Increase your Sales Volume by signing up for


Increase your Sales Volume by signing up for
Powerhouse Group Coaching LIVE brought to you by The Coaching Chic's supported by Cindy Bishop Worldwide
Increase your Sales Volume
by signing up for
Master the skills
you need to have a
financially successful
real estate business.
You can learn these needed skills with us:
Lead generation
Lead Conversion
Referral Generation
A success plan
Here is how you will get it:
Live Mastermind groups
Live Weekly coaching
Marketing library
And it all begins in June
$1164 annual ($600 savings-1 yr.)
$147/Month (monthly-30 day notice)
your journey can
Achievement makes smiles
The Coaching Chic’s supported by Cindy Bishop Worldwide
Week one: Fast Start Goal Setting
This Goal Setting is to get agents organized with a Master Plan that works and a structure to
meet contact number goals based on activities that match their strengths. A focus on making sure the
Master Plan is complete and followed.
This session has a structured 30 minute lesson to improve consistency and accountability for each
participant. Shared ideas help everyone improve through others successes and challenges. Lots of
creative ideas shared. Then, the remaining time is for LIVE questions and answers in this group
mastermind format. After the structured part of the call, each week is different.
Week two: Newsletter development and strategies
This newsletter system has many philosophies and in depth components to make it more
connectable to those that receive it. We have a lesson for the first 30 minutes then the remaining time is
open for questions, answers, and ideas. After the structured part of the call, each week is different.
Week three: Wild card
This week will have a 15 minute housekeeping section at the beginning to discuss upcoming
coaching news and accountability suggestions.
There are lots of topics for this call, but here are some of the possible topics:
Social Media: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, You Tube, Google +
Internet: SEO
Follow up Magic
Structuring a business using an LLC or Corporation.
Using a drip campaign for retention and lead generation.
Constant contact tools.
Monthly Mastermind in person: In person Mastermind Fridays from 9am-12noon
(Occasionally we will meet until 1pm which will be announced ahead of time)
This is available to our local members. Our 3-4 hour Master mind is designed to help each other know
and grow. Each month there is a specific topic to cover. For example, last month the subject was
“Establishing a clear message”. So, in groups the participants worked on Mission statements, logos,
slogan lines, and niche marketing. Everyone walked away with gained information to help their message
and be clearer in their message.
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COACHING CHIC’S POWERHOUSE GROUP COACHING SUBSCRIPTION Program Fee: $1,164 (Twelve (12) month discounted rate savings of $600, then month to month at $97/Mo.) $147 (Month to month fee, no savings) Program Start date: The first day of the month following receipt of your application. First Name: Last Name: M. Initial: Street Address: City/State/Zip: Home #: Work #: Cell #: E‐Mail Address: Payment by Debit or Credit Card (See Note Below) Visa MasterCard Credit Card Number: Discover CVV#: Expiration Date: Billing Address: (if different from above) ‐ “BILLING ADDRESS MUST MATCH CREDIT CARD INFORMATION” Credit Cards Charges will be debited five days prior to the 1st of each month. The Powerhouse Coaching subscription will continue until a cancelation notice is received. The twelve (12) month discounted program will go to a monthly charge of $97/month after the first twelve (12) months. Coaching Chic’s reserves the right to cancel a Coaching Program at any time without cause. Cancelation and Refund policy: We do not provide refunds; however, you can cancel your
subscription with a 30 days’ notice by e-mailing us at [email protected] Please
provide your full name and account username/login in the e-mail otherwise your subscription will
continue. You are responsible for payment and will be billed through the cancelation period. Signature Date