes over 2 weeks. Classes meet Tuesday - Thursday unless
noted. Make-up days are Fridays.
Session 1: June 23 - July 2
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-5:40 pm
Session 2: July 7 - July 16
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-5:40 pm
Session 3: July 21 - July 30
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-5:40 pm
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 6:00-6:40 pm
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
Session 4: August 4 - August 13
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-5:40 pm
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 6:00-6:40 pm
Session 5: August 18 - August 27
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 5:00-5:40 pm
Nemos/SeaTurtles/Dolphins/Sharks Tuesday-Thursday 6:00-6:40 pm
Swim Team
Shanna Neumann and Rick Holt
The most visible new development for the swim team this year is the Swimtopia portal. The public
portions of the site are available now at This web interface will allow
Swim Team families to straightforwardly execute a whole host of swim team related functions from the
comfort of their own laptop/phone:
 Swimmer Registration
 Medical Forms and Liability Waivers
 B-Meet Signup
 Volunteer Signup and Tracking
 Access to Meet Information - Timing and Locations
 Access to Swimmer Metrics and Ladders
 Meet Sheets and Results
 Team Communication
 Out-of-Town Notification
 Purchase Tiger Merchandise
 And much much more!
One of the most critical functions of Swimtopia is swim team registration. It is important to understand
that Swimtopia is the only way to register a child for the AFC swim team. In particular, this spring swim
team dues will be computed and collected using a set of AFC developed on-line portal. Completing this
payment process is not sufficient to join the team. Parent must separately visit Swimtopia and complete
the swimmer registration process. The swimmer registration sections of the website will be available in
the first week of April.
Division and Schedule
AFC Swim was moved up to NVSL Division 8 (from Division 9) for this year’s swim season. We are seated
fourth among the 6 teams.
 1(HRA) Holmes Run Acres
 2(WW) Waynewood
 3(KG) Kent Gardens
 4(AF) Arlington Forest
 5(DH) Dominion Hills
 6(SR) Sideburn Run
Interestingly, there are only 2 yard pools in all of NVSL and both of them are in our division.
As for B-Meets, we are sticking with the same four partners we have had for several years now.
 Chesterbrook
 Dominion Hills
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
 Donaldson Run
 Dowden Terrace
 Forrest Hollow
Please see the Swimtopia site for additional information on the meets, including date, time, and
We are happy to announce that Jake Houston is returning as Head Coach and Jullie Gallion and Malin
Serfis are returning as Assistant Coaches. New to the Tiger coaching team this year are Philip Phillip
O'Doherty (Assistant Coach) and Ryan Hindman (Mini-Tiger Coach). Please see the Swimtopia site for
more information on our coaching staff.
Key Dates
The Swimtopia site contains a full Swim Team calendar. Here are a few key upcoming dates to keep in
 4/19 Parents Meeting – (all parents should attend one of the two)
 5/10 Parents Meeting – (all parents should attend one of the two)
 5/18 Afternoon Practice Starts
 6/13 Time Trials
 6/18 Morning Practices Start
Bottom Line
There is one especially important message we would like to convey to swim team parents. The AFC
Tiger Swimtopia site is your one stop shop for all swim team related
information. Additional interesting topics covered include:
 Team Coordinators
 New Volunteer Requirements
 New Meet Policies
 Officials Training
 Mini-Tiger Guidelines
Last, but not least, the Swimtopia site is where you can register your swimmer for the team (after
registration opens in the first week of April). Please feel free to reach out to Shanna or Rick with any
questions at [email protected].
Dive Team
Lynn Clark
The Dive Team will kick off the 2015 season on June 1, with pre-season practice from 4pm-5pm,
followed by our annual cook-out. This is a great opportunity for new dive families to meet the coaches
and ask questions. Coach Bobby Meeks and Asst. Coach Mary Lynn Clark will be returning this year, and
the Tigers will remain in Division 2.
The Dive Team has tons of fun every season, in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Divers learn at their
own pace in a supportive and encouraging environment. If your child thinks the diving board is fun, give
Dive Team a try!
Our first A-meet is scheduled on June 23, and the first B-meet is July 2. A-meets are always on Tuesday
evenings, and B-meets are on Thursday evenings. Our regular season runs from June 22 - July 21,
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
followed by Divisionals and All-Stars in the post-season. Regular season practice begins on June 22, and
has flexible hours for divers who attend camp or AFC tennis.
Group dive lessons will once again be offered by Coach Bobby. Please see the AFC website for info.
Additionally, private lessons may be arranged with Coach Bobby or Coach Mary Lynn. You do not have
to be on the team to take group or private lessons.
Team registration is via the AFC website diving page. Registration fees are $125/diver and can be mailed
to Jan Skelton at 528 N. Oxford St., Arlington VA 22203. Alternatively, registration may be paid
electronically via the website, for a small fee.
Please email the Dive Rep, Lynn Clark at [email protected] to receive the complete calendar and
be added to the team email list.
Chuck Tobler and Annie Harold
Men’s #1 Tennis Team
The AFC Men’s #1 Team competes in the NVTL 10-B division, which consists of some very strong teams
from the Northern Virginia area. Matches are Saturday mornings at 9 AM from May through July. To
play for the #1 team, you should have an NTRP rating of at least 4.0. Each week, three singles players
and two doubles teams will compete. Roughly half the matches are at home; the rest are “on the road.”
Practice sessions will be held on weekends in April. For more information, please contact David Welsh at
703-587-1665 or [email protected]
Men’s #2 Tennis Team
The AFC Men’s #2 team plays in the NVTL 10-D league. Each week, four singles players and three
doubles teams will compete. Matches are on Saturday mornings (starting at 9 AM) from May through
July. Roughly half the matches are at home; the rest are “on the road.” To play for the #2 team, you
should have an NTRP rating of between 3.0 and 4.0.
If you were on either of the teams last year and your contact information has not changed, you'll be
hearing about the season soon. If you are new to the team or you have changed your email, please send
your contact information to Chuck Tobler as soon as possible at 703.209.8108, or email him at:
[email protected]
Women’s Tennis
Currently, AFC does not have a women’s tennis team. If you are interested in helping to
establish/coordinate/captain an AFC Women’s Team, please also contact Chuck Tobler.
Junior’s Tennis Teams and Clinics
The AFC Junior’s Tennis team is run by Coach Gilbert Chen. There are multiple age divisions for boys and
girls from 10 and under to 18 and under. Team practice starts the Wednesday after Memorial Day and
continues through the end of the season. League matches start June 24th and run for five or six
consecutive weeks. Matches are held at approximately 8:00 a.m.
In addition to coaching our Juniors teams, Gilbert is also the head of our Junior Tennis Clinics, teaching
group classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players during the summer. Clinics start around
AFC Newsletter
5401 North Carlin Springs Road
Spring 2015
Arlington, Virginia
the end of June and run through July. For more information contact Gilbert Chen at 703 623 6446, or
email him at: [email protected]
Private Tennis Lessons and Adult CardioTennis Clinics
AFC Tennis Teaching Pro, Gilbert Chen, is available for private and group lessons and also holds weekly
adult Tennis Cardio Clinics (men’s and women’s). For more information about private lessons and cardio
clinics please contact Gilbert at 703-623-6446, or email him at: [email protected]
Court Reservations
All court reservations are to be made online, using the TeamTraks website ( You
will need a user ID and password to access this site (you can also call the AFC lifeguard desk during pool
hours and have a guard reserve a court for you, but it is strongly recommended you obtain a user ID and
password). To request a user ID and password, contact Chuck Tobler at: [email protected]
Off-Season / After-Hours Tennis Court Access
To get a key to the tennis court for off-hours and off-season usage, please send a check for $20 (made
payable to AFC) to:
Jan Skelton
528 N. Oxford St.
Arlington, VA 22203
Please return unneeded tennis keys to Jan at the address above to receive a $10 refund.
Tom Smialowicz
For 2015, the big news from the rules perspective is the update to the AFC By-laws, as they had not
been updated in over 9 years. The membership voted in the Fall to adopt all three of the proposed
updates to the bylaws. These changes were focused on: offering an Emeritus Membership status;
including language on liability, indemnification, and dispute resolution; and updating overall formatting
and processes which includes electronic means as the primary communication method with the
As of now, there have been no major changes to the pool rules for the 2015 pool season. However, we
anticipate updating the rules to accommodate the specifics around the Emeritus memberships. There is
always the possibility of potential revisions, clarifications, or minor updates to the rules and any changes
will be appropriately communicated to the membership. As you get ready for the upcoming 2015
season, please check out the AFC website with the current rules
( and by-laws (