Applied Clinical Research, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs (ACCTRA)
Call for Papers
Regulatory Stratagem in Health Care Environment - Need for Success
Change in the regulatory environment of Health care products is always inevitable. That's
why, its forever most challenging. Hence, an assortment of regulatory and strategic affairs for
managing complete product life cycle is an invaluable competency to survive and successful
in this eternally demanding environment. Nonetheless, always regulatory obstacles are many,
principally in terms of stringent requirements of regulatory bodies and interpretation of
regulatory guidance. Absolutely, it is essential to architect tailor made the strategy by
thinking globally and acting locally with the use of regulatory, strategic aptitude and scanning
of global regulatory environment.
This area is always interesting and always in the limelight. Therefore, we are inviting papers
for special edition entitled “Regulatory Stratagem in Health Care Environment - Need
for Success”.
We're interested in original research, viewpoints, short communication, case studies projected
for regulatory environment of Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Biological and
biotechnology products, cosmetics and veterinary products. Of particular interests are the
articles dealing with:
Look and feel of health care landscape
Regulatory culture
Recent changes and their implications
Managing PLCM - from kickoff meeting to market
Roadmap regulatory affairs as a career
Importance of learning and development to succeed as a regulatory specialist
Deadline for submission: December, 2015
Special Edition Guest Editor: Dr. Harish Dureja, Ph.D
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
M. D. University, Rohtak - 124 001.